Best Deep Freezer Brands in India 2021 – Whirlpool, Voltas, Blue Star

A deep freezer is a box-shaped appliance used to store food items below a temperature of 0°F on a large scale. They are also helpful to store medicines, which require a specific lower temperature towork effectively. Many people prefer to store frozen food in their refrigerator’s freezer, which is obvious because not many people want to spend money on a separate freezer. 

But this isn’t possible for retail stores and shops as they need to store items in larger quantities. This is when a deep freezer comes in handy. And in a country with hot weather conditions like India, there is a massive increase in demand for freezers every year. You can find a couple of these freezers at any store you visit.

And if you’re looking to start a similar store, you may be looking for a good deep freezer that is reliable and does the job. Here in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best deep freezer brands in India and help you find the right one according to your budget and personal needs.

Deep Freezers are available in two types, which are upright and chest freezer. It is challenging to find a branded upright freezer in India at a reasonable cost, so it better to look for a chest freezer. Chest freezers are further available in different sizes, capacity, temperature, and you should consider all the things before making up your mind. Here are some of the best deep freezers you can buy in India: –

Best Deep Freezers in India 2021

1. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 95 Liters
  • Type – Single-Door Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 27 Kgs
  • Height – 84.5 cm
  • Durable and anti-corrosive body
  • Consumes 1.3 Units / 24 hours

Blue Star is one of the well-established brands in India known for its quality products. Millions of Indians widely prefer the mid-budget range of Blue Star products. And this Single Door Blue Star Deep Freezer is one of the most-selling freezers in the market. It provides you a storage capacity of 95 Liters. The material used is very durable, and the overall construction is robust. The company makes sure your freezer last for years without any complications.

If we talk about its features, the freezer consists of a lock and a key, which allows you to lock and keep your storage unit secure. As we mentioned earlier, it is a single door freezer that extends about 84.5 cm in height. Another thing we like about the product is energy efficiency, and the company claims that the product consumes about 1.3 units every 24 hours. 

The freezer’s body is made of coated material that prevents corrosion and keeps the freezer brand new after years of use. It provides you a temperature of -18°C. The PUF insulation keeps the inside cool for a longer period, even in the cases of power cuts. It also has castor wheels attached at the bottom, making it easier to move around and increase portability.

It is made of stainless steel and weighs around 27 kgs. The trust-factor of an established brand, along with a year warranty and an additional two-year warranty on the compressor, makes it one of the best chest freezers in the mid-range budget.


  • A reliable freezer from a trusted brand
  • Additional Warranty of two years on the compressor
  • Highly efficient when it comes it electricity consumption
  • A stainless-Steel body that lasts for years
  • Castor wheels at the bottom make it portable


  • The capacity is a little less compared to other products at a similar price

2. Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 198 Liters
  • Type – Single-Door Convertible 
  • Weight – 35 Kgs
  • It has a temperature range of 10°C to -18°C
  • Works on a voltage range of 160-260V
  • Saves up to 40% of electricity

Haier is yet another great brand famous for its ACs, Refrigerators, and a lot of other home appliances. It also produces some of the best freezers in the Indian market. This HCC 230HC model is a single-door convertible deep freezer that provides you a total of 198 liters capacity. By convertible, we mean that you can also use this deep freezer as a regular cooler to store other items as well. 

The high-density PU insulation and a three-layered trapezoid door help the freezer stay cool for a longer duration (about 10 hours). The freezer also allows you to change the temperature from a range of 10°C to -18°C. This can be very helpful to store things that need a specific temperature to be effective. The model also includes a basket, which makes it easier to keep your freezer organized. 

Many freezers need a stabilizer, especially in places where people face regular power cuts and fluctuations. But Haier makes sure this deep freezer works at a wide voltage range of 160-260V, so you won’t face many problems if you don’t have a stabilizer. The company claims that this freezer can save up to 40% more electricity than a regular deep freezer.

