Best Biometric / Fingerprint Smart Door Locks in India 2021

For a homeowner, home security is the most important part that couldn’t be overseen. Thus the traditional home locks are not the best options to guard your dear assets. A modern house needs modern locking and security solutions. 

Especially when you can manage your home security remotely and tonnes of other features it is must for all modern-day homes. A biometric lock isn’t just a fingerprint lock that we find in our offices.

Contemporary smart biometric locks is an amalgamation of the strength of the old traditional lock with additional modern-day smart features. These locks connect via WiFi or Bluetooth and have apps to control them remotely, fingerprint scanners for secure biometric login, RIFD cards support to name a few. 

Thus our team has curated a list of best biometric or fingerprint locks in India. All the following locks can be bought easily through Amazon and are easy to install but do carefully read the installation manual and get help, if required. 

Best Fingerprint / Biometric Smart Lock for Homes & Offices

1. Lavna Locks Digital Door Locks:


This homegrown brand with their digital biometric locks wants to replace physical keys entirely. With their motto, “your finger is your key, ” you know these guys are serious in what they do. 

Out of the box, the Lavna lock looks well built and sturdy. The design ergonomics on this Lavna digital door lock are on point and simple to figure out. There is a fingerprint sensor on top of a digital keypad that lights up. 

Additionally, it also supports RIFD cards, one time passwords (OTP), as well as the physical key. The OTP feature on the lock is unique although not exclusive. One can generate a password from anywhere for a limited one-time entry. 

This is an excellent feature to provide guest entries while you’re not at home. There is no WiFi support you can operate this lock via the app in a Bluetooth range. Although people using this lock for long doesn’t seem to miss WiFi too much. 

The fingerprint sensor is snappy and unlocks the door in no time. According to the manufacturers, you can register 100 fingerprints to the lock. The lock works on AA batteries and indicates when it’s running out of juice. 

The best part about buying this lock is an excellent after-sales service. The after-sales team is generous as well as provides accurate information to install and use the lock. Supported mobile app is minimal and works well the majority of the times.

From the app, you can check past unlocking history. However, you cannot download the app from the AppStore. Instead, they share an APK using WhatsApp for some reason. 

Overall this is an excellent product that has everything one can need without major compromises. As we said earlier this is a feature modern-day home security solution for a fairly moderate price.

Warranty: This smart lock comes with a 3 years manufacturers warranty.


  • Simple ergonomic design.
  • The built quality of the lock.
  • Amazing after-sales service.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Moderate pricing.
  • Features  
  • Three-year warranty


  • The app needs work.
  • A little loud while unlocking

2. Open 3 Smart Door Lock: Best biometric smart lock for home in India

Just the previous product this is also a feature-rich modern-day biometric smart door lock. This smart door lock from a Bangalore based company provides you with 5 different options to unlock your home or office. 

Built quality on the lock is top-notch. The all-black exterior feels elegant and can add aesthetic value to your front door. Coming to the features as mentioned above Open 3 smart door lock provides 5 ways to open up your house. 

You can use NFC cards, a physical key, finger or biometric print, mobile access and touchpad. There is nothing that this lock can’t do you can access your abode in any way you want. 

The mobile Open MyHome is simple to use and understand. It keeps a 24/7 track of your smart lock activities that can be accessed from anywhere you want. Open 3 smart lock runs on 4 AA batteries that will last close to 8 months.

When the battery run low it reminds you of the app to replace the batteries. In case you forget to change batteries on time. You can always use the physical key or jump-start using an external battery via a USB port on the lock.

Before you order this Smart biometric door lock keep in mind this door lock on works on doors with a thickness of 34-60 mm. The installation process is very simple and replaces the existing deadbolt setup.

Everything from design to features on this smart lock is a thoughtful decision made to make the end-user happy and content. And compared to the modern-day smart locks it is moderately priced for the features it provides.

Warranty: A limited one-year manufacturer warranty.

