Best Bread Makers in India for 2020 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Bread is a common and tastiest breakfast for every Indian. Everyone loves to eat fresh and homemade bread. Also, it is good to have bread at home rather than bakeries. How can we do that? Simply by using best bread makers in India

The best bread makers can give you fresh bread daily. There are a variety of recipes that you can create with a bread maker. Also, bread makers are quicker than the oven bread makers. The bread makers allow you to make tons of different types of bread like white bread, Italian herb bread, and potato bread. 

You can make your special bread like egg free bread. The main point is you do not need to have any specialization in cooking. Even beginners can also make bread at home with the bread makers. 

Making bread is also affordable than buying expensive artisanal bread. You do not need to even make bread dough. The bread maker will complete this job as well. You can make bread without any chemicals by using your ingredients. 

Not only these, but there are lots of benefits of bread makers. However, in this competitive era, it is hard to believe in a bread maker. 

Well, we have the six best bread makers in India. We are going to review them in this post. But, before that, we will have a look at basic features to keep in mind while buying the best bread makers. 

Do you want fresh homemade breads daily? 

Then read on to learn more….

Basic Features to Keep in Mind While Buying Bread Makers

Considering features while buying bread makers is necessary. The bread makers come with a variety of different features from automatic dispensers to cake, pasta, and many more. 

Before buying, you have to consider what features can complete your requirements. Once you decide on some basic features, it will become easy to choose the best bread maker. 

  • Cool Wall

Bread makers come with insulated outer walls to prevent the surface from getting too hot. This feature ensures users’ safety while baking the bread. However, it can get warm. So be careful and use an oven glove while baking bread. If you have a stainless steel bread maker, then you have to be more careful. 

  • Viewing Window 

The viewing window is also a necessary feature for bread makers. A viewing window allows you to keep an eye on the breaking process. If you open the bread maker frequently to check, then it can affect the quality of bread. This can reduce the temperature of the bread maker. Thus a viewing window is helpful. 

  • Accessories of Bread Makers

Many people will think about what accessories we need to bake bread. Accessories like a teaspoon and measuring beaker are great to bake perfect size bread. Most bread makers come with this equipment. 

However, in some bread makers, you have to buy them. These accessories will give you a perfect, loaf, and tasty bread. 

This is a brief guide and a basic feature for bread makers. We have prepared a detailed buying guide that will help you to choose the best bread maker for home. But, before that let check out the six best bread makers in India. 

Best Bread Makers in India for 2020

Image Product Details   Price
KENT-16010-Atta-and-Bread-Maker-550-Watt Kent 550 Watt Atta and Bread Maker for home Lots of preset options Check Price
Lifelong-Atta-and-Bread-Maker-With-Adjustable-Crust Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker With Adjustable Crust Check Price
Sharp-TableTop-Bread-Maker-for-Home Sharp Table Top Bread Maker for Home   Check Price
Bajaj-Platini-BM01-Bread-Maker Bajaj Platini BM01 Bread Maker  Check Price
Glen-Bread-Maker Glen Bread Maker Check Price
Vitek-Smart-Chef-Bread-Maker Vitek Smart Chef Bread Maker   Check Price

1. Kent 550 Watt Atta and Bread Maker for home

Kent is an Indian multinational company. This brand is well-known for the RO system. But now the company has introduced its first atta and bread maker on the Indian market. This is a 2-in-1 bread and atta maker machine.

You can prepare dough for chapatis, parathas, etc. The Kent bread maker can make your everyday task easy and quick. It comes with a user-friendly design and detachable components. This makes the bread maker easy to use and clean. 

With the use of automatic mixing and kneading, you can easily make dough for chapatis and puris. The Kent bread maker allows you to use any kind of ingredients to prepare different recipes. 

Programs & Functions 

The atta maker has 19 programs to help you fulfill your different demands with ease. These 19 programs include basic bread, pizza dough, cake, poori atta, and others. With these functions, you can use the bread maker for different purposes. 