If we talk about some of its physical specifications, it has a dimension of 56 × 84.5 × 94 cm. The total weight of the product is about 35 kgs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t consist of wheels, making it challenging to move around. The company offers a one-year warranty product on the freezer and an additional three-year warranty on the compressor. Overall, it’s a great chest freezer to consider for normal to medium usage.


  • Better cooling retention thanks to PU insulation and three-layered trapezoid door
  • Higher capacity at a very affordable price
  • Convertible, can be used as a regular cooler
  • Allows you to control the temperature as per your choice
  • Consumes less power and saves money on your bill


  • It doesn’t have wheels and lacks portability

3. Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 320 Liters
  • Type – Double-Door Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 31 Kgs
  • It has a recessed handle which holds on tight
  • Lockable Door helps to provide safety

Voltas also offers a great variety of cooling products in a mid-low budget market. The company has an excellent after-sales customer support and is a very popular name in the country. This double door freezer by Voltas offers you a total capacity of 320 liters. 

The design of the deep freezer is pretty simple yet attractive. The body is made up of UV grade material, which helps to provide better durability. 

It includes a Stucco Aluminum sheet on the inside, which provides you better hygiene. It also consists of spring hinges, which makes it easier to open and close. The freezer does allow you to control the temperature up to a limit of -18°C. A large freezer needs to be portable, so you don’t struggle to move it around. Fortunately, it does come with castor wheels, which improves overall mobility. 

The freezer also has a lock and key to prevent any unauthorized access. It comes with a dimension of 88 × 124 × 74 cm and weighs 31 kgs. It doesn’t mention anything about the product warranty online, but you can contact the seller to get more details about the warranty. However, they do send a warranty card along with the product. Overall, it’s a great budget-friendly double door deep freezer you should check out.


  • One of the most affordable double door freezers in the market.
  • It comes with castor wheels making it highly portable.
  • UV Grade Plastic material helps to increase durability
  • Provides you the feature to adjust the temperature


  • Warranty is not available on many e-com websites

4. Godrej 510 L Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 510 Liters
  • Type – Double Door Convertible Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 60 Kgs
  • 360° Rotational Wheels for better mobility
  • It can be used as a standard cooler
  • LED Cabinet Lights for better visibility

Godrej is one of the oldest giants in the Indian electronics market. It is famous for all kinds of appliances, be it a refrigerator or a washing machine. When we talk about deep freezers, the company offers a variety of products. This particular model is a double door freezer that offers enormous storage of about 510 Liters. While it may not be suitable for residential use, it’s a perfect pick if you’re looking for a commercial deep freezer.

It’s a convertible model that can be used as a regular cooler. The body is made of quality material that lasts longer. The deep freezer has two compartments so you can store and organize your stuff separately. Both the containers consist of a separate lock, which is very impressive. The cooling retention is also way higher because of high-density PUF insulation.

Other smaller features that make Godrej deep freezers different include LED cabinet lights, better drainage design, lower noise levels, faster cooling. The compressor in this freezer is one of the best in cooling, which is essential to tackle Indian summers. Not to forget that it also saves a lot of energy while delivering the best.

The freezer also comes with 360° rotational wheels, which are much needed for a heavy freezer like this. It weighs around 60 kgs and comes with a dimension of 70.00 × 164 × 86.50 cm. Godrej provides a one-year warranty on the freezer and a five-year on the compressor. So, if you’re looking for an excellent commercial freezer, it can be a nice choice for you


  • The freezer has a very high capacity of 510 Liters, which is perfect for commercial use
  • A best-in-class compressor that comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Two Separate compartments with separate locks help you organize things effectively
  • Anti-Rodent, no space for rodents to get inside the compartments
  • It has a way higher cooling retention as well


  • Not very affordable
  • You have to defrost the freezer manually

5. Blue Star CHF500 Double Door Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 484 Liters
  • Type – Double-door non-convertible Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 65 Kgs
  • It comes with heavy-duty castor wheels 
  • Zinc-coated body to prevent corrosion
  • Separate Locks for both doors

Blue Star produces a wide selection of deep freezers. This double-door deep freezer is mainly designed for commercial purposes as it has a lot more than the previous model we mentioned in our guide. This particular freezer provides you a gross capacity of 484 Liters. Keep in mind that both of the Blue Star models we’ve talked about are not convertible and cannot be used as a standard cooler. 

