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Top 7 Stand Mixer in India for Making Cakes & Baking (2024)

These days more and more people in their home are trying to recreate their favourite baking recipes at home. From savoury delicacies to sweet treats all over the world people are pushing their cooking skill to its optimum levels.

Thus our team thought this is absolutely the correct time to write about, “Stand Mixer”, a versatile modern-day kitchen appliance. It is helpful to people interested in cooking baked goods and baking in general. 

A stand mixer comes in handy to anyone from kitchen amateurs to professional and enthusiasts. A stand mixer is a commonly used kitchen equipment that makes your time inside the kitchen easy and convenient. 

It is a must-have a piece of equipment in a contemporary kitchen. One can use a stand mixer in infinite ways. You can use a stand mixer inside a regular as well as professional kitchens and bakeries. 

With tonnes of stand mixers available online. It is hard to pick one that fulfils your needs. Thus to spare you all the hard work we have done an exorbitant amount of online research to bring you the best stand mixers in India.

Before writing the following reviews our team has taken into consideration the general online consumer ratings, in-depth reviews, advantages/disadvantages, long time use customer testimonials and after-sales services.

The reviews mentioned below break down all the important features and benefits of owning each stand mixer. The information down below will help you choose the best stand mixer according to your needs and requirements.

All the purchasing links are mentioned down below to check the latest updated price and availability. 

1. Inalsa stand mixer – Best Cheap Stand Mixer

This is one of the best choices for a stand mixer especially if you’re looking for the best stand mixers for baking cakes. It has plenty of features to back its pricing. Starting with the basics it has a head tilt design which makes it super convenient to insert and remove the bowl, add more ingredients and to check the texture of your culinary creation. 

The Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos-1000W is equipped with different 8 levels of speed control to tackle anything from a roti dough to whipped cream and meringue. The pulse option helps you dish out anything that you want as per your specific speed requirements.

The powerful 1000W motor along with 100% copper winding ensures long term reliability, smoothness, and almost silent operation of the Inalsa stand mixer. The only thing that needs improvement is the built quality of the product. Inalsa could have added a little weight to increase the stability of the product.

If you’re only going to use it for cake and cookie batters you’ll be more than happy with this stand mixer. However, it struggles to keep the stainless steel bowl in place when you’re working with dense doughs (ex- pizza, roti or any other bread). 

With dense doughs, the whole machine starts vibrating and wobbling unusually. The other thing is the confusing speed controls on the machine. Even at level one, you can feel it’s revving too hard. Without a bowl cover, you can anticipate unexpected ingredient spills and mess. 

The five-litre stainless steel bowl provides ample amount of space to mix anything for a small recipe to cook for the whole family. With the manufacturer’s warranty for two years, you don’t spend a single penny on maintenance as well as on the upkeep of the stand mixer at least for that time.

Inside the box: 1 No. main unit with a 5 litres stainless steel bowl, 1 No. whisking Cone, 1 No. dough Hook, 1 No. mixing beater, 1 No. splash guard, 1 No. instruction manual cum warranty card.

What we like:

  • Ergonomic and simple design. 
  • Powerful 1000W motor.
  • Versatile extra attachments.
  • 8 levels of  speeds  

What we dislike:

  • Struggles with stiffer doughs.

2. KitchenAid Artisan Design Tilt-Head 300Watt Stand Mixer – Best stand mixer for home baker

This 300-watt stand mixer or artisan stand mixer from KitchenAid on paper doesn’t sound that interesting but is a powerful little machine for your everyday baking needs. On Amazon, this KitchenAid stand mixer has garnered overall comprehensive positive reviews.

The tilt-head design along with full metal construction is robust and surely will last a long time. This might be the only stand mixer on this list of best stand mixers in India that is available in 14 different colours options. Thus, you’ll definitely find one to match your kitchen decor.

Technically also this is a great KitchenAid mixer that has packed everything you need in a modern stand mixer. The 300-watt motor is capable enough to provide optimum power at all 10 speeds levels.

A proprietary 59 touchpoint planetary action rotation in the bowl ensures effective mixing of the ingredients to produce desired and consistent results. The single attachment mechanism onboard is compatible with 14 optional attachments from the manufacturer.

The 4.8 litres of mixing bowl capacity is enough unless you’re not trying to start a bakery. The stainless steel bowl attaches solidly to the clamping plate and shows no unusual movements. The noise level from the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer is bearable.