This is a fully automatic bread maker. You only need to push a button, and the machine will complete your task in a few minutes. To make the dough, you only need to add water, flour, and other ingredients. It is a hygienic and convenient bread maker. 

Users Critic 

Users have two main issues with this bread maker. The users are complaining about the quality of the lid. According to users, the lid is made of plastic rather than aluminum or steel. It gives a heated plastic smell while baking the bread. 

Users are saying that you have to do lots of trials to make perfect bread or dough. Also, you have to use 50% white flour even for chapatis

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Make delicious bread 
Perfect crust
Reasonable price
Gluten-free bread
No proper mixing according to users
Poorly written instruction manuals

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Kent atta and dough maker is an affordable and great machine for the Indian kitchen. However, you have to do some practices to make perfect bread or atta. There is also something that can be improved like a plastic lid. According to users, it gives a heated plastic smell while baking. It can affect the taste of the bread as well.

2. Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker With Adjustable Crust

The lifelong atta and bread maker has the same design as Kent. But, the lifelong bread maker comes with an LCD panel to operate the machine. It is also a dual bread maker machine. You can make dough for chapattis and puris as well.

The lifelong atta and bread maker is made of non-stick removable backing tin. The bread maker comes with a removable baking pan, measuring spoon, hook, and a recipe book. 

You can also make pizza dough, jams, or cakes with this bread maker. It comes with a one-touch automatic operation to meet your baking needs. Moreover, the bread makers have one year domestic warranty on manufacturing defects. 

Programs & Functions 

The lifelong bread maker comes with some special programs to make salt free, sugar free, or gluten-free bread. It also has a 5-hour programmable timer that allows you to bake bread whenever you want. 

It’s automatic kneading, fermenting, and baking conveniently makes dough for chapattis and puris. You can also choose to bake light, medium, and dark crust with the adjustable crust control. 

There are 19 preset menu options from basic bread to atta, cake, jam, etc. With the LCD control panel, you can control all these functions and programs. 

Users Critic 

According to users, you have to use refined flour to bake bread. It can be risky for health. One more common issue is you have to do lots of trials to get perfect bread or dough. Also, there are some comments about the instructions. Users are saying that instructions are not clear.

Pros Cons
Easy to handle 
Great for newbies 
Simple to make atta for chapattis
Makes good bread
Kneading is also good 
Value for money 
Simple to clean
Size of bread is limited 
Instructions are not clear 
Flimsy lid 

Final Thoughts 

The lifelong atta and bread maker is affordable than the Kent atta and bread maker. It also has more features and programs compared to others. However, we have found issues with refined flour and a flimsy lid. But it can be a perfect choice for everyone. 

3. Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker for Home

The sharp table-top bread maker is designed with advanced Japanese technology. It bakes soft and fresh bread without the loss of any nutrients. The bread maker has a compact and shiny design. It is made of a stainless-steel body.

With the help of a nut and fruit dispenser, you do not need to add ingredients one by one. You only need to add ingredients to the dispenser. It will automatically release the ingredients at the optimum time. 

There are two options for bread loaf size in this bread maker. You can make 700 grams and 1000 grams of loaf size bread. Because of its compact design, you can store it anywhere you want. 

Programs & Functions 

It has 12 different program menus to bake bread easily. The sharp table-top bread maker is not a dual bread maker. It does not have features to make dough for chapattis and puris. 

The bread maker comes with three browning options light, brown, and dark. You can choose one of them according to your taste. It has a program to make gluten-free bread. This function is too helpful for people who are allergic to gluten. 

The gluten-free bread is great to increase energy levels. It promotes our digestive health as well. 

Users Critic 

We found a few issues with this bread maker. According to a user, the motor is too weak and gets stuck. Also, it will affect the longevity of the bread maker. The second complaint is it is hard to bake bread with wheat flour. Users also have questioned the instruction manual.

