Top 7 Air Fryers in India – Philips, Balzano & More

“Fitness starts in the kitchen”.

As they say, 90% of the abs are made in the kitchen are true. However, the insatiable need to consume fried food always wins against the gym and diet. This paradigm is common across the people in the world. 

Although the attempts to get fit seems to never fade away and people keep on inventing new ways to satisfy their fried food fantasies. Thus our team has a list of Best Air Fryers in India to keep your belly fat in check while not sacrificing on fried food fancies. 

Before we jump ahead into the best air fryers in India and reviews. One thing you need to understand Air Fryers use a nominal amount of fat to provide results almost comparable to deep frying. 

It’s more of an optional alternative than a direct replacement to deep-frying!

Let’s begin…   

Best Air Fryers in India for 2021

1. Glen Rapid Air Fryer 3043

Yes, Glen is not the biggest name in the home appliance market but our through testing proved many of us in our team wrong. The 3.2-litre air fryer from a 2-decade old brand has to be promising. Thus our team never lost hope in the air fryer from Glen. Although we were ready to test the advertised promise of frying food at 80% less fat. Let’s find out how this Glen tabletop air fryer performed against our stringent testing parameters. 

The all-plastic built on the contemporary air fryer looks elegant. Considering the size of the air fryer it should fit most of the modern kitchen tabletops. The design is simple and functional free of complications as well as easy to understand. With the capacity of 3.2 litres it has enough room to cook a complete meal for two.

The powerful 1350W motor rapidly heats up to provide a golden brown crispy finish to everything from fries, snacks, burgers, and meats. The bigger heating coil is surrounded by reflectors to allow for swift heating. And while utilizing 80% less fat one can even keep a check on calories. 

Removable basket with 3.2 litres of space is lined with a non-stick coating that makes cleaning an easy task with every use. Cool to touch handle design provides ease of using the fryer while the safety lock mechanism ensures you don’t accidentally release the frying basket. 

It’s more than just an air fryer one can easily fry, roast, grill and even bake on this air fryer. Consider this air fryer as a minute replacement to a full-size oven. The controls as mentioned above are very simple to understand and intuitive to use. 

The two traditional-looking knobs at the front one controls the timer while the other one is used to control the temperature. Adjustable timer maxes out at 30 mins should be enough to cook anything you throw at it. On the other hand, the temperature range fluctuates between 80 to 200 degrees celsius. 

With 2 years manufacturing warranty one cannot go wrong with this Glen air fryer. However, some more pre-programmed settings would have been appreciated to simplify the guesswork an amateur cook has to do. 

Specs highlight:

  • 3.2 litres of basket space can be further bifurcated to width – 176mm depth – 176mm height – 96mm       
  • 1350W powerful motor for rapid heating.
  • Temperatures range from 80 to 200-degree celsius.
  • Timer up to 30 mins. 
  • Warranty of the product as per the manufacturer.
  • This product is imported from China by the manufacturer.

Things we like:

  • 3.2-litre basket space. 
  • A powerful heating coil with 1350W motor for rapid heating. 

Things that can be improved:

  • Trust around the brand and after-sales services.

2. Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer

Philips needs no introduction when it comes to modern-day home appliances. The company along the time keeps on expanding its horizon. According to the Amazon reviews, this air fryer is one of the best in the business. With over 2000 ratings (while writing this review) one can never go wrong with this product and brand. 

Let’s talk about the aesthetics before we jump into the technicalities of this Philips air fryer. If I have only one word to describe the product visually. It would definitely be minimal. With its weird oval shape, this Philips air fryer looks straight out of the future.

The hard plastic build on the air fryer feels solid, compact and flawless. Minimalism continues even at the controls. Out of the two front knobs, one on the top controls the temperature that maxes out at 200 degrees celsius. While the other distinct silver knob at the front can be used to set a timer that maxes out at 30 mins. One of the things that people will surely enjoy is the 1.8m cable. So you can easily manoeuvre the air fryer on the kitchen top at any point you want. 

With a big 1425W motor Philips has provided enough power to quickly heat up the fryer. As Philips calls it, “the rapid air technology,” the test results were satisfying. If you’re someone with a busy schedule Philips air fryer can work wonders.

Forget paying a ton for McDonald’s fries that comes with tons of oil and saturated fats. As promised the fryer really needs a dime of oil compared to deep fat frying. Just put the items you need to cook, set the timer and forget it. While you complete your other chores it will automatically ping you the moment the timer is up. 

