Best Electric Kettles In India For 2020

If we talk about some of the simplest and basic kitchen appliances, electric kettle will definitely top the list. Though it is an uncomplicated and simple kitchen appliance but it can add much needed spark to a bachelor’s house, a hostel room or even to a mom’s kitchen. Icing on the cake is that these days in India we get some of the most sophisticated electric kettles made of latest technology. These electric kettles are not only safe but also very easy to operate. 

Buying an electric kitchen appliance can be a difficult task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. So if you are looking for an easy to operate and good to look electric kettle for your kitchen, then we have come up with a complete buyers guide to help you. We have further reviewed some top picks so that you can weigh the pros and cons and end up buying the right kettle as per your requirements and budget.

Top 10 electric kettles in India

Image Product Features Price
Philips-HD9306-06-1.5-Litre-2400-W-Elemental-Kettle Philips HD9306-06 1.5 Litre 2400-W Elemental Kettle Wattage: 2400W
Capacity: 1.5 L
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Philips-1.7-litre-2400-W-Electric-Kettle-2 Philips 1.7 litre 2400-W Electric Kettle Wattage: 2400W
Capacity: 1.7 L
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Morphy-Richards-Instacook-Kettle-1 Morphy Richards Instacook Kettle Wattage: 1200W
Capacity: 0.5 L
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Philips-HD9306-06-1.5-Litre-2400-W-Elemental-Kettle Philips HD9303/02 1.2 litre Electric Kettle  Wattage:
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Orpat OEK-8137 1350-W Cordless Kettle  Orpat OEK-8137 1350-W Cordless Kettle  Wattage:
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RNG EKO Green Electric LED Glass Kettle RNG EKO Green Electric LED Glass Kettle Wattage:
Check Price
Bajaj Majesty KTX Non-Strix Kettle Bajaj Majestry KTX Non-Strix Kettle  Wattage:
Check Price
Crompton-Electric-Kettle Crompton Electric Kettle  Wattage: 2400W
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Prestige-PKCSS-1.0-1200-Watt-Electric-Kettle Prestige PKCSS 1.0 1200-W Electric Kettle Wattage: 2400W
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Prestige PKCSS Electric Kettle Pigeon Egnite EG1000 1 litre Electric kettle Wattage: 2400W
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Reviews of Best Electric Kettles in India

1. Philips HD9306-06 1.5 Litre 2400-W Elemental Kettle

Philips electric kettle managed to secure first position in the list because it scores pretty well on almost all parameters of electric kettle buying guide. It quickly heats the water, has good capacity of 1.5 litre, it looks good and can be used for plethora of work within the flexible range. You can serve hot tea, coffee, soup, boil eggs and prepare Maggi in this Philips electric kettle. 

The Philips HD9306-06 1.5 Litre 2400-W Elemental Kettle has an auto shut down system for prevention of overheating, shock or accidental damage when you forget to switch of the kettle. This product is a sophisticated kettle which uses latest technology like steam sensors, dry boiling and overheating protection for quick processing of the kettle.

It further has a 360 degrees cordless pirouette base which considerably increases it ease of operation. Also it has wide mouth for easy pouring of water and tea leaves. It also facilitates cleaning of device without any disturbance. 

Heating element of Philips electric kettle is concealed to prevent scale formation over it. It is made of high quality food grade stainless steel from China. Material of the kettle is not only durable but also helps to heat the water at a steady rate. 

The kettle operates at 220V and used 1800 Watts power for smooth and speedy functioning. 2 years warranty over the kettle is cherry on the top. 

It is an energy and time efficient kettle which is also low cost in nature.

Only drawback with this electric kettle by Philips is that its cord length is small and makes it difficult to use the kettle

2. Philips 1.7 litre 2400-W Electric Kettle

If you wish to get a kettle which gives you full worth of money spent over it then you should definitely try latest Philips 1.7 litre 2400-W electric kettle. It has been ranked second in the list and is worth every penny spent over it. 

It is an easy to operate kettle. Water level indicator on the kettle makes sure you do not overfill the kettle to face inconvenience later. Toughened stainless steel body of the kettle makes it durable and safe for use. 

As mentioned above, kettle uses 2400W power to boil water at a very fast speed. It will save lot of time and energy for you in long run.

Ergonomic design of the kettle makes it easy to handle and use. Basically it is a user friendly kettle always present to save your day when you need a hot cup of tea or coffee the most.

