Best Air Purifiers for Home In India (Updated November 2020)

For Indian consumers buying an air purifier is a western thought. Still, with air quality index breaking records each year gives us a perfect reason to invest in an air purifier. Especially, if you have people with respiratory illnesses in your house. Plus it is a good investment for your family’s general health.

These days the contemporary air purifiers come with a lot of functionalities and features. However, the main goal of an air purifier is to effectively clean the air and that is what the best air purifier in India are developed to do. Thus before focusing on extra features please look for the features that really matter. 

All these air purifiers on amazon are tried and tested by our team on the basis of online reviews and consumer testaments

Best Air Purifiers in India

Image Product Details   Price
Mi-Air-Purifier-3-with-True-HEPA-Filter Mi Air Purifier 3 Best Value For Money Air Purifier Check Price
Dyson pure cool link tower Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier Best Air Purifier For Home Check Price
Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifying Fan Review Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifying Fan Review The Best Premium Air Purifier Check Price
Philips AC2887 Review - Best Air Purifier Home Philips AC2887 Review Best Air Purifier for Home Runner Up Check Price
Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier Best Air Purifier In India Under 10000 Check Price

Mi Air Purifier 3 Review – Best Value For Money Air Purifier

Mi Air 3 or Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 is one of the best air purifiers coming from the Chinese brand. Aesthetically this is a pretty minimalistic design with all high-quality plastic construction. The Mi air purifier is lightweight considering the physical stature of the product. 

The minimalist design language is evident on the product. There is no physical button on the air purifier. In the lower section, you have 360 degrees mesh to suck in more air while on the top you have just the fan to circulate fresh clean air.

To control you have a circular touch screen at the front. Long press to switch it on and off. While single touches let you scroll between different modes available on the air purifier. The display also shows remaining filter life in percentage.

It also displays the real life pm 2.5 reading of the surroundings. The display reading on the Mi Air Purifier 3 is not as accurate as it should be. As Mi air purifier internal AQI (air quality index) meter maxes out at 600.  

This was the same problem that happened on Mi Air 2S. If anyone from Mi is reading this review please address this issue as soon as possible. The fan noise on Mi Air Purifier 3 is kept with its predecessor Mi Air 2S close to 68dB.   

This Mi Air 3 is a successor to the popular Mi air 2S. Both of the products are similar in terms of look and feel but with this new model, Mi has changed some basic functionality. First of all the Mi Air 3 purifier comes with a touch screen display at the front. 

Second, it comes with a centrifugal fan that increases the CADR rating to 350. The bigger fan allows more air and purifying more in the process. When this powerful fan is paired with the true HEPA filter it is harder to resist this air purifier from Xiaomi.   

According to Mi, this is the best in class CADR rating. Now to make sure that this air purifier remains on the top. Mi air purifier 3 is upgraded to a more efficient H13 true HEPA filter. On top of it there is an activated carbon layer to keep the natural gases and unpleasant odours away.

Now some of you must be a little intimidated by the technical jargons used on this first review. Thus please check out the things you need to consider before buying an air purifier below. Where our team has explained in detail about the things you need to know before buying an air purifier.

Like everything else this modern day air purifier also comes with a solid app support. You can schedule the air purifier to automatically switch on. You can check the readings, increase or decrease fan speed, and a lot more.

It takes close to 30-40 mins for Mi Air 3 to get the pollution level to a safe level. The only problem faced was during a power failure. The app automatically disconnected the air purifier curtailing us from using it remotely via the phone app. 

The problem was solved after resetting the device again using the Mi air purifier app. Now this air purifier from Mi is a good option compared to Dyson, Phillips and Honeywell air purifiers. For the inexpensive pricing and discounts this is one of the best value for money air purifiers.

Especially with the amazing app support, a touch enabled display, powerful centrifugal fan and improved design aesthetics. Additionally, the class leading CADR also adds to the list of amazing features this air purifier provides.  

