Top 5 Table Fans in India for Home & Office : Reviews & Guide

If you are looking forward to buy the best table fan in india, you have come to the right article. This post has got reviews of the best and top table fans that you can buy online. Also we have a user guide that will tell you how to buy a table fan online. Since India is a tropical country, temperature soars high in summers. In order to beat the scorching heat, people resort to many cooling solutions such as air conditioners, air coolers, ceiling fans and table fans. Many of you might think that in generation of air conditioners why one would invest in a table fan. But once you know what a table fan has got to offer, you will definitely think about it as a worthy investment. It is a low cost, energy efficient and portable cooling device which is nothing less than a boon for a middle class family. 

Best table fans in India in 2020

Usha Maxx Air 400 mm 55 Watt Table Fan

Usha is one of the most trustworthy and reputed brands for electronic appliances. Usha Maxx air is one of the best choices for portable table fans available in India. 

Usha Maxx Air 400 mm 55 Watt table fan has a simple design, is aesthetically appealing and looks elegant when placed in a room. White and blue colour of the fan gives a serene touch to the fan. 

Its aerodynamically designed translucent PP blades ensure uniform circulation of air. You can regulate the speed of the fan through a novel base design. It has 4 speed button control to adjust the speed of the fan. Powder coated 120 ribs and PPCP ring further add to the sturdiness and efficiency of the fan. This table fan by Usha is quite light in weight and portable.

It is a power efficient table fan and works at an input of 55 watts power. It works efficiently and gives commendable air flow even at low voltage input. It operates without producing any noise.    

Usha Maxx Air 400 mm 55 Watt table fan is a high quality table fan which comes with one year warranty by a trusted brand like UshaCHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Eveready TFH04 400m Table Fan

If you are looking for a fan which gives high performance and have good looks then Eveready TFH04 400m Table Fan is an amazing combination of functionality, innovation and aesthetics. 

Heavy duty motor which runs at a speed of 2000RPM ensures optimum air circulation to keep you cool and fresh. It is an energy efficient motor which consumes 110 Watts of power. 

It has an ergonomic design. You can control the speed of the fan with 3 speed control settings. Fan has a wide base for better balance. This sturdy and durable table fan is made of ABS plastic. It has vertical tilt adjustment by which it can tilt up to an angle of 34 degrees.

Secure grill lock is a unique feature which is helpful especially if you have kids at home.

It comes with a warranty of 2 yearsCHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Orient Electric Wind Pro-Desk 60 400mm Table Fan

Orient is one of the renowned names in the world of table and ceiling fans. Orient Electric Wind Pro-Desk 60 400mm Table Fan has an innovative and sleek design ensuring optimum flow of cool air. 

It is an energy efficient fan with power consumption of 80 Watts and high power durable motor with speed of 1350RPM. Motor operates smoothly for longer hours with uniform efficiency. 

CTX technology of the fan gives noiseless operation. 5 blades of the fan offers extra high air thrust. It can circulate 95cmm air at moderate level. SAN blades of the fan are sturdy and durable. Table fan has sweep size of 400mm. 

It comes with a 2 year warranty from a trusted brand like OrientCHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE ON AMAZON

iBell Cadiet2 Premium 55 Watt Table Fan

iBell Cadiet2 Premium 55 Watt Table Fan is an ISO certified high quality table fan. It is light weight table fan weighing around 2.5Kg. It is a portable fan with height of 64cm and width of 46cm. It is perfect for use at home and office. Powder coated metal grills are sturdy, durable and safe for kids and pets. 

It is an energy efficient table fan with power consumption of 55 Watt and 390 RPM motor speed. Lubricated motor ensures high air delivery and noiseless operation of the fan. 

iBell Cadiet2 Premium 55 Watt Table Fan has a high air flow which can be controlled with 3 speed control panel. It has an oscillation system ensuring jerk free oscillation of the fan. 

It comes with a warranty of I yearCHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan

Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan is a wonderful combination of efficiency, innovation and aesthetics. If you are looking for a table fan which gives optimum performance even at low voltage then it is the fan for you. You can easily place this light and sleek table fan either on the table or can mount on the deck.

Two pole capacitator type motor of Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan is energy efficient and gives a blast of cool and refreshing air in the room. It consumes 55 Watts power and has a speed of 2800 RPM. 

3 leaf ABS blade with airofoil section maximise the efficiency and air supply capacity of the fan. It can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical plane. Air delivery capacity of the fan is 38CMM. 

