Best Pop Up Bread Toaster Brands in India (2020) – 2 Slice & 4 Slice Toasters

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

According to this universal jargon, breakfast is a vital meal of the day before you step into the world of unknown. Although we are not here to get into a debate that this cliche is right or wrong however buying the best bread toaster will help you guys cut some time and corner before you leave for work. A pop up toaster is an important appliance that can help you prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast. A bread toaster can do more than toasting a bread and can find several uses in an Indian kitchen.

One thing that is prevalent all over the world is the common psychology of people sleeping at least 5-10 mins over the decided time. However, these 5-10 mins are crucial as they will determine if you will leave for your work as intended with a delicious breakfast or not.

Thus investing in the best pop bread toaster whether its a 2 slice toaster or a 4 slice toaster makes a lot of sense as it guarantees a uniformly brown bread on your plate without making a lot of mess in the kitchen. Buying bread toasters is nothing new for our western friends as it is an equipment that is mandatory to have in your kitchen. While as per as Indians are considered a hot griddle over the gas range is required to toast bread. 

But as India is changing, people are looking for new ways to have toasts of bread browned to perfection as quickly as possible. For someone working a full-time job who doesn’t have the luxury to have an elaborated breakfast is toaster can be a lot of help. 

A toaster to help them get that monotonous breakfast without going lengths and wasting a lot of time especially in the morning. All you need is a few minutes every day to have a beautiful piece of evenly brown toast without the hassles of the rudimentary griddle

VPN Service Main Features Our Score  
Top pickPhilips Daily Collection HD258200 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster Philips Daily Collection Pop Up Toaster
5/5 StarsMore..
Bajaj ATX 4 750Watt pop up toaster Bajaj Pop Up Toaster
5/5 StarsMore..
Morphy-Richards-AT-201-2-Slice-650-Watt-Pop-Up-Toaster Morphy Richards Pop Up Toaster
5/5 StarsMore..
Prestige PPTPKB 800-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster Prestige Pop Up Toaster
5/5 StarsMore..
Koryo KPT925 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster Koryo Toaster
5/5 StarsMore..

Basic details to keep in mind while buying a toaster

In 2020 bread toasters are smart and come with a lot of options. The learning curve for a tech-savvy person is close to none. While a lot of complications for such a small task is not even appreciated by a lot of folks. Thus let me list a few things that are important to consider before you shell out your hard-earned money over a piece of equipment you require every day at the dawn. 

Number Of Slots:

This almost a self-explanatory point as may vary from user to user. Most basic toaster in the market has 2 slots to toast bread. However, there are toasters available that give you a choice to toast 4-6 pieces of bread at a time. The important thing to keep in mind here is the adjustability of these slots. In case you want to experiment with browning different types of bread the transition should be smooth without much of an annoyance.

Automatic Controls:

This is one of the important features to consider before buying a toaster in contemporary times. Toasters that pop up the toasted bread as they have achieved a desired amount of browning. And after that, it automatically shutdowns to save electricity. Traditionally, there should be a kill switch to without that excruciatingly painful levers we have seen on toasters. 

Browning Options:

How brown do you want your bread to be? This particular subject is subjective and based on the personal choice of an individual. However, a modern-day toaster should be equipped with multiple browning settings to satisfy a varied customer base. The heating mechanism should be simple and intuitive with several levels to make your morning toast from light gold to golden to crispy. 

Crumb Tray:

This is a basic feature almost all the toasters in the market should have. Accumulation of bread crumbs over an extended period may hinder the working of the toaster efficiently over time. This simple design feature allows anyone to clean and remove unwanted bread crumbs. Consider this to be one of the important features while selecting a bread toaster that fits your needs.


We Indians love things that last long or forever. As new things come with a simple annoyance of learning and understanding the product. Thus you need to ensure your purchase is going to stay for a while with you. As a good quality body is directly proportional to the durability of the product. The whole market place is full of toasters offerings in plastic. However, it is advised to buy a toaster with a metallic finish as they don’t heat as fast a plastic one. 

