5 Best Ceiling Fans with Remote Control in India 2024

If you can use your AC and TV with your remote, why should you have to get up from your chair or bed to control the speed of the ceiling fan. It makes sense to consider one of these ceiling fans that come with remote. Fans with remote offer you a lot of convenience as you can operate it from your bed or chair. The remote control has a transmitter which sends signals to the receiver which is in the fan. For a lot of brand it is also possible to use your phone as a remote using the Ir remore setup.

You can operate a lot of these remotes from as much as a distance of 20 feet which makes is really convenient. As fans companies become more innovative with their products, these remotes are coming with more features than just basic functionality. Most of the remote comes with a timer features. Some even offer a boost function using which you can run the fan at maximum speed.

Some of the fans also have LED lights in them which you can operate using the remote. You can change the colour of the light or incresae or decresae the intensity of the light.

Since fans with remote control are a relatively new concept in India, there aren’t many choices available in the market and there is very less clarity on which one perform well and which ones you should avoid. Therefore it imporant that you go through this article in case you want to buy the best fan with remote control in India. Also we have prepared a buyers guide with you which will guide on what what features you need to look out for when you are buying fan with remote control functionality.

Reviews of best Remote Control fans in India

Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan

The first product on our list is a popular fan model by the company Atomberg. Atomberg is an Indian company which has been started by a group if IIT and IIm graduates. They build energy efficient appliances which are able to matceh the global standards. There will be more products by this company on this list as their fans run on BLDC or Brushless direct current technology. Even though the fans are connected to regular AC supply they actually run on DC power. This helps reduce the electricity consumtion and save you money. lets us talk about the first product called Atomberg Efficio.

Atombergf Efficio is one of the best selling fans in India not just in the fans with remote category but an overall best sellers. The primary reason for this is that it has a BLDC motor which is known to be highly efficient. The fan consumes only 28W electricity on the highest speed. This helps you save on electricity. You can save as much as Rs 1500 per year using this fan as compared to your regular f an.

Now the remote itself has some innovative functions apart from the basic ones like increasing and decreasing speed. The remote features a boost function that helps to run the fan at the maximum speed. You cam also set a timer using this smart remote control. Apart from that you can use the sleep function which will decrease the speed of the fan at regular intervals. The remote can be used from upto a distance of 20 feet which is quite impressive.

You can get this model in different sizes which are 900mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm and more 

If you are wondering which size will be suitable for your home you can refer the buyers guide which will you detail of the blade size that you should go for accoridng to the dimensions of your room. 


  • Saves electricity
  • You can use the fan with your IR remote from phone 


  • The quality of the remote plastic feels cheap
  • Local electricians might have a problem repairing this fan because of BLDC motor

Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Superfan is a well known brand in India that manufactures BLDC fans. 

You can use the remote to chnage the speed of th efan part fron this ther are several innovative functons in remote. A very handy feature is the timer function which allows you to switch off or chnage the speed of the fa after either 6 hours or 2 hours.You can also decrease the speed of th efan in small steps while it is running. ANother interesting feature is the breeze function which simulates the natural breeze. The fam is able to do so by chaning the speed periodically.

These beautiful designer fans are availble in several colours so you can choos eth ecolousr that matches the decor of your room.

As with Atomberg fans, the speed of these fans do not vary if the voltage fluctutaes

This is an energy efficient fan that consumes only 35W of power. Using such low wattage allows the fan to run for 29 hours on 1 unit of electricity. This is a huge difference from the electricity consumed by conventional fans which results in huge savings in electricity bills.


  • Consumes less electricity compared to conventional fans


  • Noisy at low speeds

Atomberg renesa BLDC Motor Fan with Remote Control

This is another model of the brand Atomberg. The resaon we are including this on our list is because it has certain differnet features than efficio.

The Renesa model by Atomberg comes with LED lights that indicate the speed at which the fan is running on. This innovative features gives and edge to your fan and can be a good addition for your modern home. You can also use the LED lights as a night lamp.

Just lik eothet fans by ATomberg the Reneas also works on BLDC motor which is very efficient and saves you lot of electricity. When you run it at highest speed it consumes only 28W of electricity. For your refrence the conventional fand=s consume around 70W of electricity.

Warranty: The compnay gives you 4=3 years of warranty on the product. You get 2 years warranty with the product and you can cliam an extra years of warrnaty when you register for it.

It comes with a handy remote control which you can use to change the speed level, use th etimes or use one of the boost or sleep mode. While you have the option of using the remote to regulate the speed, you could also do it by toggling the 

Kinldy note that even though these atomberg fans consume less electricity, thir speed is by no means less than other conventional fans. Thee fans run at high speed and are very effective at air throw.

Another interesting feature of this fan is that you can run it more when you are using an inverter. Power cuts are a common occurences in many cities in India. The compnay claims that this fan will run 3 times more

Superfan Super A1

Superfan is another popular brand in India that manufcatures fans with innovative remote control. These remotes give you the conveninece of using the fan from any part of your room. 

The remote control of the Superfan A1 comes with 9 keys. Apart from being able to change speed, you can use the breeze function which is supposed to simulate the natural breeze. It dies so by changing the speed in regular intervals. There is also a timer option in the remote.

Another advantge of the fan is that there is no change is speed when the volatge fluctuiates. This should be a huge advantges if your live in some area where there is lof of voltage fluctiation.