Spiral guard mesh with a guard ring makes it safe for kids and pets as well as increases aesthetic value of the table fan by many foldsCHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE ON AMAZON

How to buy a table fan online : User guide

Benefits of Buying a Table Fan

  1. You can control the speed of the fan! Gone are the days when you got old school table fans in the market. With time and technology, table fans have also evolved. Present day table fans are remote operated. This means you will can control speed and direction of the fan without even getting up from your seat. Multiple speed option gives higher cooling efficiency to the table fan. 
  2. Table fans are portable! Unlike air conditioners, table fans are portable. You can place them anywhere according to your convenience and comfort. Smaller table fans can be placed right at your table while the larger ones can be placed in the room according to your direction and position of sitting. 
  3. Cost efficiency! Another benefit of buying a table fan is that it is cost effective. Unlike air conditioners or air coolers, table fans will not dig a hole in your pocket. They are affordable as well as efficient cooling solutions for people with limited budget. 

Factors to be considered while buying a Table Fan

  1. Fan Size! Size of the fan is one of the most important factors to be considered before buying the table fan. Different companies have different models with varying fan sizes such as 12, 16 and 20 inches. Since long people are under wrong impression that smaller the size of the fan, better is the table fan. But it is a myth. Larger the size of the fan, better will be its cooling efficiency and less noise it will make. 
  2. Design of the table fan! Window table fans or box fans can be easily placed on the window sills. They circulate the outside air inside and have great cooling efficiency. But they are light in weight and can be blown off by the wind. Desktop table fans are little bulky in size, have goo cooling efficiency and can be placed on table. But they usually have wide mesh which can cause accident. Floor table fans with pedestal which can also be placed on a table are a good option especially if you have kids or pets around. 
  3. Noise! One of the major concerns of people thinking of buying a table fan is the noise that the fan will make. It is important to note that not all fans make that noise which irritates the ears. Noise made by the fan depends on its composition and quality of its motor. Invest in a fan with high quality and high power motor and you can enjoy silent cooling of the fan. 
  4. Removable grills! Grills of the fan are subjected to get dirty and even blocked by the dust and dirt present in the environment. Air blown through dirty grills can pose respiratory health risks to the users. it is always advisable to look for a table fan with removable grills so that you can take them out and clean them from time to time. Table fans with removable grills are hygienic and safe.
  5. Quality of material! Quality of the material of the fan is an important factor to be considered, as you want full worth of the money spent by you. You get both plastic and metal table fans in India. If you plan to use the table fan on regular basis then go for metal table fans as they are more sturdy, durable and efficient then the plastic models. 
  6. Power of the motor! Cubic feet per minute or CFM is an important value to be checked before buying a table fan. CFM value gives you a fair idea about volume of air that it can circulate and the cooling efficiency of the fan. Apart from that high quality and high power motor has better cooling efficiency as well as makes less noise. Table fan is an energy efficient device which consumes around 50 to 100 watts of power depending on the model and make. 
  7. Swing Oscillation! Swing oscillation is an important feature as it ensures circulation of air in all direction. You get both automatic and manual swing table fans in India. Before buying the fan you shall consider which type suits you the best. 
  8. Speed control! Best table fans in India comes with speed control feature. You can control their speed within the range of 0 to 3. Depending on the model you can either change this speed manually or with the help of a remote control right from your seat. Some fans also have zero speed setting which cannot be changes. Such fans are little difficult to manage and should be avoided. 
  9. Budget! Budget is one of the most important factors to be considered for any home appliance. These days you get plethora of table fans in India with different features and price. You need to be specify your budget in order to get an efficient cooling fan within your budget.
  10. Safety tips! Some important safety tips need to be followed while using a table fan. Both pedestal and table fans should be kept on a flat surface to avoid falling of the fan. Apart from that you should make sure that no one especially children should not touch the mesh of the fan as high speed sharp blades rotating inside the mesh can cause major damage to the hand. 
  11. Installation and maintenance! Usually table fans do not need a complicated installation and you can install it yourself just by reading the manual. Apart from that you should look for a machine which you can maintain and clean easily. In case of trouble you can also approach your local electrician.


Table fans are one of the most cost efficient and beneficial air circulation device. They consume far less power as compared to air conditioners and air coolers and also do not require specific installation. It is an eco-friendly method of keeping you cool and fresh. We have given an exclusive list of best table fans in India. Depending on your needs and budget you can select the right table fan for your home or office

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