Additional features on a bread toaster:  

Reheat And Defrost:

Defrosting is one of the most common features on a toaster to have. It allows your bread to defrost without losing the primary features. While on the other hand, a reheat feature is must if you want to reheat the piece of already toasted bread without making it too dry. 


This is quite an underrated feature on the toaster. Think of the unlimited situations where you have smaller size bread stuck deep inside the toaster and is highly annoying to get it out. With high-lift, the toaster lifts the bread carriage to a higher level to retrieve the smaller size bread.    

Realtime Progress Indicator:

Having a screen or some kind of indicator on a toaster helps you get through the anxiety of toasting bread. Therefore modern-day toasters display real-time progress (time remaining on your toast to get ready) on your bread toast. Some toasters even display a countdown as per the selected heating mode.   

Kill Switch:

If the selected heating mode is not working as you desired or the bread has reached the desired level of browning. There should be a kill switch to impede the progress in between. This can also help in case of involuntary settings selected. 

Best Bread Toasters in India for 2020

1. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

The first toaster on our list comes from a reliable brand Phillips. This Phillips toaster from its daily collection is a steal with its low price (affordability) and minimalist design. This minimalist bread toaster offers as much as 8 browning settings to please different palates.

One can easily toast bread from golden to dark brown depending on their personal preferences regardless of the type of bread. The large variable slots are ample to fit a bread of any available size while the self-centring feature makes sure the bread is evenly browned as per the selected settings. There is also an integrated bun rack to quickly warm up buns, pastries and favourite rolls.

The defrosting and reheat feature is a gem for people who refrigerate their bread. The toaster defrosts and reheats the bread to perfection without making it too dry for consumption. There is a handy cancel button to stop the process abruptly in case of a wrong setting selection or emergency. 

With the high lift feature even toasting small pieces of bread is easy and hassle-free. Phillips toaster has also an extra safety feature of auto-shutdown. This ensures an extra layer of protection if you forget to switch off your toaster after use.      

The removable crumb tray is as easy as it gets. While Phillips also includes a dust cover to keep your toaster clean while you’re not using it. Additionally, Phillips provides a 2 years manufacturing warranty on the product. 

For science nerds: Frequency: 50-60 Hz, Wattage: 830 W, Integrated cord storage,operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts

Things We Like:

  • A minimal and ergonomic design.
  • Variable large slots to fit bread of any size.
  • 8 browning settings to keep everyone happy. 
  • An easily removable and cleaning crumb tray.
  • High-lift to get the smaller pieces.
  • Auto-shutdown and kill switch for extra protection.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Two more slots for bread would have been appreciated more. 
  • The external body heats up too much.
  • After-sales service is the only issue that Phillips is yet to figure out for the toaster. Amazon is swarmed by the reviews where after-sales service is not up to the mark as expected by the consumers before buying the product. 
  • While reviewing the product our team did not encounter any bad experience with the product. It does as it is told to do in a minimalist manner possible

2. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

This next product on this best toasters in India list comes from a very reliable Indian brand. Bajaj electricals ltd is a big name in consumer electrical equipment manufacturing in India. Although the product is made in China (no pun intended). 

Now with this product, Bajaj is trying to make sure your bread is evenly toasted for your breakfast before you leave for your daily endeavours. The Bajaj ATX 4 pop-up toaster is all you need to ensure a golden hue bread.

The design of the product is nice and minimal but the plastic material used could have been better. It doesn’t give you that premium feels that you look for in a product. Knob, spring load could have been a little more premium. However, for the price one can expect the company to cut corners here and there. 

Non-stick plates on the toaster allow for an easy and no residue cleaning. While Bajaj has also ensured that the external body of the toaster stays cool to touch and adds more operational convenience. 

This is a traditional pop-up style toaster that can toast two slices of bread at the same time. The auto pop works as soo as the bread is ready . There are a total of 6 adjustable browning settings on the toaster. From light golden-brown to medium brown the shades can be adjusted according to the personal preferences. 