The body of the freezer is very durable and coated with a corrosion-resistant layer of zinc. Both the doors consist of separate locks as well. The handle is recessed in the freezer, which occupies less space and has a reduced risk of damage. The PUF insulation helps to maintain the cooling in hot weather condition or power outbreak. It also includes an energy-efficient compressor that enables you to cut the cost of electricity.

It weighs about 65 kgs and has a dimension of 164 × 67 × 83.5 cm, but you don’t have to worry as it also includes heavy-duty caster wheels for better mobility. The company provides a year warranty on the freezer and a two-year warranty on the compressor. Overall, it’s a great buy for the people looking for a budget double-door freezer because it’s cheaper than many similar models.


  • The 484 Liters capacity is suitable for heavy users
  • Easier to move around with heavy-duty wheels
  • Better cooling retention, ideal for Indian weather conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant, durable, and lasts for years


  • Non-Convertible, not very good for residential purpose

6. Rockwell Single Door Chest Freezer 

  • Capacity – 236 Liters
  • Type – Single-Door Non-Convertible
  • Weight – 44.7 Kgs
  • It has a unique three-sided air circulation technology
  • It also comes with regular castor wheels
  • A corrosion-resistant layer of GPSP Sheet

Rockwell is an Indian manufacturer that specializes in producing cooling products. Freezers are one of the company’s most-selling appliances, but it is a little challenging to find these freezers’ stock. This particular model is a single door chest freezer that provides you a total capacity of 236 liters. It is suitable for buyers looking for medium storage options. The freezer is smaller in size and acquires lesser space.

There’s no doubt about this Rockwell freezer’s build quality as it goes through multiple computerized tests. The company claims that the freezer provides 14% more capacity compared to similar models. Like many other freezers, it also has a corrosion-resistant layer of paint. It is built to survive the harsh summers of the country and provide continuous cooling. 

The freezer also consists of castor wheels that makes the handling a lot easier. It’s unique three-side Air Circulation technology helps to improve the heat transfer. It also includes a door lock for better security. The product weighs around 44.7 Kgs, which can be considered a bit heavy for a single-door freezer. The company provides you with a one-year warranty on the freezer and a two-year warranty on the compressor.


  • It has a higher capacity compared to other models with similar size
  • It provides a better heat transfer
  • The wheels and the overall compact size make it easier to handle
  • Suitable for hot climate


  • The weight of the product is comparatively higher than other similar models.

7. Panasonic 290 L Single Door Deep Freezer

  • Capacity – 290 Liters
  • Type – Single-Door Convertible Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 42 Kgs
  • Temperature Range of 10°C to -22°C
  • Cooling Retention of more than 15 hours
  • A reliable compressor designed with Japanese technology

Panasonic has its foot deep in the electronics market in India. And when we talk about freezers, it has a couple of great products that provide better value. This affordable Single-door freezer is convertible and can be used for various purposes. The freezer offers you to control the temperature between a wide range of 10°C to -22°C. Being a compact single door freezer, it still provides you a massive capacity of 290 liters.

The freezer’s PUF insulation helps to maintain the inside temperature for more than 15 hours in case of power cuts. It does feature a lock to maximize safety and prevent unwanted access. The freezer also features a storage basket to organize your items. The compressor is designed with Japanese technology built to minimize energy consumption and last for years.