Also if there are frequent power cuts in your city or town and you use inverter frequently, this fan will offer you a huge advantge as this fan would run twice as much as your average fan on inverter. Also the compnay claims that there is no noise in the fan when it runs on onverter and there is no change in speed.

The Superfan A1 is an energy efficinet fan that runs on BLDC motor. It consumes only around 35W of electricity when you run it at highest speed. This means that you have huge savings in your electricity bill. While the supefan A1 will cost more than regular induction motor fan, the savings on electricity bill can help you recover the cost in around 1 year.


  • Attractive looking fan
  • Fans is inverster freindly and speed doesnt reduce when on inverter


  • Some users might find the remote small and cheap quality
  • The remote runs on button cell 
  • Blinking light on the remote might be an inconvenience during night

OGSmith Royal Anti Dust with Remote Control – Best Budget Fan with Remote

In case you are looking for a budget fan which gives you the functionlaity f using a remore, OGSmith Royal Anti Dust fan. While this is not a BLDC fan, it has a heavy duty copper motor. The double ball bearings in the motor ensures that the motor runs smoothly and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

The bladees of th efan are made of high quality compounded ABS. Thi ensures that the blades stay rust free. Further the blades have got a high gloss finish.

Warranty: The company gives you 3 years of warranty and covers both the motor and blades. Keep in mind that the company will not cover any physical damage in this warranty.

Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with Remote

If your focus is on the looks and aesthetics of thefan rather than efficinecy you can consider this Orient Electric Spectra fan that comes with light and remote. A lot of users have have purchased this fan are really happy with it. 

This high quality fan comes with an LED light which has 5 different light display. You can choose a colour according to your mood. Also you can change the intensity of the light. You can operate the light with the remote that comes with the fan.

Apart from the ability of using the LED light, the remore control offers several other features like speed regulation and timer.

Warranty: The company gives you two years of warranty on the fan. Kinsly note that the warranty is only on manufcaturing defects.

Ceiling Fan with Remote Buying Guide

If you are looking for a ceiling fan with remote control, make sure you read this buyers guide. Since remote controlled ceilinga fans are a relatively new concept in India, there isnt a lot of information available online and with dealers. It is imporant you choose the fan that suits your budgets and requirements. 

Type of Motor

Fans nowadays come with two diffrent types of motors. These motors are differnet in the way they function. The fans with BLDC motors or Brushless Dc motor consume less electricity as compared to fans with induction motor. An average ceiling fan with induction motor conusmes around 70W whereas BLDC fan might consume only around 35W.

Also you should keep in mind that fans with BLDC motor would cost more compared to a conventional induction motor fan. A BLDc motor fan might cost around twice as much as a regular induction motor fan.

Functions of remote

While you would expect that the remote will give you basic functions like power switch and ability to change the speed, most of the fan remotes offer other innovative features like timer which is really helpful. This time can be used to reduce the speed after certain hours. There could be a breeze function which changes the speed of the fan after regular intervals. You might want to go through the description of the fan to find out what features the remote offers.

LED light

Some fans come with LED which shows you the speed at which the fan is running. 

Power Consmpustion

Fans are on eof the most overlooked appliances when it comes to analyzing the power consumption. In many cities in India fans run throughout the year and over the year they consume a lot of power. More and people now chgoose to buy energy efficient devices for the benefit of saving electricity bills among others. You can consider going with BLDC fans if you want to save electricity. You have to keep in mind that these fans do cost more than induction motor fans.


As the number of blades increase the fan becomes quiter but throw less air. This is beacuse additional blades increase the drag on the fan. Most of the fans in India comes with around 3 or 4 blades which is fine. Also the noise that adds with less number of blades is almost negligible so you can choose any number of blades if the design and other features suit you 


Price is very often the first criteria people use before buying a product and it should be the case for ceiling fans as well. Ceiling fans do vary a lot in pricing which depend on the features it has. While the functionality in the remote is almost similar across ceiling fans, they might have other features like LED lights, types of motor and other features which could influence its pricing.

Design and Aesthetices

If you are shofting into a new house or renovating your old one, you would want to get fans that go well with the aesthetices of your room. You can get fans in various colours and designs. You should consider going through the colours that are available for the model that you have shortlisted to find out which colour will look good. Apart from this several fans come with LEd lights which could be used as night lamps and further increase the beauty of your fan and also your house.

Anti Dust Fans 

Fans are prone to catching dust and sometimes it can be a real pain to clean fans. A lot of fans now come with anti dust paints which can help you maintain a cleaner fan. 

Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting

In case your remote is not working, you can use the following guide to find and sort the problem. If your remote is still giving problem you should get in touch the company.

Make Sure the remote is within the range of the ceiling. Most ceiling fans with remote control work within the range of 20 feet which means that you can use the remote from anywhere in the room. in case you are further away from this above-mentioned range try to come closer to the fan and use the remote again.

 make sure that there is no obstruction between the remote and the fan like any furniture or. having any obstruction between the remote and the fan might make it difficult to use the remote.

You find that the remote is working but only when you move closer to the fan this might be because the batteries are low on power and might need replacement.

There are several ways that you can find whether the problem is in the remote or in the receiver of the fan. if your remote is not working the very first time you should do is to check whether it is batteries and then try replacing them. in case you remote has got indicator light and it is not working that is also an indication that the problem lies in the remote. 

 in case you are not able to fix the problem with the remote yourself you should get in touch with the  company. most of the companies provide around 2 years of warranty with the fan and some of them provide another additional year warranty.

 Also you should know that you could operate a lot of these fans with your phone using the IR remote system.

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