Disadvantages of Air Fryer – Is It Suitable for Indian Cooking?

Air fryers seem to be very popular nowadays among the Indian population. More and more people are considering buying it. A lot of those who have it seem to recommend it and there seem to be a lot of bright reviews online about this modern appliance.

Are air fryers really suitable for Indian kitchen? Can they really help with Indian cooking? Are they as health as the manufacturers claim them to be ? It might be difficult to find out the disadvantages of owning and air fryer. In this article we are listing some cons that that you know if you are considering buying an air fryer.

Air fryers cons that you should know

Air fryers are big and bulky

There is no doubt that air fryer is a big and bulky appliance and takes conisderable space on your kitchen platform. If you do not have a large kitchne you might even need to store it away after every use. A lot of people are suprprised when they open their new air fryer especially if they order a large sized. You will need to decide where will you place this appliance.

If you are a first time user of an air fryer, you might be a little uncomfortable of using such a bulky device for cooking dishes that you have been cooking in the humble kadai. You might also face problems washing this appliance because of its large parts. Even though the body is large, it doesnt usually contain a lot of food. We will advise you to not be discouared by the size of this appliance and get a larger sized air fryer if you have a medoum to large family. Having a large basket will ensure that you are able to store more food. Gradually you will get comfortable with the size of the appliance and will start to love it more.

Air Fryers make noise

The cpncept of an air fryer is that it used hot air to cook food which is circulated inside the basket. Now this air is continously sucked inside from the surroundings and pushed out using an exhaust. It is obvious that the air suction and expelling process will make noise. The level of this noise could be around 65 dB which is roughly equal to th enoise an average vacuum cleaner makes. Also this noise will vary between model to model.

While the noise is not something that would bother you, we want to make sure that you are aware of this before you decide on buying an aur fryer.

Air fryers take more time than deep frying

For those of us who are used to frying our snacks in a kadai full of oil, we must know that cooking your food in air fryer will take longer than on the gas.

We are actually not including th epreheating time as we need to heat oil before we start cooking. Infact an air fryer can be quicker at preheating than a pan.

Air fryers are more expensive than deep frying setup

It shoul dbe obvious that an air fryer will cost more than your typical setup for deep frying. Now that you are thinking about replacing your deep frying pan with a modern kitchne appliance you should be willing spend a considerable amount.

If you think the advantages that you are getting are worth the cost of the appliance, you should not hesitate to get an air fryer.

Air fryers are not suitable for large Indian families

This is a fact that if you have a family of 5 or more, it might be difficult for you to cook for all family members together. You might have to cook in batches. While there are some large air fryers available in the market, they are still not enough for large Indian families. Large air fryers might have the capacityu to cook for about 3 to 4 people.

While the appliance itself looks big, the basket is usually small in size. It could work out of you are making snacks like french fries but if you are making main course meal like vegetables, you might have to do it in batches.

The reason for this is that if they make bigger baskets, the quality of cooking would decreasse considerably as there is a limit to how food can be cooked using hot air. This is also the reason that are no commercial air fryers in the market with large baskets.

It takes time to learn how to use an air fryer

If you are planning to buy your first air fryer you should know that it might require you a little prcatice before you are able to cook properly. You might have to try a dish a few times before it turns out that way you want. It will just be a matter of time before you are able to cook tasty and healthy dishes.

Although most of the air fryers in Indian market come with recipes and guides, you might need to do a few experiments to learn how to make your favourite dish. You could watch youtibe videos or read online for tips and suggestions.

Food cooked in air fryer will taste different

If you are used to eating deep fried food cooked in kadais and pans, you will be in for a surprise as the food cooked in air fryer will taste different. Since your food will not be dripping with oil, this should not come as a surprise.

It should be obvious that food from an air fryer will be more dry compared to a snack that you get from a pan full of oil. Apart from this, you might find that the food is little less crunchy as compared to deep fried food. The reason of this is that air fryer uses air to cook food while deep frying allows food to absorb oil which cooks it thoroughly and better.

Whether this is taste better or worse is a matter of personal preference but it might take some time for you get used to it.

Air fryers could be difficult to clean

An air fryer is a bulky kitchne appliance that a lot of Indians are not familiar with. It is obvious that since you are replacing your pans with a modern appliance like this, it incresae the time you spend cleaning it. Also a lot of people

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