It weighs about 42 Kgs, but you don’t have to worry about portability as it features heavy-duty wheels at the bottom for better movement and handling. The company gives you a two-year warranty for the compressor and a year for the freezer. Overall, it’s a great convertible freezer suitable for residential and commercial purposes


  • A higher capacity considering it is a single door freezer
  • Convertible freezers can be used as a regular cooler as well
  • The wide-temperature range allows you to store various types of items
  • It also includes a storage basket, which you won’t find in many other models
  • Two-year warranty on the compressor


  • The country of origin is china

8. Rockwell GFR550UC Convertible Green Freezer 

  • Capacity – 523 Liters
  • Type – Double-Door Convertible Chest Freezer
  • Weight – 74 Kgs
  • Saves up to 53% on energy consumption
  • Produces 50% less heat
  • It consists of a copper cooling coil

It is the second freezer from Rockwell on our list because Rockwell is one of the best deep freezer brands in India and this “Green” freezer offers those features that many other regular freezers don’t. This is a double-door convertible model that provides you a high storage capacity of 523 liters. You can use it as a standard freezer too. By green, we mean that the freezer is environment-friendly and saves you a lot of money.

The company claims that this freezer provides up to 53% power saving. It makes this freezer best-suited for commercial use. Both the outer and inner body is made of the anti-corrosive layer. It is made up of a copper cooling coil that provides better efficiency. Also, it produces about 50% lesser heat than most of the other freezers.

The 90mm PUF insulation provides cooling of more than 10 hours in cases of no electricity. Both the compartments feature separate keys and locks for better convenience and security. There is no doubt about the build quality of the product.

One thing we didn’t admire is that it doesn’t feature wheels and weighs about 74 Kgs, which makes it challenging to move. The company offers a huge warranty of 10 years on the body and a five-year warranty on the compressor so you can be sure that the product will work perfectly, at least for a decade. Overall, a great convertible pick for commercial stores and shops.


  • Corrosion-Resistant on both the sides
  • Cooling Retention of more than 10 hours
  • A massive warranty of 10 years on the body and five years on the compressor
  • Separate locks for both the compartments
  • One of the most spacious convertible double door freezers


  • It weighs a lot and doesn’t consist of any wheels for mobility

Chest freezer vs. upright freezer – Which is Better? (Types of Deep Freezers)

Chest Freezers are the most-selling freezers in the Indian market. These freezers are designed and open upward, just like a chest or a box. They are meant to consume less electricity and perform consistently at a regular temperature. You can find these freezers in all types of convenience stores across the country. They occupy a larger space and are meant to store heavy and bulky items. This is why they are considered the best for commercial usage. However, you can still use them for residential purposes if you don’t have a storage crisis.

Upright freezers are refrigerator-looking deep freezers that do not occupy a lot of space because they consist of vertical shelves to store your items. They are considered better for personal use because they are compact. But they should not be used to store bulky items. The design of these freezers is more user-friendly, making them easier to use and clean. They often cost a lot more than a chest freezer. These freezers can auto-defrost, which you can’t do in most of the chest freezers. They are the way to go if you need a compact and organized freezer.

How to Buy Deep Freezer – Buyers Guide

Buying a deep freezer is a challenging task, as there are a lot of variations and types available in the market, and it’s very confusing to pick the perfect one that fulfills your requirements.

A lot of it depends on whether you’re looking for a residential or a commercial product. You should consider the following features in a deep freezer: –


Capacity is one of the most crucial aspects you should be looking for when buying a freezer. If you have an idea of what items you want to store in your freezer, you should make sure that it is spacious enough to store them effectively. If you’re a light user who wants to store fewer items, a 100–200-liter freezer will do the job. For heavy users, I’ll recommend going for a 300-500 liter of storage capacity. 


The size of the freezer depends on its type. Chest freezers are generally larger and occupy more space. It is challenging to find compact upright freezers in India, but if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks, you may find one. Make sure to cross-check the dimensions and confirm if you’ve enough space at your facility to store your freezers.

Power Consumption

Deep freezers require a lot more power to work than a standard refrigerator. These freezers do not come with star-ratings. But you can check the voltage and look for a freezer that consumes less power and is energy-efficient. You can expect higher electricity usage when you buy a deep freezer.


Typically, a deep freezer works continuously at a temperature of 0°F. But you can find a lot of models in the market that allows you to control the temperature according to your needs. You can also use many deep freezers as normal coolers because they are convertible and have a wide temperature range. Make sure your freezer has a good cooling-retention to maintain the temperature in extreme conditions.