If we talk about drawbacks, narrow mouth of the kettle makes it difficult to clean. Another drawback that can make it undesirable to some people is its plastic lid

3. Morphy Richards Instacook Kettle

If you are looking for an electric kettle that works efficiently and looks amazing then this Insta cook kettle by Morphy Richards will definitely grab your attention. It is a beautiful looking kettle with fully concealed body and a plastic lid. 

The electric kettle uses 1200 watts power and helps you in boiling water, milk or soup at a rapid pace. 

It has various safety features such as auto cut off to prevent accidents in case you forget to switch of the kettle. Dry boil protection offers an added layer of protection to the electric kettle.  

Though some of the customers have complaints about unexpected starting of thermostat of the kettle. It creates inconvenience in using the kettle. They also found its auto cut off feature to be inefficient 

4. Philips HD9303/02 1.2 litre Electric Kettle 

Another sleek and excellent performing electric kettle by Philips is HD9303/02. If you are a bachelor or living in hostel then it will be a perfect choice for you. Sleek and stylish design of the kettle will easily fit into the limited space of your room. It is an amazing combination of high quality performance and good looks. 

This kettle is made of high quality steel and BPA free food grade plastic. Material of the kettle is both durable and safe to use. It can further keep the food warm inside it for a long time at an efficient rate.

The electric kettle by Philips uses 1800Watts power and boils water or other liquids at a rapid pace. 

Auto shut off mechanism of the kettle keeps you tension free even if you forget to switch off the kettle on time. Overall it is a kettle which will give you full worth of money spent over it.

One drawback of this electric kettle is that it has a lid which opens manually and do not have any switch for flip opening or shutting the lid. 

5. Orpat OEK-8137 1350-W Cordless Kettle 

If we talk about best electric kettle brands in India then Orpat will find a respectable place in the list. It has a range of some of the most efficient and good looking electric kettles with plethora of customers giving testimony for quality of the product. 

OEK-8137 is a highly affordable kettle giving worth of every penny spent over it. It is a cordless kettle which makes it easy to use and stylish to look. 

Electric kettle by Orpat uses 1350 Watt power and boils water at a very fast speed. 

Perfect blend of stainless steel and high quality plastic makes the kettle durable, safe and stylish in looks. 

One drawback of the kettle is that water level readings are marked inside the kettle. It makes quite difficult to use the kettle. 

6. RNG EKO Green Electric LED Glass Kettle

RNG EKO green glass kettle is one of the most stylish and elegant looking electric kettle in the entire list. It is quite a popular electric kettle choice and is easily available on almost every online platform. 

The product is made of glass but can easily withstand high boiling temperatures. High end thermostat of the kettle gives few extra brownie points to it over range of other electric kettles in India. 

Its limited performance can be seen as a major drawback for the kettle. It can be used only for boiling water and not any other complex tasks. 

7. Bajaj Majestry KTX Non-Strix Kettle 

Bajaj Majesty KTX Kettle is a kettle that can smoothly perform the most complex tasks and will be a treat to your eyes. Some of the most efficient features have successfully earned a place for this kettle in the list of top 10 kettles. 

It has a temperature control knob by which you can set the temperature of the kettle depending on the task you wish to perform. 

Its cord length is long enough for easy operation. It also has wide mouth for easy pouring of liquids and easy cleaning. Its user friendly system makes it easy to operate by one and all. 

Dry boiling controller of the kettle not only helps in preventing the accidents but it also helps in removing stuck and burnt food particles from the base of the kettle. 

Only disadvantage of the electric kettle by Bajaj is its delicate switch on and off system. Overall it is one of the most like electric kettle in India

8. Crompton Electric Kettle 

If you are looking for an electric kettle which is easy to use, has efficient performance, is a treat to your eyes and at the same time has affordable price, then your search will definitely end at Crompton Electric Kettle. It is one of the most liked electric kettles in India. 

Kettle body is made of toughest plastic which is durable and safe for use. Glass finish over the kettle increases it aesthetic value by many folds. This electric kettle by Crompton will be a treat to your eyes every morning when you get up to prepare tea or coffee in it. 

Water level indicator on the kettle helps in filling right amount of water in the kettle and avoid inconvenience later. 

Auto shut on and off system of the electric kettle saves both time and energy of the user. The kettle is easily available on various online platforms. 

9. Prestige PKCSS 1.0 1200-W Electric Kettle

Prestige PKCSS 1.0 is a perfect blend of classic traditional kettle and modern electric kettle. It brings the best of both the worlds to you. It has a classic look of traditional kettles with advantages of electric kettle. 

