Best Wet Grinders in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

In this world dominated by consumerism, even to buy small equipment you need to go through unlimited reviews and aeons worth of content available online. All though to save you from this hard work our team researched out the best wet grinders in India.

The list prepared by our team is based on public reviews, overall ratings, and the real feedback on the product. Price and value for money are given the utmost importance above all. Our team takes full responsibility for all the products mentioned below. 

Gone are the days of hand querns which our grandma used to use. However, are these contemporary replacements or alternatives provide the comfort and most importantly the same taste as the traditional querns?

Top 5 Wet Grinders in India for 2020

Reviews for Best Wet Grinders in India

1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder, 2L

  • 150-Watt motor.
  • Jar size: 2 litres.
  • Dimensions: 55 x 38.6 x 32.8 Centimeters
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Patented conical grinding stones

Out of all the wet grinders on this list of best wet grinders in India. Our team was really eager to review this particular product from Elgi. This company from Coimbatore is known for its quality and excellent products. 

With a close to 1700 ratings, this wet grinder has a huge fan following on Amazon India. Design aesthetics this wet grinder is almost similar to other products on this list. The exterior is made out of reliable ABS shockproof polycarbonate material.

This ABS material keeps it lighter and provides a plastic shine. Coming to the important part Elgi wet grinder comes with a 2-litre stainless steel drum. This is a multi-utility drum that can also double as a storage container. Thus the batter can directly be stored in the same container.

2-litre capacity provides enough space for a consistent movement of ingredients inside the drum. On this wet grinder, the magic happens due to the patented conical grinding stones. The two conical grinding stones inside aerate more and provide a fluffy and airy batter.

This also results in higher fermentation rise due to the extra air incorporation during grinding. If you think the lid is loose don’t worry about a manufacturing defect. It’s an intentional feat to incorporate more air into the batter.

Considering the 150W powerful motor the grinder is not at all noisy. It takes around about 45-50 mins of runtime to create an excellent batter for idlis and dosas. If you cook idlis and dosas quite often you need to invest in a wet grinder. 

Once you eat the dosas and fluffy idlis made out wet grinder batter you’ll never like the mixer batters for sure. It is advisable to give the machine a little rest between two consecutive grinds as it tends to slightly heat up after 45-50 mins.     

One can also buy additional coconut scraper as well as atta kneader attachments from Elgi official website. Please do not buy any third-party accessories for the Elgi wet grinder. The best part about this Elgi wet grinder is the 5 years warranty from the manufacturer. 

Yes, the pricing on this wet grinder is on the premium side but it’s totally worth it due to the features and reliability the Elgi wet grinder provides

Things to like:Things to improve:
Simple and minimal design. Heat management can be a little better. 
Consistent and airy batter. Noise levels can still be reduced. 
150W powerful motor.Pricing can be a little thoughtful.
Conical grinding stones for the better batter. 
5 years warranty.

2. Butterfly Hippo Table Top Wet Grinder, 2 L

  • Motor : 150 W; Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz ; Revolution: 1300
  • Jar Size: 2 Liters
  • Cord length: 180 CM
  • Motor Warranty: 2 years 
  • Product Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimensions: 47.5 x 30.5 x 28 cm
  • 2 circular stones

This butterfly countertop wet grinder is a reliable machine. With a five-decade-old brand name in kitchen equipment manufacturing, you cannot go wrong. The ABS plastic exterior body is durable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes.

Although wet grinders are more functional equipment than your conversational pieces. With 150 W of power, you can expect a smooth and consistent batter every time. There is only one 2 litre jar included along with the grinder. The stainless steel jar comes with a transparent lid to monitor the process while keeping you safe.

This butterfly wet grinder comes with only one-speed control and can reach a maximum 1300 rpm speed. The round roller stones inside the stainless steel drum ensure uniform results each time you use it.