As an added security measure it automatically shuts down if stays ideal for an extended period of time. The 0.82 litres of frying space things will look small on paper but it makes up for it with its heating prowess. Pulling the frying basket in and out works exceptionally well and smooth. 

The non-stick coating on the inside ensures easy cleanup. Additionally, it is also dishwasher friendly for a quick and prompt cleaning process. The international 2-year worldwide guarantee ensures timely repairs. With Philips worldwide network you don’t have to worry about the after-sales services too.    

For people, who are multitasking in kitchens, air fryers work wonders. It lets you grill, bake, and roast while consuming only 10% fat compared to the rudimentary cooking process. With festivals coming up this is surely one heck of a gift to consider for your partners, mothers, and cooking enthusiasts.       

Our team had a preconceived notion that this air fryer is going to outperform every other air fryer on this list. It’s almost true although the technology on all the air fryers remains the same. Still, the quality of parts used inside is a bigger factor that contributes to the longevity and reliability of the product.  

If your budget allows investing in Philips is surely the best decision you’ll make. Philips has set high standards for other air fryers on this list of best air fryers in India.  

Specs highlight:

  • Frying Basket: 0.82 litres. 
  • Time control: Up to 30 mins.
  • Guarantee: 2 years worldwide.
  • Cord length: 1.8m
  • Power: 1425W 

Things we like:

  • Industry-leading heating prowess.
  • Compact and minimal design. 
  • Easy to clean with non-stick coating. 
  • Brand name and after sales reliability. 

Things that can be improved:

  • Expensive compared to other competitors.
  • Small 0.82 litres of frying basket space.

3. iBELL AF23B Air Fryer

Vocal for local! The PM’s new mantra to support the economy to get back on track plagued by the global pandemic. Thus in our support we bring you a reliable air fryer from an Indian brand. iBell the company hails from the southern part of India. They manufacture a variety of products and home appliances under the same name. 

As seen on the class leading air fryer from Philips iBell also features rapid air technology for faster and uniform crispy fries. With a 1200W power iBell air fryer is capable of rapid heating through air convection. Quick heating ensures a uniformly distributed consistent heat and uniformly cooked items. 

The physical appearance of the iBell is neither distinct nor ordinary. Yes, it is simple but the oval shape is hard to describe in words. Two silver knobs at the front controls temperatures and time. One on the top can be used to set timers while the other one controls the temperature. 

The two distinct silver knobs at the front are the only two controls to air circulation. One as usual is assigned to a timer while the other one helps you adjust the temperature. The LED indicator lights for heat function and power are at the front. 

With a 2.3 liter fryer it is enough for a family of 3. You can bake, fry, grill and obviously fry with ease. The frying basket comes with a non-stick coating as that helps circulating the hot air over food while cooking and browning it consistently.

The non-stick coating also makes it easier to clean and it’s also dishwasher friendly. Frying basket detaches easily with a cool to touch handle. Over all this is a budget friendly air fryer that helps you get things done. 

Not as flamboyant as the other contemporary air fryers on this list but one can rely on this air fryer. If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on an air fryer and your usage rate is not that high. 

You can definitely think of spending a little for this budget friendly air fryer from an Indian brand. For people worried about the warranty, iBell provides a standard 1 year of limited warranty nationwide. For free one more year warranty extension take a free registration on their website.   

Specs highlights:

  • A 2.3 litre frying capacity. 
  • Adjustable timer up to 30 mins and adjustable temperature control 100 to 200 degrees.
  • 1 standard warranty that can be extended another year via a free registration. 

Things we like:

  • A functional polycarbonate design. 
  • Inexpensive pricing. 
  • Rapid air technology.
  • Made in India product. 
  • Powerful heating mechanism (1200W) for swift and consistent heating. 

Things that can be improved:

  • Adding presets to make the air fryer more intuitive. 
  • Overall quality of the product. 

4. Balzano Digital Air Fryer

l’apparenza inganna (appearances can be deceiving)

But this italian masterpiece is transparent and works exactly as advertised. 

You know it’s something serious when Italians come to the party. This air fryer from the Italian manufacturer is a piece of art in its all Italian glory. Out of the box the air fryer feels big, bold and well made. Glossy polycarbonate material looks compact, sturdy with no loose ends. Until this point the built and design gets full marks.

The hints of rose gold on the knob and frying basket handle is a nice touch and provides an upmarket look. One of the most exciting things on this air fryer is the 8 pre-programmed menu. You can select using the only knob at the front of the device. The small display just above the knob accurately displays time and temperature settings. 

