Best Exercise Bikes in India for 2024 : Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you are trying to find the best exercise bike in india for workout , you have come to the right article. A stationary exercise cycle is convenient to use for a workout and gives you health benefits. Make sure you read this article carefully so you are able to choose a spin cycle that fits your exercise bike requirements.

Also we have a guide which tells on about types and features of exercise bikes.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are the biggest wealth one can have. In this fast – paced society, people don’t take out time for themselves and don’t look after themselves enough. It’s important to work, look after family, house chores, socialise, etc – but it’s also imperative to take out time for yourself and take care of your health. Health is the most precious commodity that we have and it is our duty to take care of it. There are various ways in which we can look after our health – the two main methods being diet and exercise. It is essential to eat healthy and not indulge in junk, fried and processed foods.

At the same time, only taking care of diet is not enough. It’s important to exercise too. Luckily, in this day and age, there are so many ways to exercise. There is something for every age group, gender and mood. One can exercise alone or in a group. It can be outdoors or indoors. An easy, convenient, yet very beneficial form of exercises are cycling or using a treadmill. Cycling is a great cardio workout and exercises every muscle of the body. Another benefit of cycling is that for whatever reason, if you cannot cycle outdoors, you always have the option of an indoor cycle / bike. Indian weather sometimes makes it too hot or too mucky in the rains, to cycle outdoors. Having a cycle at home, gives you the freedom and the comfort to exercise from your own home any time and in any way you like. Some people are conscious about their bodies, and do not like to exercise in public. For them too, having a cycle at home is ideal. It can be used by everyone from children, to teenagers, to adults to senior citizens. Even the busiest of housewives can exercise with a home cycle, while watching their favourite serials on television. Some people purchase these bikes for their office, and use any spare time they get to do a short cycling session. Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout. Regular exercise, even if it is for 20 – 30 minutes a day, helps in improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar and keeps you in a better and calmer frame of mind. It helps to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body and lower the bad cholesterol, resulting in less or no plaque build – up in your arteries. Regular use of a stationary cycle, gives your heart muscles a good workout and makes your heart more efficient at pumping blood. The benefit of working out with a stationary cycle, as compared to other cardio workouts such as doing aerobics or going running, is that these can be hard on your joints because of the impact involved. Cycling on the other hand, is very easy on the joints, and at the same time gives the user a good cardio workout. It also helps in toning of the lower body and lower back muscles, and is very beneficial for weight loss and light on the joints, making it suitable for one and all

Best Exercise Bikes in India for 2020

1. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat (Multi -Colour)Check Best Price on Amazon
2. Powermax Fitness BX – 110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home / Magnetic X Bike for Weight LossCheck Best Price on Amazon
3. Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike with Adjustable Seat, Magnetic Resistance, Pulse Monitor and LCD DisplayCheck Best Price on Amazon
4. Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike with Free Installation assistance (Black / Grey)Check Best Price on Amazon
5. Cockatoo CXB – 05 Smart Series Foldable X – Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike (2 Year Warranty)Check Best Price on Amazon
6. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function / Exercise Bike (Cycle & Cross Trainer)Check Best Price on Amazon
7. Lifeline Air BikeCheck Best Price on Amazon
8. Healthex Exercise Bike with Back Support for Weight Loss and Home UseCheck Best Price on Amazon
9. Cockatoo OB – 06 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Exercise BikeCheck Best Price on Amazon
10. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat | Bundles with the Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer, and Yoga MatCheck Best Price on Amazon

1. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat (Multi -Colour)

The Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles and Adjustable Cushioned Seat is one of the finer cycles in the market. What works in its favour is that it gives a complete whole -body workout and is also very easy to assemble. You will be able to assemble it on your own, and might not need any external assistance. This cycle has adjustable moving handles, which gives your upper body a great workout and builds on the muscles of the arms. The continuous pedalling action, takes care of the lower body, effectively giving your whole body a fantastic workout. In this fast – paced life, everyone prefers to get the maximum benefit of the time they take out for a workout. 

While you are sweating it out on the cycle, the ergonomically designed cushioned seat and its handlebars filled with high density foam, ensures that you have an extremely comfortable riding experience. We all want to keep a check on our progress and that’s where the user -friendly LCD helps. It tracks your speed, distance, time and calories burned, giving you the perfect idea of how well your workout is helping you. Another benefit is that it can easily take 100 kgs of weight, so anyone in the family can use it, regardless of their shape or size. 