A lot of budget freezers come with a single compartment. If you’ll willing to spend more, you can find freezers with two compartments or three as well. Most of these compartments come with separate doors with separate locks. The divided compartments make it easier to store different items at distinct places and make your freezer better organized.

Types of Doors

The freezers come with different numbers and types of doors, and it is recommended to check out all the door types before making a decision. The doors are divided into two types: Hard and Sliding.

Sliding Door – A sliding door can be made up of glass or hard material on top. These types of doors allow the customers to see inside the freezer without opening it. They are very useful for commercial and general stores to portray all the products without the need of opening it.

Hard Door – You can also use these types in general stores, but you won’t get a glass top. Some freezers come with a single hard door, while some may have multiple doors. It all depends on the storage capacity and compartments of the freezer. These doors less prone to damage and are very durable than the other ones.


If you’re someone looking for a multi-purpose freezer, you must check out a convertible freezer. These deep freezers allow users to control the temperature at a wide range and work as regular coolers. You can also store water, milk, and other dairy products in these types of freezers as they won’t freeze if you set the right temperature. The convertible freezers can also save you a lot of money on electricity.

Soft Freeze Compartment

Some people don’t like to keep their food in the freezer as it takes a long time to defrost. This is the reason soft-freeze technology was developed. A soft-freeze compartment stores your food at a temperature of -3°C to make sure your food remains fresh but does not freezes. You can find some specific deep freezers with the ability to do the same.

Protection from Power Cut 

A deep freezer should be able to work under extreme conditions, especially in a country like India. There are frequent power cuts that can ruin your items’ quality in a short period. Fortunately, many deep freezers come with PUF insulations that provide you good cooling retention and continue to work for at least 8-10 hours in cases of power cuts.


Price is the first thing I would consider when looking for any significant appliance. Fortunately, deep freezers are available in wide price ranges. You can find robust and effective freezers for as low as 10,000 INR. The price may go up to 45,000 INR depending on the capacity, type, and other features that the product provides.

Safety and other Protection Features

Such a heavy-appliance that consumes a lot of power must provide some safety features. Many freezers come with anti-rodent features saving your items from rodents. A layer of anti-corrosive paint protects the outer and inner body of the freezers from rust. To protect your freezer from fluctuations, you must look for a freezer that can run without a stabilizer as well, but it is recommended to use a stabilizer with such a bulky appliance.

Various Defrost Settings

Most of the upright freezers come with an auto-defrost option. But when we talk about chest freezers, finding a good freezer with an auto-defrost setting is very difficult. However, you will get an option to defrost your deep freezer manually. Some freezers come with better water drainage systems than others making them a better choice.

Additional Features

Some additional features that have a massive impact on the freezers’ overall performance are castor wheels, recessed handles for more durability, storage baskets, LED cabinet lights, locks, and keys. All these small things provide a lot of convenience to users and make the product more versatile.


You cannot trust a brand that doesn’t have good support and warranty. To make sure your freezer works the best for years, you should look for at least a two-year warranty on the compressor. Some companies even provide you a five-year warranty on your deep freezer, making them more reliable. After all, a freezer is something you won’t like to upgrade every couple of years.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Final Words

So, these were some of the best deep freezer brands in India. We’ve mentioned some of the best single and double doors models you’ll find in the market. You can compare and pick the right freezer as per your needs and budget.

A lot of it depends on the purpose of use. I’ll recommend you to go for a convertible and portable freezer if you want it for your home. You can go for heavier and bulkier deep freezers for other purposes and if you need more storage.

Do remember that Deep Freezers are heavy-duty appliances and require frequent maintenance. Make sure to clean your freezer both from inside and outside at regular intervals. It is also essential to defrost the freezer occasionally. Make sure to keep the dust away from the condenser. Following these easy steps will assure a longer lifetime of your deep freezer. If we helped you find the right freezer for you, help us reach out to more people by sharing. Thanks for stopping by.

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