The huge 5.5 litres of cooking space is enough to handle anything you put it against. Given the amount of cooking space this air fryer can serve a family of 3-8 easily. Even fitting an entire 2.2-3 kg chicken inside the frying basket is no problem. If you pull out the basket in between cooking it pauses the cooking timer and resumes when you insert it back. 

With a huge 1700W power you can rapidly cook anything you want. French fries, the most popular item to cook on an air fryer, takes only 12-13 mins. The results were surprisingly good with accurate and consistent cooking over all. 

Temperature maxes out at 200 degrees celsius and maximum timer can be set up to 30 mins. The small digital display at the front accurately shows everything you need to know. 

Non-stick coating cleaning is as easy as cleaning a plate. As per manufacturer the frying basket is also dishwasher friendly and adds to the cleaning convenience. The manual controls are these adjustable haptic buttons to set a desired cooking temperature and duration.  

Just like conventional ovens for best results always preheat the unit before even adding ingredients. Balzano air fryers come with a limited 1 year warranty. To add a free 6 month warranty you can register on balzano website. 

This balzano air fryer is an excellent appliance to have in your kitchen arsenal. Especially, if you’re trying to cut on fat and oil use. The texture of everything cooked on this air fryer was nice for a fraction of oil.

Specs highlights:

  • Frying Basket: 5.5 litres. 
  • Time control: Up to 30 mins along with 8 preset menus.
  • Warranty: 1 year with additional 6 months on online registration on their website.
  • Power: 1700W 

Things we like:

  • A huge 5.5 litres of frying basket. 
  • Dishwasher friendly and easy to clean. 
  • 1700W power to quick frying. 
  • 8 preset menu option with a small digital display.

Things that can be improved:

  • Glossy polycarbonate exterior attracts fingerprint marks as well as oil smudges

5. Prestige PAF 4.0 Air Fryer

Prestige needs no introduction especially to Indian audiences. They are known for their manufacturing prowess across electrical and kitchen appliances. The 2.2 litre air fryer from prestige is one simple and functional kitchen appliance.

The cliched design is kept as minimal as possible by the manufacturer. Two knobs at the front of the device with a cool to touch handle just below the adjustable thermostat control. You can set a maximum timer up to 30 mins as well it allows for a maximum temperature setting up to 200 degrees. 

With a 1400W power usage Prestige air fryer is capable of generating hot air vigorously while providing consistent and crispy end results. Air frying is just one side of the coin; it can also perform baking, grilling and roasting tasks effortlessly.

The 2 litre frying basket provides ample space to carry out cooking for modern-day nuclear families. Frying basket sits firmly in the allotted space. Is dishwasher friendly, easy to clean and maintain. Interior of the basket is coated with a food grade non-stick layer that also helps with rapid and even circulation of hot air inside the device.

Additionally the compact design of the allows for easy handling while occupying less space on your kitchen counter. A smoke vent behind the device keeps the device oil free and odourless. If you stay in a small or a medium sized family this is the device you must go for. 

Especially, due to the credibility of the Prestige attached with the device. Then comes the excellent built quality and the moderate pricing. Prestige provides a limited 1 year warranty on the product. 

With the large network of Prestige in India one should not have any problems with the after sales services. Amazon also provides a limited 10-days replacement guarantee on this particular air fryer. Please read the term and conditions carefully to avail the 10 day replacement. 

Specs highlights:

  • 1400W power for rapid heat technology. 
  • 2.2 litre frying capacity.
  • 1 year warranty along with amazon 10 day replacement policy. 
  • Temperature ranges from 100-200 degrees and maximum timer up to 30 mins.   

Things we liked:

  • Brand reliability and credibility. 
  • After sales service network.
  • Rapid heat up technology for efficient and consistent cooking. 
  • Simple knobs for timer and thermostats. 
  • Minimal and compact design. 

Things that can be improved:

  • No preset menus. 
  • Fan noise is a little annoying and more than usual air fryers. 

6. Inalsa Compact Touch Digital Air Fryer

Inalsa is an european brand with a long heritage and experience of manufacturing home appliances. Along with that inexpensive price tag there are other finite little air fryer tricks up its sleeves. 

Like the other air fryers on this list of best air fryers in India it can bake, fry, and grill. Be it vegetables or meats the end results are consistent and crispy. Keep up the unusual shape legacy the exterior polycarbonate body looks and feels sturdy. 

The adjustable timer and temperature controls on the front are simple to use. You can set a temperature up to 200 degrees celsius while the maximum timer setup goes up to max 30 mins. Thus one can cook whatever their heart desires. 