All kinds of dough come out as desired with little effort. Although stiffer doughs sometimes pose a challenge to the mixer it is still manageable. With stiff doughs, it tends to make more noises than usual and gets a little hot around the motor area but it manages. 

Manufacturer provides a 3 months replacement warranty along with a general warranty up to 5 years for only residential users. However, despite having a partnership with Whirlpool in India they don’t have the best after-sales service in the country. 

If you ignore the unpleasant after-sales service this is a great stand mixer perfect for small contemporary families. The design is ergonomic and functional along with all the present-day features. 

Additionally, it comes in a variety of colours to suit the individual tastes. This is a do it all stand mixer that produces desired results. Yes, it is not the perfect stand mixer that you can buy but surely is an intelligent choice.  

Inside the box: KitchenAid stand mixer, A dough Hook, Wire Whisk, Flat beater, A 4.8-litre stainless steel bowl with handle, pouring shield, and A user manual. KitchenAid sells 14 optional attachments to make this machine versatile and relevant in your kitchen.

What we like:

  • A reliable stand mixer from a very old brand. 
  • 10-speed levels to effectively assist you in the kitchen. 
  • Ergonomic all-metal construction.
  • Extra attachments inside the box.

What we don’t like 

  • Struggles with stiff doughs.
  • After-sales service can be improved. 

3. Wonderchef Stand Mixer 1000-Watt

This stand mixer from the homegrown Indian brand needs attention among all the foreign competitors. With the familiar tilt head stand mixer design and attractive red finish on the outside. This Wonderchef stand mixer stands out immediately out of all your other boring kitchen equipment. 

All die-cast metal exterior increases stability while working in escalates the overall performance. The robustly built exterior provides stability that creates consistent cake, cookie batters and anything that you desire. 

The 1000-watt powerful motor paired with multiple speed settings can make anything in a flash. 

Stainless steel 5 litre bowl is enough to cook for a small party. It comes with a lid to keep the ingredients inside the bowl. 

As per the manufacturer, you can make sufficient dough enough for four to five 400gms bread loaves. That’s a lot of bread. Planetary mixing along with the 6-speed setting provides accurate and consistent results every time.

With the anti skid feet, it maintains stability even at higher speed settings. Overall it is a quiet stand mixer you don’t hear unless you try really hard. The 3 attachments inside the box are sufficient enough to get the majority of your bakery work done. 

In case you need any specific attachment you can always look online. Just check the compatibility with your mixer beforehand. All the detachable blades and attachments are easy to remove and install. 

These attachments are made high-quality aluminium thus they’ll last longer. And this also keeps the maintenance to a bare minimum or nothing. 

The manufacturer provides a limited 3 years of warranty on residential use while only one year warranty for commercial users. Overall this is a great powerful stand mixer that can work in both commercial and home kitchens effortlessly.

Inside the box: Wonderchef stand mixer, A dough hook, Beater, Whisk attachment, 5-litre stainless steel mixer bowl with lid.

What we like:

  • A sturdy all die-cast exterior.
  • 5 litre stainless steel bowl with a lid.
  • 1000 watt powerful motor.
  • 3 years of manufacturer warranty.

What we don’t like:

  • Despite being an Indian brand after-sales service is horrible.

4. Philips HR1565/50 Stand Mixer

Get ready to bake every day without worrying about clogging up your kitchen countertop. As this Philips stand mixer is a small compact stand mixer paired with a 400-watt motor and some more special features up its sleeves. 

With the all-white exterior, it will perfectly fit and complement any kitchen interior while taking up literally no space compared to other modern-day stand mixers. Surprisingly, it comes with a 3-litre unique rotating bowl. 

Out of all the stand mixers on this list, this is the only one with a rotating bowl. The bowl counteracts the direction of the mixer to provide better results. The only concerning thing is the longevity of the product due to all polycarbonate construction.

Even the bowl is made out of plastic, feels flimsy and fragile. The cord on the mixer could have been a little longer to increase the convenience. But the cord storage clip is a nice little design touch to store it in a more organised way. 

The 400-watt motor with the small bowl is sufficient to cook for individuals and small families. Especially for a beginner, this is an excellent stand mixer to learn baking without spending a lot on a bigger stand mixer. 

It comes with pair of stainless steel beaters and dough hooks to whisk, knead and mix everything to perfection.  

And this is the only hybrid stand mixer to feature on this list that can be totally detached from the bowl and work as a stand-alone hand mixer. With multiple speed settings, it is an excellent compact stand + hand mixer for cakes, cookies, frosting, and occasional chapati dough. 