As mentioned above the Bajaj claims that the external body stays cool to touch increases convenience. Especially, if you have children in the house and they are handling the toaster. Removable crumb tray on this toaster is easy to reach and clean.   

There is also a stop switch next to the knob for mid-cycle cancellation. The non-skid base ensures the toaster stays at a place without drifting all over the kitchen. Bajaj ATX 4 is a reliable and affordable toaster option that could save you time in your morning routine. 

For Science Nerds: Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts; 2 years warranty. 

Things We Like:

  • Simple to use and modern design.
  • 6 adjustable and variable browning settings.
  • Mid-cycle cancellation feature.
  • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Cool to touch body that increases the convenience of handling the toaster. 
  • Easily removable crumb tray along with a non-skid design.  

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Quality of plastic material used.
  • No auto-shutdown feature. 
  • There is no defrosting feature.
  • The main slots are not adjustable and tiny to fit big sizes of bread slices. 
  • No high-lift option

3. Morphy Richards AT-201 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-Up Toaster 

Morphy Richards is a household name in consumer electrical appliances across Europe. Now the company is trying to expand reach over to other countries. With the world’s second-largest population India is one of the most important markets for any company.

Without further ado let’s see what Morphy Richards 2 slice pop-up toaster can do better or worse than the above-mentioned toasters. Let’s start with the design ergonomics first and discuss the features. 

The plastic body toaster looks quite similar to the above mentioned Phillips and Bajaj products. Design of the toaster is minimal and hassle-free. At the front of the toaster, all you have is a kill switch, adjustable knob to control browning and a spring-loaded pop-up release.

While on the inside the toaster is capable of toasting two slices of bread simultaneously. The auto pop feature is standard as other toasters on the list. One can avail variable browning settings using the simple knob on the toaster. This two-slice toaster allows you to toast bread to 7 adjustable settings. The bread slots are wide enough to fit bread of different shapes and sizes. 

The 650 watts powerful motor allows the toaster to toast bread pretty fast while consuming less energy. Cool touch feature keeps the toaster cool to touch even after a period of elongated use. This ensures you don’t accidentally burn your fingers while operating the toaster.

The high-lift or as per Morphy Richards, “the extra high-lift,”  helps you scavenge the small pieces of bread without any hassle or burning fingers. Instant kill-switch is also present to stop progress in between.

Removable crumb tray is easy to slide out and clean. The product from Morphy Richards looks simple, clean and easy to use. However, they could have given a little more attention to the materials. The external plastic body feels cheap although, with the selling price so low you can’t complain. 

The company provides a 2 years warranty on the product. Morphy Richards has collaborated with Bajaj Electricals Limited to provide Indian consumers with trusted after-sales service with international quality.   

For Science Nerds: Power Input: AC 220 – 240 V; Frequency: 50 Hz; Power: 650 watts

Things We Like:

  • Cliched and efficient design.
  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Extra high-lift feature for removing small slices of bread. 
  • Bread slots are wider for variable bread sizes. 
  • Auto pop-up.
  • Energy-efficient and heats up very fast. 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • External plastic case feels penurious 
  • After-sales service for the toaster is bad. 
  • The overall quality of the product doesn’t seem up to the mark.

4. Prestige PPTPKB 800-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster:

Moving on to another top brand present in Indian kitchens. Prestige has a very diversified business and deals with manufacturing a lot of Indian kitchen equipment. However, electronic devices are not their forte still it is nice to see an Indian brand trying to make a compelling product. 

After reviewing almost white toasters it’s nice to see a toaster in some different colour. The Prestige 2 slice is a pop-up toaster that is one full of features you need in a contemporary toaster. The two-tone design looks aesthetically nice and eye-pleasing on the kitchen counter.

While on the hand, the toaster is fully equipped to handle your toasting, browning and warming jobs. The slots for the bread are wide enough to handle bread of variable sizes and heights. While the slots are marked with self-adjusting guides to keep the bread at the centre and uniform browning automatically.

The convenience doesn’t stop here. There are dedicated buttons for reheating, defrosting and a kill switch (cancel option). While the control knob or control button helps you choose between 6 different settings of browning. Providing results from medium brown to dark brown. 