The kettle uses 1200 Watt power for fast heating of liquid inside it.

Stainless steel body of the kettle makes it highly durable, good looking and safe for use. it has a 360 degree swivel base which further adds to the ease of operating the kettle. 

Auto shut off system of the kettle prevents accidents in case you forget to switch off the kettle timely. 

Cherry on the top is one year warranty by Prestige which is a renowned brand in the world of kitchen appliances. 

10. Pigeon Egnite EG1000 1 litre Electric kettle 

Pigeon Egnite EG 1000 is another gem in the list of best electric kettles in India. It has amazing looks which will be definitely a treat to the eyes of the onlooker. 

It is an electric kettle which offers some of the best possible features at the most affordable price. 

The kettle has a user friendly operating system. Features like 360 degrees rotating cord, water level indicator and easy to pour apparatus makes it easy to use. 

Ergonomic design of the kettle makes it convenient to use and good to look. 

The product has a capacity of heating 1 litre water by using power of 1000 Watts. It heats water at a rapid pace. 

You also get one year warranty from a reputed brand like Pigeon

How to Buy an Electric Kettle Online ?

How does an electric kettle works?

Like the appliance itself, working of the electric kettle is also very simple and uncomplicated. It works on a simple principle of transfer of heat which is generated by a heating element. A metal coil is used as a heating element in the electric kettle. On switching on the kettle it gets heated up at a rapid speed and then transfers the heat to the water inside the kettle through stainless steel or copper walls of the kettle. Once the water starts boiling it can be used to boil eggs, prepare Maggi or for any other purpose. It has an auto shut down system with a thermostat at the bottom of the kettle. This thermostat monitors the temperature of the water and when it reaches to the boiling temperature it automatically opens the circuit and shuts the kettle down. It makes the kettle beep or blink the light when the water is boiling hot

An electric kettle is a popular kitchen appliance

Some important factors to be considered before buying an electric kettle in India

Speed of boiling 

The first and foremost characteristic that has to be taken under consideration while buying an electric kettle is its speed. Most of us primarily use electric kettle to make our morning tea, coffee or boil eggs for breakfast. A good quality electric kettle will boil water for all the above activities in three to four minutes while appliances like gas stove or microwave will take somewhere between five to ten minutes to complete similar tasks. Wastage of both time and energy is something which is unacceptable by present generation. That is why when you set yourself on the task of buying an electric kettle make sure you carefully monitor the speed of the kettle and then buy it. Just don’t believe on manufacturer’s word regarding speed of the kettle but do check what the customers have to say about it. 

Capacity of electric kettle

Capacity of the electric kettle can be broadly classified in two major categories. First is capacity inside the kettle, as in the amount of water it can store at one given time. Secondly the counter space that the kettle will occupy.

When you go out buying an electric kettle in India, mostly you will see people preferring electric kettles with large capacity. This is may be because Indian families are big and amount of boiled water required in morning is also high. But if you are a bachelor or living alone away from home then small electric kettle with lesser capacity will also be fine for you. It is always advisable to write down the capacity, size and weight of the electric kettle you will be needing before you look for one.

Now comes the counter space. Our kitchens are usually full of various home appliances and we always wish them to be arranged systematically for ease of use and high aesthetic value of the kitchen. An electric kettle which has large capacity but occupies less counter space is usually the ideal electric kettle for Indian homes. 

Body build quality and design

Now that you are settled with the speed and capacity of the electric kettle, next important point to be taken under consideration is body build quality and design of the electric kettle. Good electric kettle should be made of high quality stainless steel along with aluminium die cast. It should be further noted that the aluminium die cast should be fixed using high quality, heat resistant, BPA free plastic. Good quality electric kettle will give you full worth of money spent over it.

An electric kettle should not only be high in quality but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. It should look good to your eyes and at the same time compliment other appliances in the kitchen. These days you get some of the best looking electric kettle made of high quality material and are easy to use. 

Easy to operate

Another important feature to be looked for while buying electric kettle in India is ease of operation. If you need electric kettle just to make your morning tea or coffee, then you can comfortably settle with the most basic type of electric kettle with no temperature control settings. But if you wish to do other activities such as boiling eggs and so on, then you will need to look for electric kettles with advanced features and temperature control settings. 