Some people like pedalling slowly, while some like to pedal faster. This cycle provides a pedal strap, so that the foot doesn’t slip out, even when the user is riding fast. This adds to the stability and comfort that this cycle provides. The belt drive system improves the pedalling efficiency of the user. The adjustable tension knob can very easily be turned to change the resistance level of the cycle

2. Powermax Fitness BX – 110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home / Magnetic X Bike for Weight Loss

Want a quick and effective challenging workout without stepping out of your house? Yes, we all do. But city houses being as small as they are, we all have a concern about where we would put our workout equipment. The Powermax Fitness BX – 110SX Fitness Cycle is your solution. It is compact and comes with roller wheels, which makes it very easy to move around the house. One day you can be exercising in your bedroom, next day in your living room watching your favourite serial or in the kitchen while also keeping an eye on the food being cooked. It’s super convenient and easy to move around. It is also equally easy to store, as it’s completely foldable. 

For times when you want to challenge yourself and make the pedalling harder, you can simply turn a knob and increase the resistance levels. On days you want to take it easy, all you need to do is twist the knob. The same knob will give you access to 8 different levels of training intensity. This cycle comes with a 4 kg flywheel, which ensures a smooth riding experience. 

When you are doing all the pedalling work, you definitely want to sit on a seat that’s comfortable. This cycle has great a cushioned seat which gives you that comfort and stability. Not only that, it also lets you adjust the seat horizontally and vertically, so it’s comfortable for people of different heights. The seat also has a backrest, which gives good support to the back. People who have a weak back or are looking for a slightly relaxed way of cycling, find this bike very useful. If your flooring is uneven, you don’t have to worry about that, as this cycle has adjusting caps to take care of that. People of different weights can use this bike, as long as the weight is 110 kgs or lesser. 

The clear LCD display keeps a track of your distance covered, speed, time taken, calories burned and hand pulse. Another benefit that many cycles don’t provide is a noise – free ride – this cycle has a magnetic ribbed belt one – way drive, and hence will make no noise and ensure that your workout is smooth and silent. You don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else in the house, while you are doing your workout

3. Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike with Adjustable Seat, Magnetic Resistance, Pulse Monitor and LCD Display

Looking good while working out is easy for some people, while it is a struggle for the others. This stylishly made, aesthetically perfect cycle will ensure that you fall in the first category. Extremely stylish and sturdy, this is one of the best cycles in the market, from a reputable and trusted brand like Welcare. This recumbent exercise cycle will not only make you look good, but will also give you a superb workout. It is very simple to assemble, and you can do it yourself by following instructions from the instruction manual. 

You can adjust the intensity of your workout very easily, without any interruptions as it has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. The seat is very comfortable and cushioned and super easy on your back, because of the big well – designed backrest. The seat is adjustable and hence you can position it in a way most comfortable to you. 

It has a 5 kgs flywheel, which makes sure your workout is smooth and effortless. This cycle has a sharp, clear and large LCD Monitor which tracks your speed, time, scan, distance, ODO and calories. There is also an extra benefit which other cycles don’t provide. There is an option of ‘Priority Data’, so you can decide which data, out of all the various readings and metrics, you want to watch closely. 

Along with the handles in the front, it also has handles on the sides of the seat, giving you the choice of which handles you would prefer to use. The handles on the sides of the seat have a pulse pad, which tracks your heart rate. The foot pedals are wide and also have straps, so that you are more at ease and there is no risk of the foot slipping out at all. 

People of different weights can use this cycle, as long as their weight is 110 kgs or lesser. It also has a floor level adjustable bush, which you can change according to your comfort and convenience. The cycle has a two – way rotation, making your workout seamless and giving you more speed. It’s a very sturdy and firm cycle, making it a long – lasting and durable investment

4. Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike with Free Installation assistance (Black / Grey)

Looking for a hybrid bike, which gives you a full body workout, tones your upper and lower body muscles, takes up minimal space and is very light weight? Then the Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike is the correct choice! Right from the time you purchase it, it is full of benefits. Starting with an absolutely free installation, so you don’t have to take the trouble to install it yourself or even make the effort to go through the manual. After buying the cycle, all you need to do is contact their customer service at 1800 – 102 – 3773 / 1800 – 102 – 3110 or send them a WhatsApp message on +91 – 6260741910 / 11 and they will send their representatives to your house to install the cycle for you. All you need to do is relax and let them do the job for you. Once installed, you can start your workout and be lest assured that thanks to its moving handlebars and well – designed pedals, your entire body gets a strenuous workout and it will also aid you in losing weight faster. Now who doesn’t want a product that is so simple to use, and gets you into perfect shape?!