For medium browning use settings 1&2 while for a golden browning use settings 3&4 and a charred dark browning use settings 5&6. Prestige toaster has taken care of browning for each and everyone according to personal preferences. 

The slide-out crumbs tray is big enough to accumulate a lot of bread debris. This adds to the convenience of using this Prestige bread toaster. The matte-black finish surely catches your eyes on this toaster. 

Anti-slip feet keep the toaster firmly at a place. Although the toaster from Prestige looks pleasing to the eyes quality could have been better. However, again the price and quality relation reminds me of the value for money I am getting. 

One more thing before we wrap up this toaster doesn’t have a cool touch body construction. Thus even the body gets hot enough to burn your fingers and hand. Please be careful while using this electrical appliance in your kitchen. Prestige provides a one-year limited warranty for the product.

For Science Nerds: Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 800W

Things We Like:

  • Matte-black finishes along with silver accents around the crumbs tray. 
  • Contemporary design with 6 settings of browning.
  • Dedicated switches for defrosting, cancel and reheating.
  • A big slide-out crumb tray.
  • Anti-slip body construction. 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The quality of plastic used for external covering. 
  • No cool to touch feature.
  • The high lift feature is missing

5. Koryo Toaster 750 Watt KPT925 with Removable Crumb Tray

This is one of the cheapest toasters that one can buy online. Yes, there must be cheaper toasters available but considering the price and quality offered this can still be a steal. The Koryo toaster is equipped with features that you’ll find on all the toasters available on this best bread toasters in India. 

The all-plastic construction of the Koryo can be undermined considering the price. The toaster feels inferior compared to the other toasters in quality but that’s it. Other than that it matches them all with features and even browning. 

So the construction quality is cheap but it makes it with the features. The Koryo two-slice toaster is wide enough to fit the bread of any size easily. While the high-lift feature helps to get even smaller pieces of bread out without any poking or problems. 

The auto pop-up function comes in as standard to the toaster. For a uniform browning of bread, one can choose from the 7 adjustable heat settings. However, heat setting 2 is enough to get a desired golden brown toast accepted universally across the world.

While the final number 7 heat setting will only give you a total disappointment. As this chars the bread beyond anybody’s personal preference. Heat setting 7 is not recommended to be used by anyone. 

There are dedicated switches assigned to cancel, defrost and reheat. Although defrost is used rarely it’s nice to have a handy feature. While cancel or kill switch along with reheat is a nice touch to an inexpensive toaster. 

The bread crumb tray is simple and easy to clean as other toasters on the list. Only complain about the size of the tray. It tends to fill up quite fast if you even use your toaster as frequent as twice a day. The company provides a limited 1-year warranty on the product.   

For Science Nerds: 750 Watts; 

Things We Like:

  • Simple and functioning design.
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • Dedicated buttons for cancel, defrosting and reheating. 
  • Large slots to fit bread of different sizes and shapes. 
  • High-lift to safely remove smaller bread pieces. 

Things We Didn’t Like: 

  • A smaller crumbs tray.
  • Inept plastic body construction.

6. American Micronic AMI-TSS2-150Dx 4-Slice Imported Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster 1500 Watts

American micronic four slice toaster

The moment you see this product you know this toaster means business. This is the only four bread slot toaster on the list of best bread toasters in India. Exterior and the whole of the toaster looks extremely polished with no loose ends. 

Although this premium looking device is not that cheap compared to the other products. Still, it has the potential to justify its high price tag. The elegant design stainless steel along with the compactly designed exterior occupies less space. 

Place it on the kitchen counter and it can be a conversation piece and attention grabber. Yes, it is a four bread slot machine still it seems compact due to the thoughtful design. The flamboyant stainless steel body is powerful and capable of doing a lot.

The stainless steel body provides superior insulation while keeping toaster temperature under control. Thus it stays cool and safe to touch even while it’s on. The toaster also shuts down automatically if a piece of bread gets stuck or jammed inside. 