Pros Cons
Easy to operate 
Automatic kneading 
Kneads perfectly 
Power saver 
Super easy to clean 
Value for the price
Hard to understand instructions 
The motor is weak 
Tiny and small

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the bread maker is perfect and affordable. It has advanced features and functions for bread baking. However, it is not dual bread and atta maker. But, if you only need to bake bread, then it is a perfect choice. The bread maker machine allows you to adjust the size and color of bread as well. 

4. Bajaj Platini BM01 Bread Maker 

The Bajaj Platini bread maker has a too compact design. You can easily take this bread maker out of your home if you want. Also, there is a two years warranty that is proof of its quality and longevity. 

There is also a viewing window in the bread maker. You do not need to open the lid frequently to check the process. It will result in fast and effective baking. The Bajaj platini bread maker has a 13-hour delay timer.

This is a helpful feature when you are in hurry. You only need to add the ingredients and press the timer button. The bread will be ready according to the selected time. It also has a detachable non-stick coated pan. Once the bread baking is completed just remove the pan and turn it upside down to bake the bread. 

Program & Functions 

The Bajaj bread maker has 12 different menu options to bake bread, make cake, and jams. There are also options for bread color and loaf size. You can choose a loaf size from 700 to 900 grams according to your wish. 

Also, you can choose the color of bread from three color options light, medium, and dark. The instructed manual is also included to understand the functions of each menu program. 

Users Critic 

One user complaint, that the bread maker is too light and vibrates a lot when making the dough. It is a weird issue. User complaints about the customer service of Bajaj regarding the replacement of the blade.

Pros Cons
Easy to use 
Compact and lightweight design 
Easy to carry 
Timer option is helpful
Best for baking bread and cake
Vibrates while baking 

Final Thoughts 

There is only one issue with this Bajaj bread maker. However, it has features like 13 hours timer. Because of its lightweight design, it vibrates while baking. But this issue is not a big deal according to its price. 

Easy to operate

  • Automatic kneading 
  • Kneads perfectly 
  • Power saver Super easy to clean Value for the price

5. Glen Bread Maker

The glen bread is a fully automatic kneading and baking operation. It can keep bread warm for up to 60 minutes. With the 615-watt power consumption, it gives the machine enough power to bake bread efficiently. 

The glen bread maker also comes with a viewing window to see the progress of the process. It features a detachable nonstick baking pan. If you want to clean the pan or want to remove the bread then you can detach the pan with the handle. 

This is a versatile dough and bread maker. It allows you to make dough for chapattis and puris. The company also provides a one year warranty. There are some questions about its durability because it is made of plastic. 

Program & Functions 

The glen bread maker has 12 pre-set functions such as baking bread, jams, deserts, cake and kneads dough. There are two options for a loaf size of 700 grams and 1000 grams. The bread maker also comes with three crust settings. 

You can choose these settings and sizes according to your requirements and taste. If there are electricity issues in your area then this bread maker is a perfect choice. It has a memory function that provides ten minutes of memory for the elected function if electricity failure happens. 

The bread maker also has 12 different kinds of settings for basic bread, whole-wheat bread, cakes, and dough. 

Users Critic

Users have two major issues with this bread maker. A user is claiming that white sticks to the outer surface. And some reviewers are not happy with the instruction manual provided by the company. According to them, the manual is poorly written. However, there are majority of users happy with the bread maker.

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Make delicious bread 
Perfect crust
Reasonable price
Gluten-free bread
No proper mixing according to users
Poorly written instruction manuals

Final Thoughts

The Glen bread maker is also a perfect choice to make gluten-free bread. The issue of instruction is common for every bread maker. But, all instructions are available on Google as well. So do not make your decision according to this issue. 

6. Vitek VT-4209 Smart Chef Bread Maker 

The Vitek is the most costly and unique design bread maker on our list. It is a versatile and smart 5-in-1cooking appliance. You can use this bread maker for boiling, sauté, stewing, deep-frying, and baking as well. 

The company provides a two-year warranty on this bread maker. It can be heated up to 180°C maximum temperature. The bread maker has 5 litter multi cooking bowl capacity and 1 KG bread-making capacity. 