With the high torque motor, this wet grinder can create airy batters with uniform consistency. In each wet grinder review consistency of the batter is vital. As this only separates a good wet grinder from a better one. 

For using this particular wet grinder you need to have loads of time. As this wet grinder will teach you patience for sure. It takes around 45-50 mins to grind 1.5 kgs of batter. Thus if you’re in here for a machine for your meagre and quick jobs. This is not the right wet grinder for you.  

The main shaft inside the drum comes with two roller grinding stones. These granite stones along with the powerful motor provide uniform grinding pressure. For additional protection, this butterfly wet grinder comes with an overload and overheating protection. 

The cord included could have been a little bit more generous to keep the grinder wherever you want. Along with the stones attached the machine is heavy although it seems quite compact to fit all the usual kitchen counters in the majority of homes. For exact dimensions please check the key specs mentioned below. 

This product comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. After-sales service is not the most reliable one. In case of a query, one can contact manufacturers service engineers via a simple phone call or book a service visit. 

Things to like:Things to improve:
2 litre capacity is ample to serve a medium sized familyCircular grinding stones are not the most effective grinding tools
A powerful high torque 150W motorRecurring repairs that this grinder needs if not maintained properly. 
2 years of manufacturer warrantySlow and takes a lot of time
Compact design.
Inexpensive pricing

3. Panasonic MK GW200 Super Wet Grinder 

  • SS304 grade steel drum.
  • Speed controlling knob.
  • Jar capacity: 2 litres
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor
  • Power: 240 watts; Operating Voltage: 230-240 volts

“A Better Life, A Better World,” the Panasonics motto to create a world with technological assistance to make our daily lives easy. Let’s check out if the Panasonic motto keeps up with this wet grinder from Panasonic. 

One of the prominent things to notice on this wet grinder is the 250 Watts of power at its disposal. With such a powerful motor our team was expecting great things from this wet grinder. However, before we get into those technicalities let’s concentrate on the aesthetics and design of this wet grinder. 

Panasonic MK-GW200 looks quite a compact in size with both the motor and grinding drum placed so close to each other. Thus fitting this wet grinder on your kitchen counter won’t be a lot of hassle. 

The amalgamation of stainless steel and ABS plastic looks much better than the previously reviewed wet grinders. Materials used feels premium and specifically designed to take care of day to day wet grinding tasks effortlessly.

As per Panasonic with a 3D alpha flow technology, this grinder delivers a 15% more efficient grinding. The consistency of the batter it churns out is excellent. The batter comes out fluffy and well aerated and results in delightful idlis and dosa.

The transparent lid on the drum has a big hole to help aeration process of the batter. For a consistent grinding, the two roller grinding stones are there. However, our team was expecting conical grinding stones as they result in better efficiency and consistency. 

Although these circular grinding stones are not the deal-breaker. Even with the powerful motor, this wet grinder takes more than an hour to grind. As per a real-world test it took close to 45 mins to grind 1.5 kg of rice. 

You can adjust the speed of grinding with a simple knob on the machine. The vibration levels while grinding are low along with the noise levels especially compared to a traditional mixer. This wet grinder does not grind if the transparent lid is not placed correctly. This is an excellent security feature by Panasonic to ensure the safety of the users. 

There are air vents on the wet grinder to keep the motor cool while grinding. However, they do not work as well as advertised and heat management on this wet grinder can be improved. Panasonic wet grinder comes with a limited 2 years of warranty on the whole grinder while additional 5 years of warranty on the motor. 

Things to like:Things to improve:
A powerful 240W motorHeat management on the grinder.
Manufacturer warranty of 2 years on the product and 5 years on the motorThe time it takes despite having such a powerful motor (240W).
Compact design. Slow and takes a lot of time

4. Unique Wet Grinder

  • Jar capacity: 2 litres
  • Motor: 150Watts
  • Item Dimensions: 50.8 x 29.2 x 30.5 Centimeters
  • Item Weight : 12 kg
  • No. of stones: 2 

This Unique wet grinder aesthetically looks really nice especially with that dual-tone colour scheme simple design. With a 150W motor, you can expect results similar to other 150W wet grinders used on this list of best wet grinders in India. 