The seven built-in toast modes ensure a toast setting for everyone. While the powerful 1600 Watt motor ensures fast and consistent toasting across all the heat settings. This stainless steel body insulation is above par. It provides great protection against burns and shocks while operating the toaster.

It’s good at multiple things, not just toasting. There are dedicated buttons on the toaster for defrosting, reheating and a cancel switch to instantly stop the progress. On the front, there are two sets of the same knobs and buttons to control each side two bread slots. 

As you can individually operate the dual toasters on each side. This allows for diverse toasting on different sides of the toaster. There are two crumb trays one on each side to handle the crumbs    

All the features and uniform results on toasting surely justify the price. But there the only concern people might find towards this beautiful toaster will be after-sales services. As all the American Micronic products are imported from America according to their official website for India. However, the toaster with that solid stainless steel body must last a long time. 

For Science Nerds: 1600 Watts; Operating voltage: 230V

Things We Like:

  • Elegant stainless body. 
  • 4 slice toaster in a compact size and design.
  • A highly insulated body for extra protection from heat dissipation and accidental touches. 
  • Each of the two-slice slots can be used individually. 
  • Accurate 7 heating temperatures for different types of toasting.  

Things We didn’t Like:

  • After-sales services availability is difficult.

7. Borosil BTO750WPW11 750-Watt Krispy Pop-up Toaster

Borosil, the company known for its high-quality glassware products, also makes home appliances. Consumer appliances seem like a logical way to diversify the business while showcasing new products in a tech-savvy world. 

However, home appliances need to fill in the quality shoe that Borosil is known for. So it will be interesting to know if this toaster is worthy of the Borosil tag. 

Borosil toaster continues with the cliched design with an inferior plastic exterior. As seen in so many of the other toasters on this list for best bread toasters in India. Let’s figure out if this ordinary-looking toaster is efficient and sufficient enough to put a sun dusk golden brown toast on your breakfast plate.

The features on the product almost remain identical compared to the above mentioned 2 slice pop-up toasters. Design of the toaster is as simple and minimal as possible. The plastic exterior is cool to touch providing an extra layer of convenience. 

While the anti-skid feet help the toaster remain in the same place. Even the first-timers won’t find it difficult to use. The learning curve to use this toaster should be close to absolute zero. Borosil provides a solid 2 years warranty on the product.  

As mentioned above the functioning is as simple as it gets. The knob helps you select the desired heat setting as per your personal choice. There are 6 adjustable heat choices to toast the bread. This adjustable heat setting helps cater to a larger audience with varied personal preferences.  

There are individually assigned buttons close to the temperature knob to defrost, reheat and cancel function. Bread does automatically pop-up when done. The bread slots are wide and can fit all kinds of bread slices.

The removable crumbs tray below for the crumbs accumulation. The easy slide-in mechanism works exceptionally and smoothly. With the competitive price tag, Borosil is a nice toaster to pick up. As Borosil sells all over the country you can even expect a moderate after-sales service from the brand.     

For Science Nerds: Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts.

Things We Like:

  • Simple and practical design.
  • Ease of use. 
  • Cool to touch plastic and exterior construction. 
  • Ease of use with 6 adjustable heat settings for an even toasting.
  • Defrost, reheat, and cancel dedicated buttons. 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Inexpensive plastic exterior. 
  • Inferior quality of the product. 
  • A moderate after-sales service. 

How to Buy A Toaster

Types of Toasters

Toasters are a prevalent home appliance across the globe. Especially in modern societies where breakfast is given utmost importance and bread is an integral part of the meals. Considering the prevalence of bread eaters around the world. There are only two kinds of bread toasters you’ll find.

  • Pop-Up Toasters: These are the most common types of toasters that come into mind when you think of toasters. A small kitchen countertop appliance that has two or four slots to load the bread. And as the bread are done they automatically pop-up. Yes, everyone can easily relate to the picture I just painted. Pop-up toasters can be found everywhere in the world. They are affordable, easy to use and are specifically designed to toast a bread nothing else. 
  • Countertop Toaster Ovens: These toaster ovens are a rare breed in a world of nuclear families. Toaster ovens are much more expensive than its pop-up counterpart. However, they can do a lot more than just toasting bread. Some people also use them as a cheaper alternative to the standard oven. One can bake cookies, make pizzas and even roast meats. However, if all you want is a toaster please do not even think of investing in a countertop toaster ovens.   