Also, there is a viewing window on the lid to see the process of baking. The bread maker has a 3D heating function and fast cooking convection for perfect baking and crust. 

Program & Functions 

The Vitek smart chef bread maker has many advanced programs than the others on our list. It comes with 23 multi cooking preset programs and 45 do it yourself multi cooking programs. 

There are also ten baking preset programs including five kinds of bread, jam, yogurt, cake, and atta kidding prog. You can control all these programs with the LED screen and soft-touch buttons. 

Users Critic 

The Vitek smart chef is not much popular bread maker. It has a few reviews on Amazon. According to that review, the deep fry function is not working. It cannot bring the oil to boiling temperatures to fry potatoes. This is the main issue we found in this bread maker.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and clean 
Versatile and multipurpose bread maker 
Makes perfect size bread
Comes with a recipe book
More Expensive than others 
Deep fry function is not working properly 

Final Thoughts 

This is a new and advanced bread maker in India. It is not much popular as other bread makers. But it offers lots of programs and functions. It has 23 preset and 45 DIY programs. However, the deep fry function is a point of consideration while buying. 

How to Buy a Bread Maker in India – Buying Guide 

Because of the high competition between brands, it becomes difficult to choose. While you are buying the best bread makers you should think about types of bread makers, material and many things. 

Consideration of your budget and requirement is also necessary. In this buying guide, we will cover some necessary features and points that you should consider before buying bread makers. 

Our buying will get you rid of confusion and help you to find a perfect bread maker according to your budget. Also, we will include some frequently asked question after the buying guide. 

So continue reading…

Features to Consider when buying a Bread Maker 

Types of bread makers

There are not any specific types of bread makers. But according to design and shape, there are two types of bread makers vertical and horizontal bread makers. 

Both types of bread makers look the same. It is hard to make difference between these two types. The horizontal bread makers are considered better than the vertical bread makers. However, it especially depends on the model and brand of the bread maker. 

Let’s understand both types of bread makers…

  1. Vertical bread makers

The vertical bread makers come with one kneading paddle. If you are looking for compact and affordable bread makers then it is the best choice. The vertical bread makers bake tall bread with a fluffy top. 

  1. Horizontal bread makers 

The horizontal bread makes are a perfect choice if you love perfect size bread. It comes with two kneading paddles. The horizontal bread makers allow you to make a different kind of bread in one machine. Also, the horizontal bread makers are well-known for gluten-free bread. 

Brand Reputation 

Considering about brand is also a necessary point while buying any products. You should choose a brand that provides a great warranty and after-sales services. 

We have seen many reviews on amazon about poor customer support and defective product. Today Bajaj is well known and trustful brand in India for bread makers. 

However, there are other brands as well. But make sure the brand provides great warranties and customer support. You can check user reviews while making a decision. 

Size & Capacity 

An average quality bread maker comes with 700 to 1000 gram capacity. However, there are many small and big bread makers that have 500 to 1200 gram capacity of the bread pan. 

If you are living with a big family, then these small machines are not sufficient for you. However, the 500 grams and 700 grams of bread makers are perfect for small families with two or three members. 

According to, here are the expected numbers of slices that you can get from a bread pan. 

  • 500 grams bread pan = 8 slices 
  • 700 grams bread pan = 12 slices
  • 1000 grams bread pan = 16 slices 
  • 1200 grams bread pan = 20 slices 

Material of Pan 

The material of the pan is also a necessary point to get the perfect crust for your bread. There are two materials for bread pan thin aluminum or heavy cast aluminum pans. 

If you like thin and light crust bread, then the thin aluminum pan is perfect for you. Thick cast aluminum pans make dark and thick crust bread. If you want dark crust bread then go for cast aluminum pans. 

Energy Consumption 

Mostly bread makers are energy saver machines. However, it depends on the capacity of a bread maker. You will find bread makers with 550W to 1550 watts energy consumption. 

According to Amazon user reviews, bread makers use less energy than the oven bread makers. So you do not need to worry about that. If you are buying a bread maker with a larger capacity then its energy consumption will be high. 