Key Features:

  • True HEPA H13 filter with filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particle size up to 0.3 microns.
  • OLED touch Display (Shows real time PM2.5 concentration, Temperature and humidity, Wi-Fi connection and Working mode)
  • Smart app control
  • Works with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • 360 Degree Air Intake for efficient filtration
  • Best in class CADR of 350 m3/h

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier For Home

The British manufacturer is known for their quality products with aesthetics to match any traditional or a contemporary house. The Dyson air purifier is surely a masterpiece especially the way it stands tall with an elongated ring or fins on top. 

Surely this one is one of the best-designed air purifiers one can get. And the fins are intentionally designed this way to circulate the air better in surroundings. 

Unboxing of the fan is a little tricky as the air purifier comes apart. The filter, motor, and the outside cover are needed to attach to the main fan unit. However, if you need assistance regarding the installation of the air purifier.

Dyson sends qualified service professionals to help you understand all the salient features of the product. The company uses the same tried and tested cyclone motors used even on Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Due to this cyclone motor sitting at the bottom allows the fan to push the air upwards. And the fins circulate the air around hence you also get a completely bladeless fan. This comes around handy especially if you have kids at home.  

More than just an air purifier it doubles as a contemporary fan that can be controlled via the Dyson link app.  The fan is a great add on for such a nicely designed product. For our team this product was a no brainer especially after the positive online review this product has managed to get. 

Let’s focus on the technical specs on this product. Dyson is using a 360 degrees glass HEPA filter coated with an activated carbon filter. If this was not enough the H-13 HEPA filter is pleated 200 times to clean particles as small as pm 0.1 microns.

Thus dust, pollen, bacteria, and other harmful matter will clean anything in your house. Now due to the way this air purifier is designed it throws air forward hence allowing the air to circulate a lot more. Due to this same reason, this air purifier covers a very big area.

This air purifier comes with a sturdy remote control. It magnetically attaches to the top of the air purifier this way chances of losing the remote are pretty less. You can control all the basic aspects of the fan/air purifier using this tiny remote.

You can control fan speed (1-10), automatic mode, enable the fan to turn on its own, and the most important thing there is a night mode. This lowers down the fan noise so your sleep is not disturbed.  

The tiny display at the front is adequate enough to show crucial information. If you set an auto timer you can see it on the display at the bottom. The only complaint about the display is the positioning could have been better. Expect that this is an amazing budget-friendly fan and air purifier combo from Dyson.

For people who want in depth stats, you can download the Dyson app. It allows you to monitor the pm levels around the fan remotely. You can even auto switch on and off if you’re somewhere out. The connectivity on the app is fantastic and smooth. 

Further app allows you to schedule, auto switch off if the room is clean, and it automatically switches on when it detects unsafe pm levels again. Yes, this product is a little expensive compared to the other products on the list of best air purifiers in India. 

But this high price is justified by the aesthetically pleasing design, air-purifying capabilities as well it doubles as a fan. The small footprint thanks again to the design can be placed even in tighter areas. 

The maintenance on these air purifiers is close to nothing. Unless you don’t have to replace any major part. According to Dyson if you use your Dyson air purifier every day approximately for 12 hrs a day you need a filter change in a year. 

You can use this air purifier as a bedroom as it can purify the air in an area of a maximum 300sq ft. Dyson has not given official CADR numbers for the product. This Dyson air purifier is not recommended if you’re looking for bigger spaces such as living rooms. 

For that you can invest in Dyson Hot Cool Air Purifying Fan reviewed below. However, the only shortcoming of this air purifier is the area covered by it. But the app connectivity, ease of setup, dual purpose (fan + air purifier) and novel aesthetics makes it an amazing desirable product. 

Key Features:

  • Removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns).
  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter & Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter. 
  • Excellent app connectivity and features.
  • 10 speed fan controls. 
  • 360° air-intake allows for easy placement anywhere in the room 
  • PM 2.5 and VOC to ensure quality air. 
  • Power Consumption: 40W 

Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifying Fan Review – The Best Air Purifier

Now slowly life is getting back on track after the global pandemic ruined the whole year. Although with movement of people the air pollution is also getting back on track to shatter all the previous records. If you reside in any major metropolitan of India buying an air purifier makes a lot of sense. 

