Best Dishwashers in India 2021 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Since the lock down, a lot of Indians have been doing most of the household chores themselves. The most challenging task is probably washing the dishes. We have learnt that washing dishes can quite be a task. While we Indians have washing machines, microwaves and other gadgets in our kitchen that make our lives easy we are still not used to dishwashers.

Most of the Indians are not aware of dishwashers and how they can make household work easier. Indian markets have any dishwashers available are can handle and wash all types of utensils that are used in Indian cooking. 

We know that Indian cooking results in a lot of stains on our pressure cookers and pans which could be hard to remove. While we are comfortable to the idea of using washing machines to remove stains from our clothes, we are warming up to the idea of using dishwashers for our utensils.

The dishwashers which are installed in kitchens are compact and work well. Nowadays a lot of modular kitchens which are being designed allow space for dishwashers to be built into kitchen. This allows the dishwashers to merge in with the theme of the kitchen.

These dishwashers are very effective in washing utensils and can wash multiple utensils at once. Some dishwashers allow you to run a partial cycle in case you have less utensils. They are available in multiple sizes to suit the needs of every family. 

Since a lot of people are now considering buying dishwashers,a lot of these appliances now suit the needs of utensils used in Indian cooking. Just like other large appliances, these cost ranging from 20,000 and go upto 60,000. Now since they are such an investment, it could be a challenge to make the right choice.

We have reviewed some of the best dishwasher available in India and also prepared a guide that can help you find out the features available in dishwasher so you can make an accurate choice depending on our needs.

Best Dishwashers in India 2021

Reviews of Best Dishwashers in India

1. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I)’

The Bosch 12 place settings dishwasher is a very popular dishwasher. This is a 12 place setting dishwasher. If you are not aware of the Place settings kindly refer our buying guide. Then there is the Express Sparkle cycle which gives a quick wash and helps you save time. The half load option is also available which we really like. This allows You to wash fewer utensils. This is really appropriate for bachelors and small families.

Bosch claims that this dishwasher is perfected for Indian utensils and you can wash all kinds of Indian utensils like kadai, cooker and bowls. It even has has cycle called Intensive kadai which is perfect for washing Indian utensils. The half load cycle allows you to wash less number of utensils.

The Aquasensor function of the bosch 12 place settings dishwasher allows it to detect the level of soiling of the utensils usinga light and then adjust the level of water accordingly. This allows you to have sparkling clean utensils everytime no matter what is the level of thier soilness while at the same time ensuring that an optimum amount of water is used.

This dishwasher is known to use less water so it is eco friendly. It uses only 10 litres of water. If you compare that to manual cleaning, you could use upto 60 litres of water for washing the same number of utensils.

While there are other dishwashers in market which make less noise than Bosch, At 52dB it has a pretty comfortable noise level.

Warranty: Bosch offers 2 years comprehensive warranty on this product

Some of the other added features of this products include glass care system, hygienic wash and an option to save water

2. Voltas Beko 8 Place Tabletop Dishwasher

This is one of the more popular dishwashers in the market. A lot of Indian users prefer this dishwasher over any other. It is a compact dishwasher which means that it can be placed on your kitchne floor without taking a lot of space which is what a lot of Indian users prefer as Indian kitchens do not have usually have spaces for dishwashers.

It is an 8 place settings dishwasher which means that it can fit upto 96 vessels. If you are not aware of what a place settings is ,  one place settings can fit a large plate, small plate, glass, bowl, tea cup , saucer, fork, knife and spoon. We have also explained this in our buyers guide. We would suggest you to read the buyers guide so that you can understand the various features of a dishwasher. Also the upper shelf can be adjusted in order to make space for large utensils in the bottom shelf.