Things to like:


  • 5 ways to access (fingerprint, NFC cards, password, Bluetooth using mobile, and physical key).
  • Chic design.
  • Best App for a smart lock. 
  • Up to 8 months of battery back up. 
  • Built quality.


  • Pricing can be improved. 

3. Open Latch Pro: Best keyless biometric smart lock 

This is one of our favourite biometric locks to feature on this list of best biometric locks. In a simple traditional padlock design, this smart lock looks and feel just like a normal door padlock. 

The design is straightforward and intuitive. Even without a user manual, you know what to do. Built quality feels par with the steel shackle and all aluminium construction. At the bottom, there is a Micro USB port to charge the lock. 

The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is good to go at least for 2 months with a regular day to day use. It is nice to see rechargeable battery instead of AA that all the other smart locks utilize.

The LED indicator on the front reminds you whenever the lock is running low on battery. You can use this digital Padlock anywhere due to its all-weather silicone pouch. It has an IP65 rating to keep your home secured in any environment.

The fingerprint sensor at the front lets you register 20 fingerprints at a time. Thus without any physical key sharing your family members and close friends can access your house without hassle.

Fingerprint sensor works perfectly most of the time. But kudos to the Open MyHome app it’s one of the best smart lock supporting app that can be downloaded directly from the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.    

Due to its versatile design, you can use this digital biometric padlock on gates, shutters, home doors, channel gate, shops, etc. One of the main reasons to invest in this simpleton of a lock is the minimalistic appearance, use and it’s versatility. 

Warranty: One-year limited warranty.


  • IP65 weatherproofing.
  • Minimal and traditional design.
  • Battery LED indicator upfront.
  • Built-in lithium-polymer battery.
  • No installation required.
  • Awesome App.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Fingerprint sensor. 
  • Attractive pricing


  • Limited features.
  • Unreliable after-sales service

4. amiciSmart Multi-Access Smart Door Lock: Best touchscreen smart biometric lock

Amici Smart Door Lock is a sleek, chic and elegantly designed product that speaks quality the moment you see it. Although the branding at the very bottom of the product slightly tarnishes the all-black exterior. It still manages to look very nice on your door.  

You can unlock this smart lock multiple ways according to your convenience. Admin can provide a one-time password for limited use of only 6-24 hours. These timed passwords come in handy for guest and visitors. 

Then you can have permanent passwords for your family that call can be managed via the smartphone app. The lock is not WiFi enabled but the Bluetooth unlocking works perfectly fine. 

If you wish to use fingerprint or biometric that’s also available. Additionally, you also get 3 smart cards configured to unlock the door inside the package. And if nothing is working there is an option to use a physical key as well.  

AA batteries are required to power up the lock. On moderate use, 4 AA batteries will last close to a year. This time can vary on individual usage of the Amici Smart Lock. For emergencies, there are physical keys as well as a USB to jump-start the lock.

These small thoughtful things come extremely handy in case of a total power failure. This smart biometric lock is suitable to doors ranging from 40-100 mm thickness. All the unlock features are reliable and never fail to unlock the door on time. 

The mobile app needs lots of aesthetic improvements to be par with the competition. After-sales services need a lot of improvement along with the installation guide, instructions and pricing.

Amici needs to put a price cut of a couple of thousand rupees to make it a very convincing smart lock to buy. Overall this is a nice smart biometric lock with loads of features up its sleeves.   

Warranty: One-year limited warranty


  • 5 different way to unlock the door. 
  • Long battery life due to ultra-low power consumption.
  • Chic and elegant design.
  • Capacitive touch screen.
  • Mechanical key and a USB port in case of total power failure. 


  • A little expensive compared to the competition.
  • The app needs a lot of work. 
  • After-sales services can be improved

5. Yale YDM 4115-A Smart Door Lock With Biometric: Best Smart Lock Overall

With 180 years of legacy behind the company. The moment you hear Yale you know it means quality and surety along with the brand name. Out of all the smart biometric locks mentioned on this list, this one is surely for elite buyers with expensive taste.