Cord length

is another parameter which defines the ease of use of the electric kettle. Cord should be long enough for convenient use of the kettle. You also get cord less electric kettle or electric kettles with detachable cords. As per buying guide of electric kettle in India, latter are the most desirable varieties of electric kettle. 

Features like auto shut down ensure that there is no accident at the time of use of kettle.

Power and safety settings

Yet another important characteristic to be taken under consideration is power consumption and safety features of the electric kettle. Power consumption of an electrical kettle will be directly proportional to the volume and capacity of the kettle. Though some of the best electric kettle in India works amazingly by consuming very less power. In order to save over consumption of power it is always advisable to select a kettle with auto shut down system. 

Single touch lockable lid is an important safety feature of an electric kettle. At times liquid inside the kettle over flow due to over the mark filling of the kettle. It is advisable to look for an electric kettle in India which has water level marking over it. 

Exterior heat

It will be interesting to note that unlike regular kettles used on gas stoves, electric kettles do not dissipates lot of heat. There handle is made of insulated material which are safe to hold even when water inside the kettle is boiling hot. Body of the electric kettle also do not get much heated up and possess any danger of burning your hands if accidentally placed over it. 


Just imagine an electric kettle making noises which is annoying your ears and disturbing your peace of mind in morning hours. Nobody will wish to buy such kettle. These days you get best electric kettle in India which do not make sounds more than occasional beep sounds. You may also hear soft gushing of boiling water which is not annoying to your ears to say the least. 


The warranty is an important feature to be looked for while buying an electrical product. It not only gives you assurance of the quality of the product but it also helps you in getting the product replaced or repaired with in the warranty period. Usually you get warranty period of one or two years on electric kettle, depending on the brand. But if it is a renowned brand and the product is expensive then you may also get warranty of more than two years.

Benefits of using an electric kettle over other appliances

Entire idea of manufacturing an electric kettle is to make the life of the user easy. A high quality electric kettle can be your best buddy right from morning tea to late night Maggi parties. Apart from being easy to use, store and high portability, there are many other advantages of an electric kettle. Some of them have been discussed here. 

Saves your time and energy

If you are short of time and wish to do power saving right at the start of the day then nothing will work better for you than electric kettle. Electric kettle heats water in very less time. Thus it saves both time and energy for you. It is one of the most time and energy efficient devices you will find in any Indian kitchen.

Ease of operation

When we talk about ease of operation, no other appliance present in your kitchen can match the ease of using an electric kettle. All you have to do is fill water in the kettle, connect it to the power source and let the kettle do its work, while you concentrate on other important tasks of the day. 

Automatic shut down

Automatic shutdown system present in electric kettles of India prevent any kind of accident in case you forget to switch off the kettle on time. 


Precision is something you can expect from the electric kettle every time you use it or follow some recipe over it. 

Reliable and safe! There is no denial of the fact that electric kettle is much safer and reliable to use as compared to normal kettle used on a gas stove. You will not need to stand by the fire in order to boil water in electric kettle. Apart from that all the material used in electric kettle are insulated for heat and electricity and is completely safe for use even for children

Cleaning of electric kettle

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the kettle in long run. Whichever method you adopt to clean the electric kettle, it is important to take care that cord of the kettle is not tampered or get wet in the process. One common way of cleaning the kettle have been discussed below.

  1. Take mix of vinegar of water and fill the kettle up to half.
  2. Then boil the mix and let the boiling mixture stand inside the kettle for about fifteen minutes.
  3. After that throw the mixture and rinse the kettle with cool normal water.
  4. Again fill half of the kettle with plain water and boil it.
  5. Let the water stand for fifteen minutes and then throw it away.
  6. Again rinse the kettle with cool water.
  7. Take a dry cloth and wipe all internal and external parts of the kettle. 
  8. You can also repeat the entire process using lemon juice and water mixture instead of vinegar. 

Buying electric kettle online

We are a generation which do not have time and energy to spare for any additional purpose. That is why we need electric kettle the most as it saves both time and energy for us. Whether a bachelor, student, homemaker or a working woman, everyone needs electric kettle to save time and energy for them. 

Going out and spending the entire day in search of best electric kettle in India is out of question. Online platforms are one of the best means of finding the right electric kettle in India. Many online platforms sell some of the most authentic products at the most affordable prices.     


Due to lack of knowledge and awareness, we often end up buying wrong products. They not only meet our requirements but are total waste of our time, money and energy. This buyer’s guide can be your gateway for choosing the best electric kettle as per your requirements, specifications and budget. Relative research presented here can help you in selection of the right kettle

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