If you need a wet grinder that comes with free attachments then this is the one. As the manufacturer provides a coconut scraper as well as the atta kneader inside the box. With the 2 litre capacity, this wet grinder has enough space to make the batter for a medium-sized family.

The shockproof polycarbonate exterior is paired with the stainless steel drum to provide a consistent grinding. Inside the main grinding drum, you have two circular grinding stones. Not the most stable of the products on this list. 

The wet grinder drum tends to vibrate a lot while grinding. Although the noise is a little on the higher side compared to other wet grinders on this list, It is still manageable. The batter for idli and dosa came out nice with overall good consistency. 

It took around an hour for rice and lentil (daal) batter. While only daal it takes a close to 30 mins. The timings are not important here as the majority of the wet grinders take at least that much amount of time. 

The heavy-duty 150W motor can spin maximum up to 960rpm. This high revolution per minute with the heavy granite grinding stones provide an excellent consistency of the batter. The whole unit weighs around 12kgs due to the heavy grinding stones used on the grinder.  

Consider this Unique machine to be a mediocre machine that can help your cause with a consistent batter. However, the only problem that I see on this machine is long term. I think over the years, the vibrations and noise levels will increase while the performance will decrease.   

Although with a 1-year manufacturer warranty you’re at least secured for a year. The inexpensive pricing is one more attractive feature of this wet grinder. If you use a wet grinder occasionally thus this can be the product you need to consider. 

Things to like:Things to improve:
Inexpensive pricing.Noise levels can be reduced. 
Dual-tone aesthetics. Vibrations on the product need a drastic improvement. 
A reliable and standard 150W motor.

5. Vijaylakshmi Stainless Steel Wet Grinder 1.25 L

  • Capacity: 1.25 litres 
  • Motor: 150 watts single phase 960 rpm, 
  • Voltage: 220 – 240 V 
  • Equipped with manually adjustable circular granite stones for faster grinding

Vijayalakshmi appliances are considered to be one of the most reliable in the south part of India. Thus including a product from them was no brainer. This small 1.25-litre wet grinder is an excellent choice for modern-day small families.

It can only take up to 1.25 litres of soaked rice. To grind it to the desired consistency you have a 150W single phase motor. This motor at maximum can run around 960 rpm. It can grind anything above a minimum quantity of 250 grams. 

Making it the perfect or the best wet grinder for small families. There is nothing much to talk about the exterior of the machine. The cliched design is evident that it’s more of a functional wet grinder than aesthetics. 

The polycarbonate exterior is solid but not at all attractive. If you’re in the market for a just a functional machine and you don’t care about how it looks. This Vijayalakshmi wet grinder is surely for you. 

Considering the volume of grinding one can do on this machine it is a little expensive. However, the quality of the product is comparable to other wet grinders on this list. The detachable drum assembly on the grinder is easy to remove. 

The wet grinder is easy to operate without any complications. You can manually adjust the stone pressure for finer and faster grinding. The granite circular grinding stones provide a consistent fluffy batter for amazing idlis and dosas. 

This wet grinder doesn’t make any noticeable noise and no visible vibrations while the grinder is working. Expect 30-40 mins to complete the grinding process on this Vijayalakshmi wet grinder. 

For additional usability, the wet grinder comes equipped with a coconut grater as well as a dough kneader. As said above this is the best wet grinder especially for a small family or people staying alone.

Things to like:Things to improve:
Small 1.25-litre capacity perfect for small families and bachelors. A much powerful motor
Simple and functional design.Adjustable knob for controlling the speed
Minimum quantity supports 250gms. 
Manually adjustable stone pressure. 