Out of the total area of 2.3 litres 1.8 litres can be utilized for actual cooking or frying. This should be enough to serve a family of four comfortably. The detachable frying basket sits firmly while attached. With intelligent recognition it automatically shuts down if the frying basket is removed in between the cooking process.  

This detachable frying basket comes with a food grade non stick coating for easy cleaning and maintenance.One can even put in directly on a dishwasher. 

With 1200W motor and rapid air technology it requires as little oil as possible to provide consistent and accurate results every time. For extra safety the manufacturer has provided over-heat protection for sudden power fluctuation. 

The overall design, usability, functionality matches all the other high end air fryers. But the inexpensive pricing along with the european legacy makes this air fryer special. Considering the high quality materials used and efficiency makes it worth the price.

This air fryer comes with a standard 2 years of warranty and 100% after sales services. One can easily opt for after-sales service directly via their website.  

Specs Highlights:

  • 1200W power along with rapid air technology. 
  • Firm and sturdy polycarbonate body. 
  • Food grade non stick coating on frying basket. 
  • 1.8 litre frying capacity. 
  • Use less than 80% less fat compared to regular frying.

Things we liked:

  • 2.3 litre baking and 1.8 litre frying basket.
  • Rapid air technology preheats the air fryer promptly.
  • Easy and simple adjustable thermostat and timer. 
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • A standard 2 year warranty.

Things that can be improved:

  • After sales customer service credibility. 
  • Quality issues.

7. Kenstar Air Fryer Aster N Fryer

The only air fryer on our list that comes in a different color option. This maroon air fryer from Kenstar will surely stand out and match any decor. Eye catching color on the air fryer is inevitable to miss. The solid plastic body of the air fryer reminds you of Philips air fryer that we reviewed before on this list of best air fryers in India. 

Although the knob placement on this air fryer changes its place from front of the device to top of the device. Kenstar the knob placement could have been more traditional at the front. The control knobs at the top are the only design ergonomic failure. 

One knob controls the timer for the duration of cooking while the other one controls the temperature. Timer maxes out at 30 mins while the temperature is 200 degrees. With a 3.5 liters of capacity you have enough room to cook anything you want. 

The manufacturer also includes a 100 recipe booklet to learn and explore new recipes. One can bake, fry and grill as per the item of choice. Cooking basket easily slides in and out of the air fryer. While cool to touch handle and exterior housing keeps you safe during accidental touches. 

As usual the frying basket is lined with a non stick coating to ensure that cleaning is as simple as using this air fryer. The air vent at the back of the device makes sure optimal air circulation inside the air fryer. Vent also helps to shell out steam built in inside during cooking frozen foods.

The heating motor inside packs a 1500W power to heat up as quickly as possible. And with that 3.5 litre of cooking space it produces consistent crispy results. Everything comes out with a crisp on the outside as appropriately moist inside.

The only thing lagging is the pre-programmed settings for all the usual things to cook. All things considered the price of the device along with the features it provides. Yes, this Kenstar air fryer is a reliable piece of kitchen hardware with a lot of room to improve. 

Especially, in terms of getting new features than the basic functionality all the other air fryers can do. This air fryer comes with an one year limited warranty and options to extend it further if you’re ready to shell out some extra cash. If you’re buying from Amazon according to our team’s suggestion please opt for the extended warranty to increase support for after sales services.

Specs highlights:

  • Frying Basket: 3.5 litres. 
  • Time control: Up to 30 mins.
  • 1 year warranty that can be further extended (extra charges) during the purchase of the product.
  • Power: 1500W 

Things we liked:

  • The 1500W powerful motor for quick heating. 
  • Huge 3.5 litres of cooking space. 
  • Eye catching maroon color option. 
  • Simple and functional design. 

Things that can be Improved:

  • Knob placement on the top of the device.
  • No pre-programmed cooking options.  

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers are more of countertop convection that circulates hot air around the food in a confined closed space. Thus calling air fryers, “fryers,” is not precisely correct but more of a marketing term. Yes, they provide results that match frying but it’s a subtle disguise to create identical results as frying. 

Still, the best thing about air frying is the amount of oil it utilizes to create this deep fry experience. Therefore, you’re consuming less fat along with unhealthy trans fat. The results are not that uniform as deep fat frying we usually have seen around the world but they definitely crisp up the food with hints of browning as people would like to see.

The only questionable problems using air fryers is the uniformity of crispiness and tenderness you get on a regular fryer. Although you still need to have one in your kitchen arsenal to quickly get a dish done. Air fryers take up only a few minutes compared to the regular frying. Additionally, no cooking odours don’t make your home smell like an industrial kitchen.   