There are multiple wash programs to suit your every requirement – Normal, glassware, clean, intensive, eco, clean & shine. Intensive cycle allows you to wash heavy and soiled crockery like kadais which are a big part of Indian cooking. This cycle uses hot water at 70C and powerful jets which washes the utensils

You can even wash your crockery and glass utensils using the glassware function which will make sure that your glassware is cleaned safely

You can watch a demo of this dishwasher below

3. LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

LG is one of the most reputed names in home and kitchen appliances. When buying large kitchen appliances, we always suggest that you go for a reputed brand which offers you quality as well as an efficient after sales service. This is one of the best dishwashers that you can find. While it is more expensive than other dishwashers on our list, it also offers more functions

The LG 14 place settings dishwasher has wifi function using which you can connect to the LG ThnA appLG ThinQ introduces a new world of connectivity, convenience, and customization

Capacity: This is a really spacious dishwasher offering you 14 place settings. In case you are not aware of what a place settings is, refer the buyers guide that we have prepared. This spacious dishwasher is suitable to wash utensils for a family of 6 to 8 members. Being able to wash a heavy load means you will save on water and electricity as well. In case you want to wash fewer utensils, the machine also has a half load option which will use less time and water.

It has multiple wash programs which allows you to wash any type of utensils. The 9 wash programs lets you wash heavily soiled to less soiled utensils depending on your needs. You will find a suitable wash program for all type sof utensils, whether it is glassware, ceramic or heavily soiled kadais.

Warranty: LG offers 2 year warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor

4. IFB Neptune FX DIshwasher

The 12 place setting of this IFB dishwasher provides a large capacity where you can wash your utensils in one go. This is suitable for for any average sized Indian family of upto 6 members.

This is a very flexible dishwasher as you can make adjustments in the racks. The upper rack is adjustable. You can move it up or down. This is really convenient for indian kitchens as you can make more space for washing bigger utensils like pressure cookers and kadais. You can easily accommodate your tall glasses, cups, pans and cutlery easily in this dishwasher due to its several flexibility features

Super efficient: The FX fully electronic dishwasher from IFB is super efficient in terms of energy consumption which helps save you on electricity bills and is also good for our environment. Apart from this the dishwasher uses only 9 litres of water everyday so it save on water as well.

Now IFB has also tried to incorporate a lot of safety features to make sure that your dishwashing experience is safe

The dishwasher has different LED indicators for rinse aid and salt refill which makes sure you

If you are in a hurry you can use the quick wash feature of the dishwasher that lets you wash the utensils in only 40 minutes. We dont have heavily soiled utensils all the time,

4. Siemens 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

This is another dishwasher that is really popular with Indians. Apart from being spacious and suitable for families of upto 6 people, this dishwasher allows you more space and flexibility in loading utensils of various shapes and sizes. The dishwasher has varioflex rack which has folding level and tines, using which you are able to load bigger utensils like kadais and cookers easily.

Automatic: Siemens dishwasher will assure you that you will get an optimum result while cleaning your utensils. In all automatic programs the hydrosensor will monitor the level of soiling of your utensils and will automatically control the amount of water it will consume and the time that will be spent in cleaning the dishwasher. The cleaning temperature is also fixed by the dishwasher. This ensure that your utensils come out sparkling clean while making sure only

Warranty: Siemens will provide you a comprehensive 2 years warranty on the product

Noise level: At 52dB it is not the most quiet dishwasher on our list but the noise is not something you will be bothered with.

Koryo Dishwasher

This is a comparatively smaller dishwasher as the capacity is 6 place settings. So if you are a bachelor or a small family you can consider the Koryo dishwasher. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is a countertop design and you would not require any special plumbing to install this product.

It has seven diffrent wash programs to suit your every need. It consumes only 5 litres of water

This could be a very good choice if you are looking forward to get a dishwasher installed in your pantry where you want to wash small plates, coffe mugs and similar utensils.

Warranty: The company is providing 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product but a lot of users have complained about getting the best after sales service or warranty claims.

How to Buy a Dishwasher – Buying Guide

We Indians are fast getting comfortable with the idea of installing a dishwasher at home. Since dishwashers were introduced in India not too long ago, a lot of us dont know the basic features that we have to keep in mind while purchasing a a dishwasher. Since a dishwasher is an expensive product, it makes sense for you to understand the features that a dishwasher must have to suit your requirements.