The moment you see this hot cool air purifier from Dyson. That signature Dyson design reminds of their other air purifier we reviewed before on this list. Similar to the previous product this one is also a fan and an air purifier. 

Although people at Dyson were not satisfied with that much. So they added an air heater to keep you comfortable during the winter months. That doesn’t justify the price hike but let’s figure out what this air purifier is capable of before we jump to any conclusions.

Dyson air purifiers are the smartest air purifiers you can get in the market today. The numerous sensors on the product automatically detect the level of air pollution inside the room and automatically starts to filter the air. 

It comes with three sensors to keep you air pure. One is a particulate sensor that can measure particles as small as 0.3 microns including pollens and allergens. Then there is a VOC sensor that detects volatile organic compounds.

These include household odors, formaldehyde, organic gases or any kind of smoke. The third sensor is the humidity and temperature sensor. Thus it can automatically increase or decrease the speed of the fan if you leave it on automatic mode. 

You can fully control the fan using the Dyson app. You can schedule the time to start the purification before you reach home. Switch the air purifier on and off remotely. From the app you can control the heating applications too.

Yes, the air purifier keeps oscillating 350 degrees while covering all the directions. With the app now you can even direct the air in a particular direction. There is also a remote included inside the package. 

You can control the fan, purification and heating options from the remote as well. The round display at the front has excellent visibility and the placement is spoton. It’s moderately bright not to disturb you in your bedroom.    

This air purifier comes with a 360 degrees glass HEPA filter with an additional laying of activated carbon filter. The working of the air purifier remains the same. It sucks in the air from the bottom cylindrical base and circulates the air from the top. 

Due to this the Dyson air purifier covers an area larger than the vertical unit air purifiers. Especially during the winter months when your fans and AC are off. Due to this intelligent design paired with modern day sensors this can is an ideal air purifier for a space as big as 500 –  600 sq ft.

For a modern day family staying in highrise apartments it’s enough coverage. Yes, this is the most expensive air purifier on this list. But the features it provides are unmatched in the air purifier space along with the fan and heating features. 

The additional app support just makes owning this product more exciting. And this air purifier is surely a conversation piece in your house parties. Even the modern day aesthetics goes well with any type of home decor and interiors. 

Bottomline if you have the money to spend this Dyson Air Purifier is no brainer.

Key Features:

  • Only air purifier with heating functionality.
  • Touch enabled LCD screen. 
  • Trusted Dyson Link App connection.
  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter & Tris Impregnated Activated Carbon Filter (PM 0.1)
  • Patented Air MultiplierTM technology.
  • Suitable for a room size of 500-600 sq.ft
  • Warranty – 2 years.
  • Energy efficient; Wattage : 40W (at max. setting) on air purifier mode
  • 10 speed fan settings
  • Easy filter change with notification on app or on the dedicated LCD screen when any of the filters need replacement.

Philips AC2887 Review – Best Air Purifier Home

Philips is one of the most recognised brands for consumer electronics around the world. Although that’s known all across the world. The moment you hear Philips you know that the brand is reliable and after sales service for Philips is as easy as it gets due to the huge presence all across the country.

Now the product our team decided to feature is one of the most reliable air purifiers out there to purchase. Especially if you stay in a metropolitan city in India. Considering the popularity of the product a thorough analysis is important to justify Philips air purifier reliability.

First things first the cliched design on this vertical air purifier is nothing that we haven’t seen before. The fan sits on the top to circulate the clean air around the room. Philips AC2887 plastic body air purifier looks bigger in pictures compared to Mi Air Purifier 3.

However, it is a pretty lightweight air purifier due to its all polycarbonate construction and can be easily carried around. The only thing that stands out on the front of the device is this ring light. And they have a functional use on to keep you updated about the pollution levels. 

Philips has colour coded the light to show real pollution levels. With the sensors on the device it shows red light when the pollution level is high and turns to blue vice versa. The top panel on the device houses all the physical touch controls. 