What Are The Best Things To Cook In An Air Fryer?

As mentioned above the air fryers are more of a convection oven rather than a fryer. Thus, this limited space convection oven can be used to create a plethora of recipes. One can bake, broil, cook meats, heating frozen foods, toast bread, heat up leftovers and etc. It’s an amazing little gadget to have especially as a back to your regular convection oven.     

However, if fried food is your thing and the irresistible urge to eat fried food keeps haunting you. This is the only healthy alternative to your urge to consume fried food. The only thing that will annoy you a little is the odd shapes these air fryers come in. The vertical oval-shaped fryer designs are the most popular among air fryers. 

How Clean An Air Fryer?

Wherever there is oil involved things tend to get sticky and soiled. Thus a proper cleaning for air fryers needs to be done as regularly as possible. All you need is lukewarm water, dish wash soap, a hard bristle brush and going back to basics a lemon.

Follow these basic steps to ensure your Air Fryer is always spotlessly clean.

  • Remove the frying basket and pour it with hot/lukewarm water.
  • Squeeze the lemon, add a tablespoon of the dishwasher and let it sit for an hour or two.
  • After this gently scrub off the difficult residue with the brush and rinse. 
  • Always keep in mind before you put the frying basket in don’t forget to completely dry the basket.
  • It is advisable to let it dry overnight before you use it again.  
  • If you have a dishwasher please avoid it and instead try using your hands. 
  • How often should you clean your air fryer? Ideally, you should clean it after every use although if you use it quite often maybe more than once in a day clean it every night at the end of the day.

Tricks One Should Know To Use An Air Fryer To Its Full Potential:

To reduce the cooking time please preheat your air fryer. Just like a conventional oven switch on your air fryer a few minutes before you use it. 

Yes, the frying baskets on the contemporary air fryers have a non-stick coat. Still, one should grease the frying basket lightly before you start cooking. This absolutely ensures nothing sticks to the frying basket. 

For a better, crispier, and tastier results one can air fry instead of using an oven. However, keep the temperature a little low then your usual air frying settings to ensure hot and crispy results without overcooking them.  

You can utilize the pan drippings or fat collected in the cooking chamber for delicious gravies.

To make sure your food is cooked evenly remove the cooking basket give it a shake to ensure a consistent crisp and even browning. 

As mentioned above air fryers work more as conventional ovens. Thus do not overcrowd the fryer basket. The hot air needs to circulate properly to ensure the consistency. If you need to cook large quantities, do it in batches instead of cooking everything at once. 

Yes, you can directly cook the frozen food inside an air fryer. If you’re not sure at what temperature settings you must use the air fryer please refer to this chart.  

Cleaning an air fryer is one of the most annoying things especially if you have cooked something messy. Thus use parchment paper or foil to make your work easier. 

Give your air fryers enough breathing room. It is important to keep air fryers at least 5-6 inches away from anything around it. As explained earlier air fryers generate hot air to cook up the food. Therefore keep them away from anything easily combustible. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is an air fryer worth it?

This is one of the devices you need to have in your kitchen if you care about the low fat mock frying. It does a much better job compared to oven frying. Although relying on an air fryer for cooking vegetables and meats is not a good idea. Invest only if you’re a fried food connoisseur

Do air fryers overheat?

Only if you completely fill it up to the brim or add excess of oil in the frying chamber. Air fryers are designed to work at a maximum temperature of 200 degree

What are the disadvantages of air fryers?

They take usually longer compared to a conventional frying, excess drying of food while cooking, and small capacity. These are the main disadvantages of modern-day air fryers so if you own an conventional oven no need to invest in an air fryer

Is air fried food healthy?

Now it depends on the places you want to draw comparisons from. But surely it is a healthier option compared to traditional deep frying. As it requires less fat it cut downs the calories by 70-80%. 

Do you have to clean your air fryer after every use?

Yes, it is recommended to clean the air fryer after every use. For detailed cleaning steps please check how to clean the air fryer mentioned above in the article. 

Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, you can but follow a few steps in order to be safe. Keep the foil size as small as possible, make sure the foil is not covering the whole frying basket, and foil is not blocking the hot air circulation inside the air fryer.  

Can you cook 2 things at once in an air fryer?

Some of the modern-day air fryers come equipped with a separator to allow cooking two things at once. You can easily cook two things at once unless you’re not overcrowding the air fryer and using a separator. 

Can you open an air fryer while it’s cooking?

All the contemporary air fryers come with intelligent sensors that absolutely make sure the air fryer pauses cooking once you pull out the frying basket in between the cooking process

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