Although you cannot expect a very heavy output from this compact stand mixer but still it is not a total bust. It can help you mix small quantities of cake and cookie batters with similar consistencies without taking a lot of space on your kitchen counter. 

And most importantly you can use it as both stand as well as a hand mixer. The manufacturer provides a limited 2 years warranty.

Inside the box: Mixer unit along with the 3-litre bowl, a pair of stainless steel beaters and dough hooks, user manual, and warranty card. 

What we like:

  • Hybrid stand + hand mixer combo.
  • Brand name.
  • Powerful 400-watt motor.
  • Compact functional design. 
  • Unique rotating bowl.
  • Cord management for better storage. 

What we don’t like:

  • All plastic construction feels light and fragile.
  • It can only handle light tasks.
  • A reliable after-sales service as this stand mixer is imported from China directly.  

5. KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer – Best stand mixer for home use

This is the second KitchenAid stand mixer on this list and shares quite a lot of similarities and nuances with its more powerful sibling. KitchenAid mini stand mixer is available in a plethora of colours to complement any kitchen decor. 

As per the manufacturer, this mini KitchenAid stand mixer is 25% lighter and comes with a 20% smaller footprint compared to the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer. This makes this an awesome pick up for people with smaller kitchens and less countertop space 

All the KitchenAid optional attachments work and are compatible with this mini iteration. The classic tilt-head design is convenient as well as highly functional. Due to this tilt-head design, it is easy to insert and remove the bowl, adding ingredients, and changing attachments. 

With a 10 speed setting, you can slowly stir dry ingredients to make a dough or whip is fast to make whipping cream or beat eggs to a meringue. There is also an innovative slow start ensuring the mixer doesn’t spill the ingredients on to the floor.

With this technology, the machine starts slow while gradually accelerating to the selected speed setting. Although it has a mini attached to its name it is still a big and heavy stand mixer weighing at 6.5 kilos. The stainless steel 3.3 litres of mixing space you can to easily cook for your entire family.  

While working the mixer shows no signs of instability or weird noises. The batters and doughs come out smooth and consistent every time. With a smaller footprint, it is even easier to store this mini KitchenAid stand mixer.      

This KitchenAid stand mixer is an ideal mixer to make any kinds of doughs and bakery items effortlessly. The only thing to dislike about this stand mixer is the struggle to insert and remove attachments.

Hopefully, with time, torture and extended use changing attachments become much easier and convenient. KitchenAid provides a limited 1-year warranty on this stand mixer.

Inside the box: Stand mixer unit, flat beater, dough hook, wire whip and user manual.

What we like:

  • Smaller size with robust built quality. 
  • Compatibility with a variety of optional attachments from the manufacturer. 
  • Colour options.
  • A reliable brand name.

What we don’t like:

  • Installing and removing attachments is a safety hazard. 

6. Bajaj Platini Stand Mixer – Best stand mixer for roti dough

Bajaj Platini Stand Mixer

Bajaj conglomerate is a huge name in consumer electronics and makes a huge variety of high-quality products. Thus it becomes necessary to include a made in India product in the list of best stand mixers in India. 

Before we further go off the track let’s start with this review of Bajaj Platini stand mixer. From the design perspective, there is nothing new. This bajaj stand mixer utilizes the same old cliched tilt-head design seen on the majority of the stand mixers on this list of best stand mixers. 

Yes, the design is old but it’s functional and intuitive. The speed control dial sits on the left as the only physical control on board. Except for the dial, there is a small lever like attachment to release the tilt head of the stand mixer.

The huge 5.2-litre stainless steel mixing bowl is big enough to use this Bajaj stand mixer in a residential as well as in a small commercial setting. Anti-splash guard is a nice touch to keep dry ingredients inside while mixing. 

With the help of the attachments inside the box, you can whip creams for frosting, make cake batters, and knead doughs for varied types of bread. Yes, this Bajaj Platini stand mixer is capable of kneading chapati or roti dough.  

The built quality is on par with other manufacturers. The entire Bajaj stand mixer exterior is built out of metal. This extra metal weight keeps the stand mixer stable even while working with stiffer doughs higher speed settings. The 8 levels step-less speed setting ensures excellent and consistent results.

The planetary movements along with the 8-speed settings assist Bajaj stand mixer to produce uniform results. The 1000-watt motor on this Bajaj stand mixer is no-joke. It can complete any task in a breeze without any difficulty at all. 

