Best Treadmills In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best treadmill in india that you can buy online. A lot of people buy treadmills for home use as it is easier than going to gym and also give them immediate access to to fitness. With the increase in traffic jams and hectic work schedule, people are finding it harder and harder to make trips to the gym on a regular basis. 

The consistently increasing unhealthy behaviours in our lives is starting to pose a threat to our overall well being. The competitive environments we work in and the busy schedules that we try to keep up with leaves little to no room for focusing on our health, wellness and fitness in general. That is why it is extremely important to turn to faster and smarter solutions that can help us adhere to a regular exercise routine. And exercise equipment like spin-bikes and treadmills can prove to be very helpful in this regard. 

On the other hand, having an unhealthy lifestyle without allotting any time for exercise is also not comfortable for many. As a result, most of the people are looking at options of having some fitness equipment at home. One of the most suitable fitness equipment available for most homes, even with limited space is the treadmill. Home treadmill is a good option for regular exercise at home as it saves one’s time of going to the gym on a day to day basis.

However, it is important for you to know what to look for in treadmills before you decide to invest in one. Here are the 10 most essential factors to consider before buying a treadmill. Read on. 

Treadmill is a cardio fitness equipment which provides aerobic exercise. Using the treadmill on a regular basis provides many health benefits. Treadmill workouts burn calories, improve lung health and stamina. Performing regularly on the treadmill not just burns calories, but with an improved diet, one can improve one’s fitness, have a healthier heart and reduce weight. Choosing a treadmill for home can be quite confusing with immense choices in the market, hence, a number of points have to be kept in mind while selecting a home treadmill.

Listed below are some of the most popular brands/best selling treadmills:

1. Healthgenie 6 in 1 motorized treadmill 4112M with massager:

Comes in a 90% assembled state. A speed of 14 Kmph. This model of Healthgenie has been found to offer value for money with featur

es such as massager, tummy twister, dumbbells etc. Comes with a do-it-yourself assembly manual. Has a 5 inch LCD display which tracks speed, calorie count, pulse, distance and time. Running surface is really large providing room for all types of users. The foldable design is suitable to relocate the treadmill wherever required. Featured with a 2 position manual incline.


2.Powermax fitness TDM 97 motorized multifunction treadmill:

Perfect for space saving as it has a foldable option. It offers LED display which shows the time, speed, distance, calories, incline level and pulse. Comes with a heart-rate censor. It is equipped with built in speakers and audio iphone to listen to one’s favourite music from iphone or MP3. It also has a dedicated mobile/tablet holder. Other features include anti-skid running belt, energy saving motor, manual lock, and auto stop for safety. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


3.Quantico FS series treadmill:

This is a heavy duty and smart design treadmill with long lasting 2.0 hp continuous duty and 4.0 hp motor. With a wide running surface, this treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging or running. Has 6 compression shock absorbers. It has an auto lubrication unit. Most leading sellers provide a hassle free home delivery service.


4.Fitkit FT063, 7-in-1 motorized multifunctional treadmill:

This model comes with a quiet energy saving motor which produces no noise. It’s a sturdy product. Comes with a pulse monitor. The multi layered running mat has high shock absorption ability and is an anti-skid mat. This product can be folded and unfolded with ease. In case of relocation, it can be done easily. Comes with inbuilt speakers and USB/AUX ports to enable play music during workouts. Free installation and service on all leading websites.


5.Fitkit FT098 1.5 hp motorized treadmill:

This has been on the consumer’s best seller’s list owing to its pocket friendly budget and new standard features. It has an energy saving motor and is noise free. Ensures smooth running. A foldable product, it can be conveniently relocated anywhere. Consists of a digital dashboard with display functions giving information about calories burned, the speed etc. Comes with a USB/AUX port so that one can listen to favourite music during workouts. Pulse monitor is one of the features ensuring one maintains the target heart rate. Fitted with a shock absorbing multi-layered running belt. Hassle free installation service from leading sellers.


6.Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual treadmill:

This is a good option for those who need a treadmill on a really low budget. It’s a manual treadmill. Comes with sleek good looks and an array of good features like user-friendly dashboard which shows speed distance and calories. Has a pulse monitor too. This treadmill is portable with easy wheels. Also comes with a wide jogging surface. The cast iron pulley adds to the stability and durability of the treadmill.


7.Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP peak motorized treadmill:

A hit with consumers, this treadmill comes with an LCD display which shows speed, time, distance, calorie count and pulse. The safety key is a good feature which enables an emergency stop when working out. Comes with USB/AUX ports to enable one listen to favourite music while working out. Running space is quite large providing enough room for users of all sizes. This product is one of the best selling ones as consumers have found good value for their money. 


8.Cockatoo CTM05 Steel 1 HP Motorized multifunction treadmill:

Smartly designed with 5 inch LED display which efficiently tracks speed, distance, pulse, time and calories, this treadmill has 12 pre-set workout programmes. Equipped with AUX ports which enables the user to listen to music during workout. This budget friendly treadmill is a hit with consumers. It is designed for walking sessions and intense running sessions. Comes with pulse censors. The unit is easily movable due to its inbuilt wheels


9.Welcare WC2266 motorized folding treadmill:

The unique green motor is a good feature of this treadmill. Quite durable and pocket friendly. Made of solid steel, this treadmill is a sturdy product and is foldable. It does not occupy much room. The LED display keeps track of speed, time, distance, pulse and calories. Comes with a unique green motor which saves power. Running surface provides lot of room for users of any size and height. The comfort cell cushioning gives comfort and has shock absorption ability. It comes with space saving design. The treadmill is also designed to accommodate up to 90 kgs weight


10.Powermax fitness – UrbanTrek TD-M3 :

The first thing that is attractive about this treadmill is the unique design and style. If one can afford a slightly high budget, this is a modern style treadmill which is a plug and run treadmill. No assembly is required for this unit. Comes with all features such as LED display keeping track of distance, time, pulse, calories and heart rate, 12 pre-set programmes for a customized workout, heart rate censors, dual soft-flex spring suspension on each side and a maximum user weight of 100 kgs. It is compact, space saving and foldable.


11.RPM fitness RPM1000 2 HP peak motorized treadmill:

With a noiseless but highly efficient motor, this treadmill is energy efficient, has a wide, anti-skid running belt which is 6 ply, and can accommodate users with any height. It has a bright large LED display and has USB/AUX ports to listen to music during work out. Easy lubrication feature provides easy maintenance. It is enabled with auto-stop function for safety. Comes with a heart rate censor and fast key on both hand rails

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