What sets this product apart from the others in the market, is its unique wheel design. It’s a refreshing change from the usual wheel designs that you are used to seeing in other cycles. There is a 3 kgs flywheel in which the air acts as resistance, making the workout more strenuous and challenging for you, thus burning more calories in the bargain. 

This cycle has a 5 – function display that keeps a check on speed, distance, time, scan and calories burned, so you are completely aware at all times regarding your progress. You also have the added benefit of customising your interface in the scan mode, where you program it in such a way that only the parameters that you want to see will be visible. The manner in which they are displayed is also programmable, giving you more control over the display. 

The comfortable seat is adjustable, and can be positioned according to your requirements. The pedals are also very user friendly as they have locks, so as to ensure that your feet don’t slip out. The resistance adjustable knob, gives you the opportunity to choose the intensity of your workout, to suit your mood and energy levels for that day. The sleek body frame comes with a wide and anti – slip base, making the cycle stable and sturdy. This cycle weighs less than 20 kgs making it very easy to move around and also store. The maximum weight of the person using the bike should be 100 kgs or less


5. Cockatoo CXB – 05 Smart Series Foldable X – Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike (2 Year Warranty)

The reason a lot of us choose to workout at home, is because it gives us the flexibility of time and the convenience of not having to travel to a gym or workout studio. So, having equipment at home, which lets us stay fit and achieve our fitness goals, is a blessing. And when that equipment is sleek, sturdy, reasonably priced, lightweight and easily foldable, it’s an absolute steal! The Cockatoo CXB – 05 Smart Series Foldable X – Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension is one such exercising equipment. It is not only very easy to install, but it is also easily foldable, making it very convenient to store and move around.

This cycle has a superb mechanical system and gives you the option to ride while sitting or standing, giving you the opportunity to choose how you want to ride it. It also lets you choose how strenuous you want your workout to be, by letting you adjust the 8 – level resistance knob. The flywheel is what makes the cycling comfortable and fluid. The weight of the flywheel is 1.4 kgs and it has a two – way bearing, which means you can cycle in both directions. It also comes with a three – piece crank which provides for better balance. 

For a ride without any interruptions and noise, this cycle comes with magnetic resistance and a two – belt transmission mechanism. It has a 5.5” display which tracks your speed, distance, time and calories to keep you inspired and motivated. The seat can be adjusted as per your requirements, making the ride comfortable for you. The maximum weight of the person using the bike should be 110 kgs or lesser, letting your entire family make optimum use of this exercise cycle.

6. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function / Exercise Bike (Cycle & Cross Trainer)

Adjusting the resistance of this cycle is not only very simple, but is also very effective in giving you the optimum workout experience. All you need to do to change the resistance levels, is to turn a knob. 

The digital display keeps a track of distance, speed and calories. So, while you are busy exercising, the display keeps you inspired to keep improving your performance. The seat on this cycle is cushioned, ensuring that every minute that you spend on it, is super comfortable for you. The height of the seat is also very easy to adjust, making it usable by different people in your family, regardless of their height. 

This cycle doesn’t have static handle bars like other cycles do. So, while you are working out your lower body, your upper body also gets a great workout. While you exercise your legs and core muscles, you can also exercise your arms and tone them well. This cycle is very effective for a full body workout, and comes to you along with a shaker bottle. The brand prides itself on having a well organised customer support system, who you can reach on 18002700052.

Too lazy to go to the gym, but still want to stay fit and give yourself a good cardio workout, then the Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function Exercise Bike is what you should bring home! This compact exercise bike has a steel body, which makes it sturdy and extremely safe. It gives you the liberty to go as fast as you can, without the fear of falling or the cycle toppling over. 

7. Lifeline Air Bike

Looking for a simple, non – motorized exercise machine for use at home, then pick up the Lifeline Air Bike. Being lightweight and portable it is easy to move around and doesn’t occupy too much space at home. The best part about this cycle is the full body workout that it gives the user. While the lower body gets a workout with the pedalling, the upper body and the arms get a fantastic workout with the adjustable reach – arms, which come with a built – in padded grip. The grip ensures that your hands don’t slip and the forward and backward movement of the handles gives a good workout to your arms and tones them well. 