Type of Dishwasher

There are multiple types of dishwashers available in the market. Before you buy one, you must decide which type of dishwasher will be suitable for you. These are the main types of dishwashers available in India, built in dishwashers, free standing dishwashers countertop dishwashers and portable dishwashers. We have explained all of these dishwashers in details

1. Built in dishwasher

Built in dishwashers are fast growing popular and as Indian choose to live a modern lifestyle, they are getting a built in dishwasher installed in thier kitchens. If you are getting a kitchen redesigned or moving in a new house, you should consider getting a built in dishwasher. It has a dedicated connection to your plumbing and the connection might not be from the kitchen sink tap as could be the case for some other dishwashers. As the name suggests the built in dishwasher is built in your kitchen cabinet and surrounded by it. Since such a dishwasher is surrounded by cabinet, the noise generated is very less. You could easily run them at night without waking family members. Since it becomes a part of your kitchen it adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen since it makes it look more modern.

2. Free standing dishwasher

Freestanding dishwashers can be built-in or portable and are incredibly common. The front of these dishwashers will be fully visible once they are installed, making them an obvious part of your kitchen but easy to operate. When you install a freestanding dishwasher in your home, you don’t have to worry about having special plans drawn up for the cabinets as you can simply slide your new dishwasher into the designated space. If you were to move and wanted to take your dishwasher with you, it is very easy to do so without expert help as you would need to move an integrated dishwasher out of your home

3. Portable Dishwashers

If you live in a rented apartment or shift frequently, this could be the best option for you. Also if you do not have a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets to fix your dishwasher, this is the option you should go for. They are compact in size and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. You will need them to connect to your kitchen sink. Unlike an installed dishwasher they will not have dedicated plumbing. This is very convenient to use in case you do not want to make any changes to your kitchen cabinet or to plumbing. Using an adaptor you can connect the dishwasher to kitchen sink tap and then remove it after using it. For some of these portable dishwashers the top can be used as an extra kitchen countertop space

4. Countertop dishwashers

For really small kitchens which cannot accommodate even a portable dishwasher, you can buy a countertop dishwasher. The Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher is an excellent choice for such a dishwasher. These dishwashers are really popular for Indian kitchen since we are just starting to use this appliance. They are easy to use and are portable enough to sit on the kitchen countertop. You can conncet them easily to the kitchen sink. This is suitable for anyone who has a small kitchen space or a small household. In case you have a large kitchen or wash many utensils at once, you should consider getting a free standing or a built in dishwasher

Wash Programs

Every dishwasher has many predefined wash programs for cleaning the standard utensils. You can choose them as per the wash load and level of cleaning required. Generally, in every dishwasher, there is at least 3 built-in wash program (light, normal and heavy )available. The main difference between these cycles is mainly washing intensity, time duration, as well as water temperature. A heavy program is perfect for oily and greasy utensils while light programs are perfect for teapots, plates, potteries etc

Regular wash –


As more and more kitchen have an opne settings, it really makes sense that your dishwasher is not very loud, as you should be able to work and do other activities while the dishwasher is running. It is important that you check the noise level before buying a dishwasher.

The unit of measuring noise is dB (decibel). In order to give you an idea,

For a normal home, any dishwasher that has a value less than 49dB will not bother you. There are a lot of dishwashers that are under 44ddB, this is very quiet and the noise will barely be noticed. To give you an idea, libraries have a noise level of 40dB while noise in large offices could be 50dB. Also the typical conversation makes a noise of 60 dB.

With the above information in mind, you should be able to make an informed choice. Also make sure that do not worry about the dB level as any dishwasher below dB will not bother you with your daily activites.

Drying Mechanims

Now after washing your utensils, you would not want to dry them yourself with hand. For this reason dishwashers are equipped with drying mechanisms with makes sure that your utensils are dry and ready to use. Now dishwashers have different drying mechanisms

Hot rinse: A lot of dishwashers employ this method of hetaing which is also know as condensation. In this method the dishwasher releases hot water during th elatter part of the cycle. As a result the heat is absorbed by the steel interior which pulls the moisture away from the dishes. You have to keep in mind that such a process of drying will be suitable for all type of utensils except plastic.