This decorative smart door is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes right at the front door of your house. But its more than just a decorative smart lock. Yale has equipped this smart lock with all the industry-leading features.  

Yale YDM 4115 has an auto-locking mechanism that secures the door once its shut. This smart door lock can be used at home as well as in a small office. And supports door sizes from 36mm to 80mm. 

This Yale YDM 4115 can be accessed or unlocked in numerous way your front door. One can use the highly secured registered fingerprint sensor or use the Yale Link mobile app. Then there are unique passcode access and an auto-unlock feature. 

This auto-unlock only works with the admin mobile that’s geo-fenced to the physical location. Thus if your both hands are busy you can unlock your home handsfree. If nothing works there is the old physical key to unlock your home.      

With in-built Bluetooth, you can lock unlock the door using the app. However, the limited range is the only caveat of using Bluetooth. But for people who desire full remote control over the lock needs to get an extra WiFi bridge. 

This bridge will allow you to use the smart door lock remotely through the app. Yale has also added some additional security features to detect forced intrusions. The moment smart lock senses such situations the break-in alarm (80db) goes off with a notification on your phone.

Yes, this Yale lock is expensive compared to its Chinese counterparts. But you’re not just buying a smart lock when you invest in a Yale. You’re in investing in a 180 years old legacy of lock maker that is evolving with the time.

The numerous ways to unlock along with the top class app support you cannot go wrong. With 24/7 customer service support and free installation from skilled technicians, you cannot ask for more.  

Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Design and legacy of the brand. 
  • Mobile app support.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service.
  • Free installation from skilled technicians. 
  • Multiple ways to unlock the door.


  • Need for an external hub for WiFi connectivity.
  • Expensive compared to other competitive products.

6. Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock :  

Godrej is one of the most notable and recognised brands in the consumer electronics space in India. Like Yale, they also carry a burden of years old legacy attached to their name. 

Thus with this Godrej Smart lock that almost equivalent to Yale Lock in terms of pricing you expect nothing but the best. The product quality of this lock seems nice at the first glance. 

All premium material used in the exterior construction provides its a rich look. The all-black exterior adds value to your front door. The overall product quality from Godrej is excellent and comparable to other international brands. 

Now coming to the main features and tricks. 

This smart lock features a 360-degree biometric sensor at the top. At once you can register up to 100 fingerprints. Then there is RFID smart card support and unique passcode support.

You can choose unique passcodes between 4-12 digits to give remote access to your family or visitors. In case of an emergency, you also have a physical key to go along with the other unlock features. 

Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock is equipped with multiple sensors to detect fire, forced intrusion, and compatible with other smart devices to keep your home safe and monitored all the time. 

Can only be fitted to doors with a minimum thickness of 40mm and above. If you buy this biometric door lock online via third-party sellers there is no Godrej installation support as well. 

Godrej even after being an Indian brand lack compatible support and after-sales services. The after-sales service staff is poorly trained and takes at least a couple calls before your query is solved. 

Warranty: 1-year warranty from the date of invoice or purchase. 

Things to like:

  • Built quality on the smart lock is excellent and comparable to international brands.
  • Multiple ways to unlock the door (RFID card, fingerprint, unique passcodes, physical key and auto-unlock). 

Things that can be improved:

  • After-sales service
  • Inaccurate door size description on amazon. 


  • Built quality on the smart lock is excellent and comparable to international brands.
  • Multiple ways to unlock the door (RFID card, fingerprint, unique passcodes, physical key and auto-unlock).


  • After sales service could be better

A complete user guide for buying the best biometric lock in India: how to choose one?

With the market place dominated with products, it is very tough to narrow down on a product that can do everything in your expected budget range. Thus to choose best these are the essential things that you need to understand before you invest your hard-earned money into your home security.