The cycle has a smart electronic meter display, which keeps a track of the speed, distance covered, scan, time taken, pulse and calories, which helps you to monitor your health and exercise regime effectively. The user has the option of making the ride as easy or challenging as he wants it to be. If you want to cycle in a slow and easy manner, you can loosen the micro adjustable tension knob. If you are looking for a more challenging and strenuous workout, you can tighten the knob, which effectively makes the chains tauter. 

The user can adjust the seat position to suit his height. This gives a chance for different people to make use of the cycle, as each one can adjust the position of the seat according to his height. A firm yet comfortable saddle, makes the exercise regime easy on your body and provides you with stable support all through your ride. The sturdy and stable steel frame, increases the shelf – life of the cycle and makes it more durable.

8. Healthex Exercise Bike with Back Support for Weight Loss and Home Use

When buying a product, we often look for brands which offer good customer support and after sales service, along with a good quality product. Healthex is one such fitness brand. The Healthex Exercise Bike with Back Support for Weight Loss and Home Use is a cycle that provides a great workout, and comes with the added advantage of being lightweight, and hence can easily be carried around from one place to another. Sometimes, our homes don’t always let us workout in the same place every time. Having an exercise cycle which is so easily portable is extremely important and useful. 

This is a non – motorized cycle, with a sturdy steel frame, which gives the user stability and increases the longevity of the cycle. It ensures you get an optimum workout, thanks to its 3 kgs flywheel that has a unique fan wheel design. This design allows for air to act as resistance, giving you an improved workout. 

The electronic display tracks distance covered, speed, time, scan and calories burned. The cycle has adjustable reach – arms with padded grips, which makes it easier for the user to hold on to the handles. The handle position can be adjusted to suit the user. The height and position of the seat can be adjusted to match the height of the user. Different people can make use of the cycle, because of this convenient feature. The cushioned and firm saddle, ensures that the user is comfortable during the entire length of his workout. 

The pedals come with foot locks, so that there is no chance of the foot slipping out, even at high speeds. The resistance levels can be adjusted, by a simple turning of the knob. Thus, the user has the choice of increasing or decreasing the intensity of the exercise regime. This cycle comes with a backrest and hence is ideal for people who have a weak back or would like to ride in a manner in which they can relax and ride. It has an anti – slip wide base, which makes the cycle stable and offers safety to the user, even if he were to ride at a fast speed. This sleek cycle weighs less than 20 kgs and hence is easy to move around and store, making it an ideal choice for home use.

9. Cockatoo OB – 06 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Exercise Bike

The Cockatoo OB – 06 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike is a multifunctional dynamic exercise cycle and an elliptical trainer, which is a great buy for gym and home use. It gives you a full body workout, toning the upper body as well as the lower body. 

A fantastic feature that this cycle has, which most others do not have, is the presence of stationary and moving handlebars. The moving handlebars give the arm muscles a very effective workout. So, while the pedalling is working on the lower body, the moving handlebars, works on the upper body, giving you a perfect full body workout. It’s very convenient to have this in the house, as you get to reach your fitness goals and keep your body in top condition, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Another special feature that this cycle has, is a 4 – way adjustable seat. That means the seat can be shifted up and down, and left and right, making it extremely convenient for the user to position it in a way which suits him perfectly. The technology that this cycle uses is the mesh belt system and it has a continuous resistance level. The size of the flywheel is 500 mm and the weight of the flywheel is 2.2 kgs, which makes the cycling experience very fluid and smooth. 

The pedals on this cycle are 13 inches in size and come with non – slip technology, which increases the stability and comfort of the user and ensures that he is safe throughout his workout, even when he rides fast. It has an LCD monitor which continuously tracks distance, calories, time and speed, letting you keep a tab on your workout regime and the improvements that you have made. The maximum weight of the user should be 110 kgs or lesser, and the maximum height should be 160 – 195 cms. 

Cockatoo is known to have a good customer service department and they can be reached on +91 – 95245 – 00088 for assistance.

So, if a good full body strenuous and challenging workout is what you are looking for, without the hassle of going to a gym and paying up huge gym membership fees, this is the cycle to purchase

10. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat | Bundles with the Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer, and Yoga Mat

Regular exercise is a must for every individual. But in this fast – paced life, it is not always possible to go to the gym for a workout. Hence having equipment at home, which gives you the chance to work on your entire body and keep fit, is a great investment. The Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat is a sturdy and durable exercise bike, which works on your upper body and lower body simultaneously, giving your whole body a great workout. This regular burning of calories, helps you manage your weight and also boosts your immune system, making you look and feel better overall. 