You can control power, fan speed, timer, automatic mode and a reset button. One more there is a button to switch off the lights at night. In auto mode you have three sub modes; the pollution mode, allergen mode and the bacteria/virus mode. 

It’s a little strange to see it lets you select only one out of three at a time shouldn’t it be targeting all three to keep the air safe and clean. There is no mobile app integration as seen on other air purifiers on this list. Still the touch enabled physical controls are intuitive and simple enough to control the air purifier. 

Thus schedule automation and remotely controlling the product is not possible. One thing that Philip’s need to improve on this product is the infrared sensor to measure AQI. The efficiency of infrared sensors is not as accurate as a laser sensor found on Mi and other air purifiers. 

Thus even in daily use this Philips air purifier will display a higher pollution level. So it’s not as ineffective as its sensor suggests. The fan noise for Philips air purifier stays close to 64dB, which is not that annoying. 

However, one thing that Philips can assure for sure is the after-sales service. It’s easy to raise the complaint and routine check-ups. According to Philips, you do need to change the HEPA filter inside every 5-6 months. 

Although this is totally subjective and also depends upon the use case. The HEPA filter inside is lined with an extra layer of activated carbon layering to ensure better and effective air filtration. Although the Philips HEPA filter replacement will cost you close to 4 thousand. 

The CADR rating for this Philips air purifier is 333 m3/hr and can be recommended for a room size of 200-400 sq ft. Making it an ideal product for a master bedroom or a small living room. Keep in mind these numbers provided by Philips consider the ceiling height to be 8ft. 

However, the majority of the Indian homes have an average ceiling height of 10 or 12ft.  

Sure, it doesn’t have the app integration as other products on the list but it makes up for it with an amazing all around after-sales service and a higher CADR rating and don’t forget the low decibels or a less noisy fan.

Key Features:

  • Removes 99.97% airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 microns.
  • CADR of 333 m3/hour ideal for a room size 269-409 sq ft.
  • Removes 99% bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust.
  • Warranty: 2 years international
  • In case of any product queries / issues, please contact the Philips Air customer care on: 18001031235

Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier In India Under 10000

Consider this the best air purifier under 10000 with the current selling price on amazon. This Honeywell air purifier is the best value for money air purifier that one can buy. That’s enough praise at the start of the review, let’s start from the basics first. 

The Honeywell air purifier looks kind of similar in design to Philips 2887 Air Purifier. Although pollution indicating light on the front is missing. Design is as minimal as it gets except for the Honeywell branding there is nothing on front. 

The cliched vertical design on this one is nothing new too. Even with such a simple design it looks nice and even feels solid out of the box. With all polycarbonate bodies you can easily pick it up to move it from room to room.

Inside you get a high efficiency HEPA filter along with an activated carbon filter that further helps you remove pollutants and allergens anything as microscopic as 0.3 microns. Thus a PM2.5 pollutant stands no chance in front of this air purifier from Honeywell. 

Additionally you’re also looking at removal of toxic gases and unusual odours by this air purifier. The HEPA filter used on this air purifier can last an approximately 3000 hours. That is using this air purifier for at least 8 hr/day for 9 months. 

The 3D air flow design on this air purifier provides an optimised circulation inside the room. With a CADR of 250 cubic m/hr it can filter air in a room of 300 sq ft. According to Honeywell this should be higher but they consider the ceiling height to be 8ft instead of 10 or 12ft.

Due to this CADR rating it is ideal for small spaces especially if you need one for your bedroom or meeting room in your office. The HEPA filter inside is the standard for air purifiers and believed to remove 99% of pollutants.

There is one more HiSiv air filter in front of HEPA to ensure longevity of the HEPA and carbon activated filter. This HiSiv filter is washable and removes any large particles before they reach the HEPA filter. 

The replacement filters on this Honeywell will cost you 3500 rupees. There is no app support available for this Honeywell air purifier. Everything you need can be done using the buttons on the top panel.

The physical controls on the device are simple and divided into three buttons. First one is the auto mode that automatically controls the fan speed with detected levels of pollution. Second one is the power button along with a ring light similar to seen on Philips air purifier. 