Must have tech features in a biometric / fingerprint lock

Smart device integration and home automation:

Home automation is a very broad aspect of utilizing technology inside your home together like an ecosystem of connected devices. Thus always think of the compatibility of your smart lock with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod. 

This will allow you to control your smart biometric lock with your voice. But for all these features to work in sync the smart lock needs to be equipped with WiFi. This is rare on smart locks as WiFi consumes battery at a much faster rate.

Biometric access: 

Biometric access as the name suggests can only be unlocked using individual biometrics that is unique to every human being on earth. This way you ensure only trustworthy people are getting access to your abode. 

The modern-day smart biometric locks can register up to 20-100 fingerprints at a time. All this can be easily managed using a smartphone app and provides an excellent advanced level of security to homeowners with biometric locks.    

RFID and NFC cards:

RFID (radiofrequency Identification cards) and NFC (near field communication) cards are special cards with chips inside to provide access to anyone carrying a card. The most commonplace to see this work is in hotels where a card key is provided to unlock the door. They use the same technology as the modern-day smart locks.


This is the most simple tech feature that can be seen on modern-day smart biometric locks. The supported apps or OTP allows you to generate a random unique number or passcode that can be used to unlock the smart lock. 

A compatible and intuitive app:

Phone app compatibility is one of the crucial features to have on any contemporary smart device. As these apps allow you to control the device remotely while allowing you to unlock additional features. 

The smart lock apps allow us to keep a detailed log of locking and unlocking of the device. Additionally, smart locks with WiFi can be fully controlled using only the app. One can provide remote access to the guest, generate passwords for one-time use, etc.  

Door Size:

Except for the digital padlock from Open Locks each of the smart locks are configured to support a minimum and maximum thickness on a door. Therefore buy a smart door lock that can be installed easily without any difficulty and can easily be installed to your existing door setup. 

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you’re considering buying a smart lock to increase your home security. To check the compatibility of your door with the lock check for the supported range of door thickness.  


Smart door locks are not small investments that you make on regular intervals. Thus the warranty is really important to get free service and maintenance for a limited period. The majority of the manufacturers provides a bare minimum of 1-year warranty standard on their products. After this period is over some manufacturers provide extended warranty for exchange of a small sum. It is always advisable to extend the warranty if you can.   

After-sales or customer services:

According to our team, this is the most essential part that you need to check before investing in anything electronic. Especially, for smart locks as buying is just one part, another part is the installation of the lock. 

If the customer service support is excellent the latter part can be done easily without any hassle. That’s why it is advised to check for bad customer service reviews online. As these reviews tell you the truth about the after-sales services provided by the company. No matter how good the product is if the after-sales service is not good it’s not worth investing. 

Add on features:

Security alarms, fire alarms, additional compatibility with other smart devices is key in this contemporary times where are homes are filled with smart devices. Although these additional features are not the top priority or features to consider to buy a smart lock still these features comes in handy to narrow down between choices.

Installation process:

According to the manufacturers, the majority of the smart locks can be installed easily with assistance from the customer itself. However, it’s not true in most of the cases as some may require the additional help of skilled technicians to install the lock. This convenience cannot be denied as if extra help is required it might cost you little more over your decided budget. 

Power supply and LED indicators:

On the above list of best biometric locks in India, the majority of them are using AA batteries to keep it running. Except for the biometric smart padlock from Open Locks that uses a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

However, despite the majority of the locks using AA batteries, they last for at least last couple of months. So choose a lock that provides you with the longest gaps between battery changes. And finally, invest in a lock that has a LED indicator on board to remind you of changing batteries on time.    


The majority of the contemporary locks doesn’t need a lot of maintenance except for the regular battery change. The moment the battery low notification pops up change the battery immediately to spare the hard work of jump-starting the smart lock with an external power source. 

Until your smart lock is under warranty you don’t need to worry about the maintenance. But once the warranty is over it is advisable to extend the warranty if possible to be safer side. 

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