Factors to consider while buying a toaster:


Ask yourself these basic question to know the correct size of a toaster that you require. How many bread slices you need? What should be the width of the slots? How much available space you have on your kitchen countertop. 

If you answer these basic question you’ll find a toaster that you’re are looking for. As first you need to figure out the number of slices of bread you need to toast at a time. If you’re only going to use standard bread slices any inexpensive toaster may work for you. But if you’re ambitious and wants to toasts bagels, bread rolls, etc. You need to consider adjustable larger slots toaster. And last one if you’re only looking for a pop-up bread toaster everything is compactly designed to fit kitchen countertops. 


With technology being ubiquitous in our daily lives it is hard to imagine daily life products to be boring. Thus all the contemporary home appliances are trying hard to become as smart as possible. The modern-day toaster comes with loads of features to please the consumer. 

Toasters provide auto switch off functions, auto pop-up, adjustable browning to fulfil everyone’s needs, dedicated buttons to defrost, reheat, and kill switch. While some of the contemporary toasters come with a touch screen interface for better overall usability and convenience. 

With exponential tech growth, you can expect much from toasters of the future. They won’t be just plugin devices they will be smarter to understand your needs while sharing data online (IoT toasters) to predict your choices.     

Brand Name:

The brand name is important to avail of the warranty and after-sales services. Although the majority of the manufacturing happens in China. Still the logo on the toaster or any home appliance matters. 

The brand name provides an unknown guaranty and faith. A guarantee of solid after-sales services while ensuring the right quality and pricing of the product. This is surely an important factor while buying a toaster. 


No one likes change especially when change costs you money and time. The durability of a toaster is directly proportional material used on the outside and electrical components used inside. Thus it is very important to make sure you choose the right toaster from the right brand with overall positive reviews from the customer or reviewers. 


How much you can spend is one of the important questions to ask. As the market is filled with inexpensive products from Rs 800 to tens of thousands of rupees. However, the price and quality association is exactly true when it comes to bread toasters.

The bare bone inexpensive affordable toasters in the market are available. But the are built with cheap plastics and internal components. They don’t even tend to last that long. While on the other hand, a premium expensive well-built toaster will last you even decades if you use it right.

Higher The Cost = Higher The Quality = Durability

Ease Of Use And Cleaning:

Using toaster is a simple process of trial and error to figure out which settings are working for you. This might take time but once is you get a hang of it will simplify the process further. You’ll know what’s right kind of bread that fits your toaster along with the heat settings.

Cleaning a toaster is not as hassle-free as it to use the toaster. The dry bread crumbs near those heating filaments are the recipe of fire hazard. Therefore a regular cleaning routine needs to maintained to ensure smooth functioning of your toaster. For detailed step by step cleaning please check below how to clean a toaster.  

How to Use A Toaster

3 minutes 3 minutes.

The below-mentioned steps are written keeping pop-up kitchen top toasters in mind. If you own a countertop toaster oven, steps may differ slightly but the end goal remains the same. This is a simple thing but still is important to understand how to use a toaster safely

  1. Prepare the toaster

    Make sure the toaster is plugged in with plenty of room around it. As mentioned above it helps to dissipate the heat well

  2. Place the bread

    Put the bread in the desired slots of the toaster

  3. Toast

    Once the bread slices are at the correct place. Select the desired setting or adjust the timer according to your personal browning preferences. As the adjustments are done keep a watchful eye on the toaster and please do not touch the toasting surface as it tends to get very hot like a griddle

  4. Collect the bread

    As the bread is done you’re likely to hear a pop. Please do not poke any metal item to remove the bread. Even while using the hands please be extra careful as the surface will still be hot

