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Difference between Front Load and Top load Washing Powder

Gone are the days when you would get only one type of detergent to wash all sorts of fabrics. In the market today, you will find a plethora of washing machine. Walking past the shelves stacked with a hundred variety of washing powders in the stores, one is bound to get confused as to which one would be the best for their clothes. With brands coming out with new detergents every now and then, the huge variety can end up overwhelming us. They come in all sorts of types, ranging from automatic and semi-automatic to top loading and front loading. The different types of washers work very differently and hence, need different types of washing powders too. These days, most of the manufacturers of washing machines attempt at improving the technology of washing and cleaning so that the machines work on less energy and water.

Difference between a top loading and a front loading washing machine

A top loading washing machine comes with an agitator present in its drum. Hence, it requires a lot more water to wash and its washing cycles are also longer. On the other hand, a front loading washing machine comes with no agitator and functions on the tumble action. This sort of machine needs less water as well as less washing powder to clean the clothes. The water cycles are also shorter in this. Because of such varying differences in the washers available in the market, different washing powders are needed for top loading and front loading washers as they have different washing mechanisms. 

Difference between a top loading and a front loading washing powder

The primary difference between a front loading and a top loading washing powder is the lather formula or the suds in the powder. As a front loader machine would use less amount of water, it needs a HE, or high efficiency low suds formula washing powder. The HE or low suds formula powders produce less lather or foam and gets rids of all the gunk, dirt, and soap residue, using very little water.

Best Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Powders in the Indian Market

Enlisted below are some of the most top-rated and loved washing powders. These are for both top loading as well as front loading washing machines. Have a look:

  1. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent, Front Load
  2. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent 
  3. Henko Matic Front Load Detergent 
  4. Tide Matic 3in1 PODs Liquid Detergent Pack (for Both Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines)

You must stick to the recommended levels of washing powder, softener, or bleach. Do not add in more than what is mentioned in the user manual of your washer. You can also refer to the machine’s outer packaging for the recommended quantity. Before you being pouring the powder, keep the measuring lines in the cup in check. Usually, most of the washers in the market come with the guides marked on the drawers. These drawers display the maximum levels of every product which goes in. At the time of doing the laundry, always load your washing machine efficiently.

Can A Top Loading Washing Powder be Used in a Front Loading Washing Machine or Vice Versa?

The conventional washing powder used in a top loading washing machine creates more lather or suds. As a top loading washing machine would use more water in every wash, the quantity of lather or suds formed can be rinsed away easily. However, this huge quantity of suds cannot be rinsed by a front loading washing machine. This is because the front loader uses less amount of water. If a conventional washing powder is used in a front loading washing machine, the soap may end up leaving a residue over the fabrics. This would make your clothes appear dingy and less clean. It would also lead to a buildup of soap residue in the machine that can interfere with the functioning of the system.

Therefore, you must always use that type of washing powder which is recommended by the manufacturer of you washing machine. You should also be cautious of the amount of washing powder you put in before every wash. This is because, an excessive quantity of washing powder can not only damage the fabrics but can also lead to longer washing cycles. This would use up more energy and it would eventually lead to higher electricity bills 

What to look for while picking a washing powder?

The quality of your wash not just depends on the type of washing powder you use, but also on the quantity of the powder that your machine needs. If too much washing powder is put in the machine, it may produce an unwanted white residue on the clothes while adding to the problems for the machine. You must keep in mind that more is not really better all the time. On the other hand, if less than the needed quantity of washing machine is added, it may result in poor stain removal and cleaning. 

When you are buying a washing powder for a front load washing machine, make sure to go for a detergent that has HE logo on its bottle/pack. Usually, on the shelves of the stores, you will find different kinds of washing powders are mixed together by the retailers. Even customers end up shuffling and rearranging the products absent-mindedly. This may confuse you and make you pick the wrong washing powder. Go through the packaging before making your purchase. Another good tip to save up some money is to buy in bulk. That would not only go easier on your pocket but would also ensure you would have a stock at home. The price of an HE washing powder is pretty similar to that of a regular washing powder.

What if you have already bought the wrong washing powder?

In case you have picked the wrong washing powder, that is, top loading powder for the front-loading washer or vice versa, you do not need to be bummed about it. Your money has not gone to complete waste. People often make this mistake but what they do is always keep the amount of washing powder in check while using it in the machine.

As the top loading washing powder produces a huge amount of suds, you must use it in a little amount when using it in a front loading washing machine. A front loading washer cannot get rid of the froth as it uses very little water. The performance of a washing machine will start degrading if it does not give you the desired wash. In the same way, if you are using any front loading washing powder in a top loading washer, you must put in more of it for getting the desired result. However, all this is recommended only if you have purchased the wrong powder by mistake. Using the right washing powder for the right washing machine will not only increase the lifespan of your machine but also reduces the energy consumption. Always remember that if you treat your machine well, it will treat your clothes well.

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