This light is the only visual indicator for air quality on the device. As there is no other display or app to support the air purifier. Red indicated high levels of pollution while blue indicates pollution levels under control. 

Then there is a smart night mode to keep the fan noise under control. However, in night mode the fan speed is so low that I doubt its effectiveness to filter air. While in auto mode it makes enough noise to keep a light sleeper awake. 

Then there is a small light indicator for filter change notification. The overall design is impressive for such a minimal pricing. This is the best budget air purifier in India hands down. With all the features and efficiency you can rely on this product. 

Overall Honeywell has done a great job on this inexpensive air purifier. The design, materials used, and the overall quality is really nice. However they could have made the fan a little more silent except for the night mode.

It’s a minimal and inexpensive air purifier that can solve the basic air filtration needs without any extra gimmicks.

Key Features:   

  • 3D air flow design for better and optimised circulation. 
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) – 250 cu m/hr, offers up to 322 sq ft coverage area for a room with 8.9 ft height.
  • High-efficiency HEPA and activated carbon filter removes pollutants and allergens above 0.3 microns.
  • Removes formaldehyde, toxic gases, and bad odours.
  • Approximately 3000 hours of filter life.
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on product. 

How air purifier works?

The working on an air purifier is pretty simple and straightforward. Motor that runs the fan helps it suck the air from surroundings while passing through filters designed to trap the pollutants as small as 1 microns. 

These filters used on the air purifiers are made  out of fiberglass, mesh, and paper. These filters need replacements after a year or so. This is the only operational cost that you need to keep in mind before you invest in an air purifier. 

Roughly a filter will cost you anywhere from 2000-3000. The modern day air purifiers are integrated with sensors and app connectivity to remotely control the unit. These sensors help air purifiers to access the air quality themselves and automatically start working.

Only requirement for an air purifier to work effectively is a properly sealed room. Your space has to be enclosed to ensure quick purification of air. The majority of the air purifiers in the market are vertical boxes with a fan on top. 

Do air purifiers work?

In our major cities especially Delhi the AQI (air quality index) is showing hazardous levels that can be fatal on a long term exposure. Thus we need to keep an check on the air quality in the spaces where we can. 

Air purifiers are the only option that we have right now to purify the air especially for the folks residing in major cities across India. An air purifier seriously cleans up the surrounding air but the evidence of air purifier on health and its benefits is a conflicted path.

With the technology and hardware it surely traps pollutants. Therefore the answer to this question is yes. Yes, the air purifier works but there are no studies done until now to support the health benefits claims of the air purifier. 

Buying an air purifier helps you breathe clean air in this world where AQI keeps on touching new highs. Features and other gimmicks are secondary rather than inhaling poor quality air.    

Things to consider before buying an air purifier: Air Purifier Buying Guide

CADR/ What is CADR rating?

This is the most important spec for an air purifier. With air quality keeps on dipping around the major cities buyers for air purifiers are becoming very common. As said above CADR becomes a really important factor while purchasing an air purifier. To make it easy for you guys CADR stands for, “Clean Air Delivery Rate.” 

The CADR number indicates how fast an air purifier can clean air within a closed confined space. To illustrate better: think of an air purifier with a rating of 300cfm will be able to clean air faster compared to a 250cfm rated air purifier. 

The bigger the CADR rating, the better it is, and the rating is taken in cfm that stands for cubic feet per minute. Thus a 300cfm air purifier will clean air in an approx area of 300 cubic feet per minute. 

Like you buy a different set of air conditioners for different sizes of the room. Similarly, for a bigger room, you need an air purifier with a higher CARD or CFM rating  

HEPA filter:

HEPA stands for, ” High-Efficiency Particulate Air.” I know this is still difficult to understand. Let’s dig a little deeper. Basically, an air purifier has two crucial components one being the fan and other being the filter. 

The fan passes the air through the filter and in the process, the pollutants in the air get trapped inside the filter. After that, the fan releases the clean air back to the surroundings. The majority of the HEPA filters inside these air purifiers are equipped to trap pm 2.5 pollutants. 