How to Buy A Wet Grinder in India – Buyers Guide

Why do you need a wet grinder?

With the advent of internet people in all parts of India and outside relish a good sambhar along with delicious fluffy dosas, idlis, vadas, etc. However, the old mixer is not the best suited and equipped to handle the batter tasks as well as a wet grinder. 

These grinding machines are specially designed to make consistent dosa, idli batter for long hours without overheating. This is not the only reason to invest in a wet grinder. To make it easier for you to contemplate let’s list down the reasons one should invest in a wet grinder:

  • If you’re a south Indian you’ll surely have one by now, but if you’re just a south Indian food aficionado you need one to satisfy your south Indian food cravings.
  • If you think batter consistency is the key.
  • Slow but effective grinding. 
  • Operate for longer periods of time without overheating. 
  • Grinding with stones though automatic creates that nostalgic feel of querns and improves the tastes of the final product. 

Things to keep in mind before selecting a wet grinder:

  • Capacity: 

On a wet grinder, capacity is calculated according to the drum size. This is totally subjective as different families may have different requirements. Thus selecting the correct size is really important according to the family requirement. Wet grinders come in all shapes and sizes from home friendly machines to industrial machines. 

  • Aesthetics:

The majority of the wet grinders in the market comes in a familiar similar design and ergonomics. Thus if you’re conscious doesn’t allow you to pick a simple minimalistic wet grinder you can choose from unlimited wet grinders available to complement your kitchen decor. 

  • Motor Size:

The motor size is directly proportional to the time a wet grinder will consume to complete the task. In simple words, more powerful motor grinding procedures will be done faster in less of a time. 

  • Energy efficiency:

As mentioned above wet grinders take more time compared to normal traditional mixer grinders. As they run for longer periods of time one needs to check whether the grinder provides any extra power-saving features while keeping the machine cool.

  • Ease to clean and maintenance:

Nobody likes recurring costs, especially in the kitchen equipment. Generally, they tend to last decades before you need a replacement. Therefore ease of usage as well maintenance is important when it comes to wet grinders. Choosing a grinder with fewer complications and simple mechanisms is really important. Consider this as major essentiality before you invest in a wet grinder.  

  • Brand:

Why does the brand matter? The more popular the brand it is easy to seek after-sales help. Therefore, the brand does matter. Only a strong after-sales service can assist you well after the machine is purchased. Thus invest in wet grinders from popular brands to save you time as well as money and provide you with strong after-sales support.   

  • Size and number of stones:

The majority of the wet grinders in the market come equipped with 2 grinding stones. They are sufficient to complete the grinding tasks in a given timeframe for a small nuclear family. While for much faster results one can invest in wet grinders with 3 grinding stones. These machines tend to perform better and yield faster results compared to their 2 grinding stones counterparts. 

  • Types of stone:

The majority of the wet grinders manufacturers use granite for manufacturing grinding stones. While some of them opt for a circular design or a conical design. However, out of two conical grinding stones are much more efficient and effective. Conical shape increases the contact area with the ingredients.      