Heated air: This is a very simple method of drying utensils can be found in older models of dishwashers. In this there is a heating element present in the dihwasher which heats the air inside and dries the utensils. As this consumes a lot of energy, this technology is being replaced by other methods of drying.

Fan: Some dishwashers use fan for drying. This option saves you energy as the air is not required to be heated. Also such a drying mechanism can be used for all types of utensils

Place Setting Capacity

This is the standard term used to measure the capacity of a dishwasher. In one place setting you can adjust the utensils typically used by one person fora single meal. One place settings would consist of one dinner plate, one small plate, a glass, one bowl, one tea cup with saucer and cutlery. We understand that you will not be washing these different types of utensils every time so if you are not washing a tea cup and saucer you can adjust some similar utensils in place of that. The place settings gives you a rough idea of the capacity

Now dishwashers are usually available in 8, 12 and 16 place settings. 8 place setting is suitable for bachelors and couples whereas 12 place setting capacity can be used for families upto 6.

Advantages of a dishwasher

Saves times: It is a well known fact that dishwasher will save you time. Time is precious and you can use this useful appliance to save you on time which you can use productively in other things.

Convenience: The biggest advantage of a dishwasher is the convenience that it offers. If you have a dishwasher in your home, you will no longer need to wash dishes manually which is time consuming and tiring.

Hygiene: It is also hygienic to wash utensils in a dishwasher. A dishwasher uses hot water which is able to wash your utensils more efficiently and hygienically than you will be able to do with hands.

Disadvantages of a dishwasher

While a dishwasher has many advantages, it also has certain disadvanatges that you should take note.

Price: Now a dishwasher is not a cheap appliance. It costs somewhere around 20000 to 40000 rupees. We understand that with all the convenience it provides, it should not matter in the long run. Since Indian people are used to washing utensils with hands, this pricing could be a lot for some people

Size: Next is the size. A typical dishwasher occupies around 4 sq ft area in your kitchen. Now Indian kitchens are not designed to accommodate dishwashers so it might be a challenge for you to adjust a dishwasher in your kitchen. Moreover if your kitchen is small it can be really difficult to find a space to install a dishwasher. In Indian homes the washing machine is almost always installed in a dry area which is present in a lot of Indian homes but installing dishwasher anywhere else apart from the kitchen could be really inconvenient.

You could consider installing a dishwasher in any other part of the house if your kitchen doesn’t have space for it.

Limitations of functionality: All dishwashers are not same. They have different functions and capabilities depending on the model and price. While we read very bright reviews of dishwashers online and how they have made lives easier for people, we must understand that some of the inexpensive models might not offer a lot of functionalities. Also there are some limitations to the utensils that you can wash in a dishwasher. There are certain utensils like those made of brass and aluminium that could not be washed in a dishwasher. Also some dishwasher might not be able to wash any burnt utensils or those with sticky stains

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Dishwashers in India

Which is the best brand of dishwasher in india?

There are many reputed and well known brand making dishwashers in India. Among these Bosch and IFB are the best.Voltas, LG and Siemens also make best quality dishwashers.

Can i wash aluminium pans in a dishwasher?

You cannot wash aluminium pans in a dishwasher as it might lead to discolouration and stains on aluminium pots. The reason for this is the combination of the intense heat inside a dishwasher and the corrosive detergent used in washing utensils.


Since a dishwasher is one of the most popular kitchen appliance right now and you might be considering getting one for yourself, it is really important to understand the various features and functions of a dishwasher. We have spent hours going through the function of dishwashers and what would be suitable for Indian kitchens and have explained them in our buyers guide. You might have a specific set of requirements and you will be able to choose an appropriate dishwasher by following our guidelines

Also we have listed and reviewed some of the top dishwashers in India in different categories. If you require a freestanding dishwasher you could choose Bosch 12 place settings dishwasher or IFB Neptune VX dishwasher. In case you are looking for a portable dishwasher to be placed on countertop the Voltas Beko Dishwasher is a top choice.

In case you have any queries, feel free to comment below or send us an email via our contact us page and we will be happy to solve them.

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