This cycle comes with a manual tension knob for adjusting the intensity of the workout. This is completely dependent on the user, and how strenuous or relaxed he wants his workout to be. Merely turning the knob, gives him access to different levels of resistance. This cycle is non – motorized and portable, making it very easy to shift it from one place to another. The handles have a padded grip, which makes it easy to hold on to it and gives the user more comfort and stability, especially at high speeds. The handles can be adjusted as per your requirement. They also move forwards and backwards, toning your arm muscles and giving your upper body a super workout too. 

The seat comes along with a backrest, which makes it ideal for people who need that extra support for their backs and / or want to ride in a relatively relaxed manner. The seat can be adjusted, depending on the height and comfort of the user. This feature ensures that the user is always comfortable at any point in his workout session. 

The electronic meter present on the cycle, displays the distance covered, time, speed, scan and calories burned, letting you always keep a check on your progress and fitness levels. 

To help the customers install the cycle we have various options. The product comes with a manual, which the customers can use to set up the cycle or they have a choice of reaching out to us for a YouTube video on how to install it. If they are not comfortable with either of these options, we can also give them a contact of a third – party, who can come and install it for them. This would be chargeable as per their (third – party) charges.

Along with all the benefits mentioned above, this box also contains a lot of bonus goodies along with the Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat – it has a lovely gym bag, a yoga mat, a sweat belt and a tummy trimmer. These are very useful for overall fitness and also for stomach exercises and getting that toned tummy that you have always dreamed of

How to buy an exercise bike online in India: User’s Guide

Mainly, there are 2 types of cycles / bikes:

  1. Upright Cycle / Bike – As the name suggests, the rider of this cycle is in the upright position. They are the more popular bikes and are equipped with heart rate monitors, consoles and LCD screens. There are quite a few choices in Upright cycles, but most give you the opportunity to ride in various positions.
  2. Recumbent Cycle / Bike – These cycles have a backrest and the rider is in a comfortable reclined position, with the pedals being in front of the rider. This is great for people who have a back problem, as in this cycle the back is comfortably supported.


  1. Define your fitness goals – It’s important to define your fitness goals and be realistic of how much use you are going to make of your indoor cycle and how often you are going to use it. The market has a lot of expensive bikes, with various amazing features, which can make it very tempting to buy. But you need to be realistic and figure for yourself, how many of those features you are actually going to make use of. No point spending on the latest, most technologically advanced bike, when you are going to land up using only 5 of the 20 features that it comes with. Hence, understanding your body and its requirements, and then accordingly deciding the fitness goals is the first step.
  2. Seat comfort – Everyone wants to exercise and get fit, while at the same time be comfortable while doing it. The seat, in a cycle is of utmost importance as you are going to spend the entire duration of your workout, sitting on it. Always recommended to physically go and try out various cycles, sit on the seats and see how comfortable it makes you feel.
  3. Seat adjustability – Having a bike at home, would be most beneficial if various members of the family can make use of it. As we all know, we are all built differently and vary in size, height, body weight and body shape. Hence having a bike with an easily adjustable seat, will make the cycle accessible to every member of the family. Each person would be able to adjust the sit to their convenience and comfort, giving them the best stretch and workout possible.
  4. Resistance – As you keep cycling and become better at it, you would definitely like to make your workout more challenging. This is where the electronic resistance levels come into play. Make sure your cycle has different resistance levels, so that you can improve on your workout and give your body exactly how much resistance it needs at various times. 
  5. Pedals – Another important feature you need to check is the pedals. They are directly related to how efficient and comfortable your workout session would be. Try and go for cycles which have wide pedals, so that your feet can comfortably stay on them. Another good option is pedals, with straps. This ensures that your feet wont slip. 
  6. Flywheel – It’s important to know the flywheel of the cycle you are buying and find out it’s weight. The heavier it is, the smoother and easier ride it would be for you. The ideal weight for a flywheel is 7 to 8 kgs.
  7. Handlebars – Some cycles have the feature of adjustable handlebars, while some also have handlebars which move front and back, giving you the benefit of an upper body workout too. Because of the movements of the hands, along with the cycling, the arm muscles are also exercised, along with the lower body muscles.
  8. Display Screen – In order to track your performance, it is important to buy a cycle which has a good display screen which continuously shows you the distance covered, the speed, scan, time and calories burned. This is very useful in keeping a tab on your performance levels.

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