Automatic dispenser

The automatic dispenser is a helpful feature for a busy person or working women. Because of the automatic dispenser, you do not need to add ingredients one by one. However, not all bread makers come with this feature.

Some models come with an automatic dispenser where you only need to add ingredients once. After that, the dispenser automatically dispenses the ingredients on the bread as per requirements.  Models that do not have features make a beep sound when the right time arrives. 

Kneading Paddles 

The kneading paddles are another necessary part of bread makers. Some bread makers come with a single kneading paddle while some come with a set of two paddles. The set of two paddles are found in wide pans. 

Many models feature special kneading paddles and also an additional paddle with a single paddle. Because the kneading paddles can easily break or come out. You need to change them after some years. At that time these additional paddles can help you.

Some models also come with a detachable kneading paddle. The detachable kneading paddles are helpful to avoid holes in the loaf and bread. You can consider this feature according to your needs and budget. The price will be higher according to the number and quality of kneading paddles.

Automatic timer 

The automatic timer is an advanced and useful feature for everyone. This feature allows you to set the timer of baking bread while you are in hurry or going out. Some advanced and high-quality machines come with 13 hours timer. 

You can set the timer at the night or morning while going to the office. Your tasty bread will be ready when you come home. We highly recommend this convenient feature. 

Advantages of using a bread machine over a Shop bought bread

During this pandemic time, these machines are too helpful if you want to eat freshly baked bread. Also, the bread machines require less effort and energy to bake bread. The bread makers are health-friendly as well. 

The companies who are making and selling bread on the market use a large amount of white flour. White flour can be a reason for high cholesterol or fatty liver if consumed regularly. 

You can buy bread once a week or a month. But if your daily bread in your breakfast then the bread machines are necessary. The Bread available on the market can cause cancer as well. 

Some people prefer to buy dutch ovens for bread. However, the bread makers are affordable products than dutch ovens. The bread machines are also safe to use. Moreover, bread makers are portable.

You can carry it and use them anywhere you want. The bread makers can also make the dough for chapattis and puris. It can make your everyday life too easy and effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q- What is the best bread maker machine? 

A- The best bread makers depend on your requirements and budget. But, two best bread maker in India from our list. First is the Bajaj bread maker. The Bajaj bread maker is affordable and comes with some advanced features like a timer. There is only one issue of vibration with this bread maker.

Second is lifelong atta and bread maker. This is also an affordable and advanced bread maker. It comes with 19 programs for baking bread and making the dough. So these two bread makers can be a great choice for your requirements. 

Q- How do I choose a bread maker?

A- First of all you should consider budget while choosing the best bread maker for your home. And then think about your requirements and find the best model from these six we have reviewed. You can also read our buying guide to make your purchase easier.

Q- Do bread makers make good bread?

A- Yes, but if you are a beginner then you have to do some trials to make perfect bread. Once you understand how it works, you can easily make perfect bread. Do not forget to follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer. You can also read some recipe books to bake different types of bread.

Q- Is it worth having a bread maker? 

A- The bread maker gives you freshly baked bread every day at your home. New generation bread makers have many advanced features. You do not need to put much effort to bake the bread. 

If we talk about the price and maintenance, the bread makers are affordable and require low maintenance. You only need to change the kneading paddle after some years. Energy consumption is also low then other bread making machines. 

Q- Is homemade bread healthier than shop-bought bread? 

A- Yes, of course, homemade bread is chemical free and fresh. When you are baking bread at home you know what ingredients you have added. Bread on the market can be made by using any chemicals. 

As I told you companies use lots of amount of white flour in the bread. Why we should eat white flour bread when we can bake whole wheat bread.

Final Verdict

Are you still buying bread from the shop? Stop now and invest a few bucks in these bread maker machines for your health. There is nothing best than homemade fresh food. The no-cost EMI option is also available for some bread makers. 

The bread maker can be the best gift for this Diwali. You can gift to your friends and family members. If you are still struggling to find the best bread machine for you then read our buying guide again.  

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