For scale, this is 30 times smaller than an average human hair. Some of the air purifiers they come with a basic EPA filter which should be avoided in 2020. HEPA naming for their filters is really simple and the higher you go the better it is. Thus if you have to select between an air purifier with HEPA filter H 13 and H 14. Go for the higher number.

How to select an air purifier for different room sizes?

Before you even give a little thought about buying an air purifier. Thinking about where you are going to put it is more important. As places in the house such as a hall where the air circulation is much higher compared to your closed bedroom will show a much higher AQI reading. 

Like an air conditioner, you need a properly insulated room for your air purifier to work well. Thus it is advisable to use an air purifier while you’re sleeping as that time you’re less likely to move in and out of your room. 

For a bigger space buy an air purifier with higher CADR or cfm rating. For example, for a room above 300 sq feet, you need an air purifier with a CADR rating above 300. As the room size keeps on increasing equally the CADR number should be higher.  

Noise Levels:

As mentioned above the air purifiers work on a simple mechanism where the air around the room is filtered using a fan and a HEPA filter. One has to consider the amount of noise level the fan produces while it’s working. 

Fan noise is not that evident during the time of day light. It affects only when you’re in your bedroom during the night time. Thus some of the devices on this list of best air purifiers in India include a feature to minimise the fan noise while you take a comfortable nap in your bedroom.

Research a bit about the maximum decibel levels of the fan on an air purifier you’re interested in buying. A typical air purifier fan should make 30-40 decibels of noise on a low or normal scenario. While anything higher than that in your bedroom can make your life a little intolerable. 

Anything over 50dB can make conversations extremely difficult. And anything above the 70dB can create hearing problems on a long run. Thus it is important to think about this before you invest into an air purifier. 

After-sales services:

Have you ever wondered why air purifiers for known brands are recommended at the majority of the forums. This is because the reviewers consider after-sales service as one the important factors especially for electronic consumer products.

This was one of the major things that our team considered and we only featured the top 5 best air purifiers in India. All the products mentioned on this list are from internationally recognised brands that provide cent percent guarantee on their products with a reliable after sales service. 

Ways to improve air quality in your home:

Keep the windows closed: If you live in a small town keeping windows open is advisable to maintain a healthy circulation of air inside the house. But for people living in cities that is not an option as most of the time AQI outside is higher than inside. Keeping windows closed will keep the AQI levels under check. 

Invest in an air purifier: As per a study the AQI levels are worse during the night time. Thus for a better quality sleep in clean air is important. An air purifier will keep the AQI levels under check automatically. Regularly clean up the filters as well as change filters timely to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product. 

Try to reduce the use of candles and incense sticks: lighting candles and incense sticks release harmful chemicals that can irritate eyes. Plus reducing the source of the pollutant will increase the air quality in your home for sure. 

Use an exhaust fan in kitchens: with cooking you release unwanted odours and kitchen oils in the surroundings. To ensure there are no more particulates you have to make sure as many sources should be eliminated. Use exhaust fans inside the kitchen to help you keep your clean and fresh.   

A complete air purifier buyers guide:

All the air purifiers on this list of best air purifiers in India come with an interesting choice of features and specifications. Now hopefully after our guide how to select an air purifier has answered some of your unanswered questions related to buying an air purifier that fits your everyday use. 

These are some extra points that will help you select an advanced contemporary air purifier that makes your life a bit easier.

After sales filters availability:

The whole concept of air purifiers rely on filters used inside. The fan on the unit is just to circulate the air around the space. Thus availability of filters is utmost important. As you guys know you have to invest in an air purifier that uses only true HEPA or a HEPA filter. Companies make proprietary HEPA filters according to the design of the product. Therefore after sales availability of filters is really important. 

Mobility of an air purifier:

Due to the limitations of physics the modern-day air purifiers are not small enough to carry around. However, if you’re planning to invest into an air purifier that is sufficient to carry and move around the house. Think about the size of the product as well invest into casters or wheels or stand to move air purifiers comfortably. Although generally due to the all plastic construction one can easily carry an air purifier without any issues but the wheels and extra mobility options do helps. 