How to Clean and Maintain Your Wet Grinder

  • The majority of the wet grinders reviewed by our team are simple table top wet grinders. Therefore a detachable drum unit makes it easy to clean and maintain. However, if you have a tilting one the maintenance steps remain the only thing that differs is the drum is fixed to the assembly and can’t be removed for easy cleanups. 
  • The most sensible thing to do first is to unplug the wet grinder completely before we start the cleaning process.
  • Remove the stone holder shaft inside the main drum. The grinding stones attached come out along with the main shaft and put them aside for thorough cleaning.
  • Remove the main grinding drum and keep them aside too for thorough cleaning under running water.  
  • An extra pro tip – once the grinding is done add some water and let the grinder run for a while to accumulate the remaining batter from the recent grinding process. This will make your work a lot easier while cleaning it under the running water. 
  • For tilting type wet grinder one has to be really careful as they don’t come with detachable drum units. If the drum is detachable the cleaning steps remain the same as mentioned above. 
  • The tilting type wet grinders are a little tricky to use considering the non-detachable parts thus use a cloth or a soft bristle brush to clean off any leftover scrubs on the grinder drum. 
  • Clean the roller stones and drum with a damp cloth. If the grinding stones come off easily wash them and make sure they are absolutely dry before they go in back.
  • And wipe the motor with a dry cloth.
  • With a long term use, the wet grinders accumulate dirt and debris from the past grinds. This makes your wet grinders smell thus to ensure a fresh and hygienic odour clean your wet grinder after every use.
  • Some household items can be really helpful to keep your wet grinder odour and spotless even after tonnes of use. Lemons, baking soda and vinegar can come handy to keep your wet grinder clean and smelling fresh. 
  • Lemons are natural cleaning agents and are highly efficient to get rid of pungent smells. While baking soda and vinegar are highly effective to remove stains and stubborn smudges. 

Key points or tips to maintain your wet grinder / how to maintain a wet grinder?

  • Cleaning a wet grinder thoroughly after every use is the most important and vital to ensure your wet grinder keeps on running for a long period of time.
  • Keep the wet grinder absolutely dry while not in use. If the drum is removable keep it upside down to be cent per cent sure.
  • After every cleanup process makes sure the roller stones are properly fitted. Try manually rotating them to ensure there is no friction or resistance.
  • Cleaning the grinding stones thoroughly is the most important part of maintaining a wet grinder. It keeps your wet grinder odourless and fresh. Please read the detailed cleaning instructions as mentioned above.  
  • Never experiment with nothing inside the wet grinder that can damage your grinding stones as well as the motor. 
  • Lubricate the motors as well as a belt as often as you can. 
  • Using ample amounts of water is important to keep adequate belt tension.
  • With heavy rotating stones inside it is advisable to keep your hands away. Especially keep the grinder away from children’s reach.
  • Always seek professional help in case of a breakdown and repairs. Refer to instructional manually if you don’t understand anything before you use your own brain.
  • Instead of dumping all the ingredients add them in a sequential manner to reduce the stress on the motor and grinding stones. This will ensure the longevity of the motor and your wet grinder. 
  • Always check for the warranty and service centres (according to your location) for a particular brand before you invest in a wet grinder. If the additional warranty is provided by the manufacturer for a nominal cost do take it. 
  • Stay away from the attachments offered by third party manufacturers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : Best Wet Grinders in India

Best brand for wet grinders?

There is no specific wet grinders brand that can be crowned as the best wet grinder brand. Instead, wet grinders from a specific south Indian city are really famous. Coimbatore or Coimbatore Wet Grinders is referred to as wet grinders manufactured in Coimbatore. According to Wikipedia, there are more than 700 wet grinder manufacturers in the city.  Thus keep this in mind before you invest in a wet grinder check the place of origin. If it’s from Coimbatore you can surely buy it.

What can we grind in a wet grinder?

As mentioned above wet grinders can be utilized to make the batter from soaked lentils and rice. While on the other hand one can also scrape coconut knead the dough with a few additional attachments. Grinding masalas, as well as chutneys, can also be managed on a wet grinder. 

How to choose a wet grinder?

This depends on a lot of things. In brief, you have to think about the usage of a wet grinder, then narrow it down towards specs; grinding capacity, no. of stones, motor power, etc. The whole details are mentioned above please check.  

How to clean a wet grinder?

The main grinding drum on the majority of the wet grinders is detachable along with the grinding stones. One can wash them below running water just like other utensils. To get rid of pungent or any other foul smell you can use lemon. This is again explained in a step by step process above please check the text for more details. 

What motor is used in a wet grinder?

Wet grinders use single-phase motors that vary and come equipped in different sizes. The motor size directly affects the performance of a wet grinder and the time it consumes to grind. 

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