  5. Enjoy

    Enjoy your toast with your favourite toppings and a glass of tea/coffee

Safety Tips While Using A Toaster:

  • Safety of yours and others is one of the most important things while using any electrical equipment in the house. All you have to do is to follow these small steps to ensure the safety of yourself while using electronic equipment or a toaster. Toasters can easily cause an electrical shock or start an electrical fire. You need to read or just go briefly over these instructions to prevent such situations. 
  • Cleaning a toaster regularly is very important. The accumulated crumbs over time can clog up the heating vents on the toaster that can cause a fire when it overheats. Once a month clean the toaster areas with light soap and wipe it completely dry before plugging it in. The most important thing while you clean make sure the toaster is unplugged no pun intended. 
  • Setup your toasters away from wet areas and your kitchen sinks. As electricity and water don’t go along that well. 
  • Toasters tend to get hot and can even transfer heat via radiation to nearby things. Thus it is important not to put any flammable items or liquids around the perimeter of your toaster. Give it some space where the heat can be dissipated quickly without any trouble. 
  • Yes, the toasters of modern times are getting smarter and come with an extra degree of protection. Still keeping a watchful eye on a toaster is utmost important. Don’t ever leave your toaster unattended. So you can act quickly in case of an emergency or an undesired event. 
  • Unplugging your toaster while it’s not been used is a safe bet to play.
  • Go get the stuck pieces out please don’t poke anything in your toaster, especially anything metal. If the stuck pieces are super annoying it’s better to give it a hard shake than poking metal in your toaster. Please unplug your toasters while following these endeavours. 
  • If you notice any kind of sparking while using the toaster please immediately unplug the toaster, get help from the after-sales services or just throw away the toaster and buy a new one. 

Tips to Clean and Maintain A Toaster

Having a dirty toaster is almost equivalent to having a loaded gun without safety. The toaster has the potential to become a fire hazard especially when those dry bread crumbs are in close proximity to heating coils. Thus without further ado let’s look at the basic simple steps to clean and maintain a toaster.

  • First things first always unplug your toaster after using and before cleaning.
  • Locate the crumb trays, pull them out, empty the trays over a dustbin and wash them with lukewarm water and soap. If there are things stuck on your trays soak (max 10 mins) them in a soap solution. Make sure they are completely dry before they go back to their original spot. 
  • Next step take your toaster turn is upside down and shake out all the loose crumbs that are stuck inside or didn’t reach the crumb tray. 
  • Take a small brush (old toothbrush) to reach out to difficult places inside the toasting area. Scrub to remove all the visible oil stains, dirt or rubbish as best you can. If required lightly dampen the brush with water but please do not use any soap. 
  • Now the inside and the crumb trays are cleaned the only thing remaining is the outside of the toaster. The simplest way to clean is to use a cleaning cloth and damp it with a little water and light dish soap. Soap will help you get out the sticky and grease of your toaster. Wipe as hard as possible until the desired cleanliness is achieved.
  • Now the last and the most important thing. As we have used a damp cloth and a brush to clean outside and inside respectively all you need to do is let the toaster dry completely (Ideally 24hrs) before you use it next time.    

How does a bread toaster work?

Let’s learn some science before we move forward to frequently asked questions. And if you happen to know this please skip this portion until the new heading. In layman’s terms, the electricity consumed by the toaster is emitted back in the form of heat that makes toasts golden,  crispy, or brown. 

  • The moment you plug in your toaster to your home electricity outlet energy flows. 
  • This energy flow is called the electric current that further flows through these connected filaments inside the toaster. 
  • These connected filaments are spread across inside the toaster to provide uniform toasting across the bread slices. 
  • The glowing red things that you see inside a toaster are these tiny filaments. They tend to dissipate heat when electricity flows through it.
  • This emitted heat is channelled towards the bread placed inside the toaster.  
  • Over an extended period, this high uniform heat cooks the bread. With heating filaments on either side, you get a similar browning on both sides and a bread slice.   

Hopefully, this science class about the working of a toaster will help you in making a knowledgeable purchase decision

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