Remote Control:

Yes, the majority of the air purifiers on this list of best air purifiers in India are wifi enabled and connect via app. Still, a physical remote control is required for people who do not want an extra app on their phone for an air purifier. A physical remote helps you control the air purifier easily from a distance while increasing the accessibility.

Ability to control the fan speed:

As mentioned above sometimes the fan speed and the noise can be annoying for light sleepers. However, the manufacturers are thinking about this and with each new air purifier iteration they try to reduce fan noise levels as low as possible. The noise levels are okay while you’re in a hall or common living room. But it starts annoying when you are in your bedroom. Some of the air purifiers have fan speeds ranging from 1-10 while some of them come with sleep mode to keep those decibels under check while you sleep. 

Ability to set an air purifier on auto or schedule:

Modern day air purifiers come with enabled wifi as well as app connectivity. The app is there to provide you with detailed data of your air purifier and air quality inside the space. With the app you can remotely turn on and off the air purifier you can schedule, keep timers before you even physically enter your house. This scheduling or timer can help you save energy as well as prolong the life of your air purifier as well as filter. 

Manufacturers reputation or brand:

This is crucial especially while buying any piece of consumer electronic products online. Credibility of a brand often showcases the past experiences of the consumers related to that brand. Thus this is very important and the brand has worked continuously over years to provide a great product along with a solid after sales support.


This is the most annoying part of buying any consumer product in the contemporary times. However it is also the most important part to ensure effective working and in order to achieve maximum efficiency. For an air purifier the maintenance part is really simple. You have to take care of replacing filters regularly. However, stay away from the air purifiers that need filter replacements quite often. Keep in mind filter life relies on usage and the contamination levels in your surroundings. And also stay away from the air purifiers that want you to clean or wash filters by yourself. 


With an unlimited number of sites online trying to sell you a product. It is often very difficult to figure out the credibility of the site and reviewer. However, online research is still very important to get an insight about the product. That’s why out team provides an unbiased review of products based on market research, consumer search, reviews and the actual product performance.       

Filtration efficiencies:

There is only one way to check how good your air purifier is without even buying it. “HEPA,” keep this abbreviation in mind to ensure you’re buying a reliable air purifier. The true HEPA or just HEPA filters are known to have higher filtration efficiencies. However, if the manufacturer is using a, “HEPAlike,” filters or any other filters please stay away from them. As manufacturers do not mention the actual filtration efficiencies of filters used on their air purifiers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are modern day devices that use HEPA filters to remove pollutants from a closed space. They come in different designs and sizes along with different specifications and modern features. 

  • What is HEPA Air Purifier?

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. An air purifier utilizing an HEPA filter can be called as HEPA air purifier. 

  • What is the CADR of an Air Purifier?

The larger the CADR number the better it is. CADR is an abbreviation for clean air delivery rate calculated in cubic feet per minute. 

  • Which air purifiers are harmful?

Ozone generating air purifiers are harmful for the environment as well as prolonged exposure can even damage your lungs and olfactory receptors. 

  • Do air purifiers really work?

Yes, it does as research shows that filtering air can remove the harmful allergens, pollutants, smoke and mold from the air.

  • How long should you run your air purifier?

As the surrounding air keeps on changing all the time it is advisable to keep the air purifier on for 24 hours. Especially at night when the pollution levels are higher than the day time.  

  • Why are air purifiers bad for you?

Ozone emitting air purifiers are bad for you. As prolonged exposures to ozone gas can have harmful effects on your lungs and olfactory cells. 

  • Should I sleep with an air purifier on?

Yes, as mentioned above the pollution levels in the city are much higher compared to the day time. Thus keeping your air purifier on at night in auto mode is an ideal thing to do. 

  • Should you run an air purifier with the windows open?

No, you should not run an air purifier with windows open. Like air conditioners, air purifiers work best when windows and doors are closed. If you keep the windows open you keep on adding fresh air that comes with a lot of pollutants from outside. Although you can definitely do that but it is not advisable to do so. 

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