This Bajaj stand mixer with its 1000-watt motor is a powerful beast of mixer that can add comfort to your baking. With a solid build quality and versatility, this is surely a stand mixer to consider buying. And as it’s Bajaj we expect a solid after-sales service too. 

Bajaj provides 2 years of limited warranty on the product. 

Inside the box: Bajaj Platini stand mixer, 5.2-litre stainless steel bowl, flat beater, dough hook, splash guard, whisker, user manual, and warranty card. 

What we like:

  • Sturdy all-metal construction.
  • 1000-watt power motor to easily get through any task.
  • 5.2-litre stainless steel mixing bowl.    
  • Stability and quiet performance.  

What we don’t like:

  • Cliched tilt-head design.

7. Kenwood KM287 Prospero Stand Mixer

 Kenwood KM287 Prospero Stand Mixer

Compared to the traditional stand mixers Kenwood has taken a little modern design and material approach. Due to this, the whole stand mixer is made out of polycarbonate material except for the mixing bowl. However, don’t be sceptical of built quality yet is not that bad. The Kenwood stand mixer feels robust and stable even while working at top speed setting. 

Although not everything is plastic. The stainless steel bowl is still there and elevates the appearance of this stand mixer. With 4.3 litres of ample space, you can easily fit a 1.6kg cake dough. 

That should be an adequate amount of space to meet the needs of the majority of the households. There is a 900-watt powerful and effective motor on board to handle day to day tasks. Even kneading stiffer doughs is just a mere challenge for the Kenwood Stand Mixer.   

With that powerful motor, this stand mixer promises a uniform dough consistency for all kinds of bread including the Indian chapatis. The including attachments can assist you to prepare the dough, whisk icings and beat biscuit batters. 

Then there are extra optional attachments to use the same stand mixer as a full-blown food processor, juicer extractor, mincer, multi mill, and blender. These multiple use case scenarios make it an one of a kind exciting versatile stand mixer from Kenwood.

*These are optional attachments that cost extra and can be bought from the manufacturer directly.

Working of this stand mixer is common and nothing new. The variable speed setting helps you mix and match according to the recipe and ingredients used. Pulse mode starts the mixing at a slow pace to avoid immediate spilling of ingredients and ensuring consistent results.

This is an expensive stand mixer compared to other stand mixers on this list. But still, with the variety of attachments and versatility, it makes this list on fair means. Kenwood provides a limited one year warranty on this compact stand mixer. 

Inside the box: Kenwood stand mixer, dough hook, whisker, and K beater.

What to like:

  • 900-watt powerful motor to complete any task effortlessly.
  • Extra optional attachments making it the most versatile stand mixer on the list.
  • Modern-day design aesthetics. 
  • Ample 4.3 litres of mixing space.

What we don’t like:

  • Polycarbonate exterior.
  • After-sales service is really bad. 

Hand mixer vs stand mixer

Hand Mixer:

As the name suggests its a hand held mixer that is quite common among households these days. They are a faster, time saving, portable, inexpensive way to add a lot of convenience to your life. You can beat eggs in no time, mash potatoes, the days you feel fancy make meringue, mix cake batter.

Advantages of a hand mixer:

  • First is the inexpensive pricing makes it affordable to each and everyone.
  • Portable and have no bowl or utensil restriction.
  • No minimum load requirement.
  • Lightweight and minimal footprint makes it easy to store.
  • Best for beating eggs, whipping cream, and meringue.

Stand Mixers:

By this time ideally you should know everything you need about stand mixers. Stand mixers are aimed at keen baking enthusiasts and home bakers.Thus, stand mixers are equipped with powerful motors capable of mixing large batches of ingredients with ease along with loads of additional features.

Advantages of a stand mixer:

  • Additional optional attachments unlocks new capabilities on a stand mixer.
  • Powerful motors can easily mix large batches of ingredients. 
  • As the bowl is locked down in a place you get a uniform consistency.
  • With amazing built quality they tend to last eons.

Buyer’s Guide on Buying the Best Stand Mixer in India for 2024


Prices for a premium stand mixer can set you back thousands of rupees. And the prices vary according to the features, extra attachments, built quality, brand name, and capacity. Yes, there are cheaper options available but those are not the most reliable and sturdy mixers to invest your money. 

Stand mixers are an asset for your kitchen that you don’t upgrade quite often. Thus if you’re looking for a stand mixer stretch your budget a little and consider investing in a modern-day high quality stand mixer from a known brand.  

Stand mixers are not your average compact kitchen equipment. Compared to other kitchen equipment they have a larger footprint and are heavy. Most sturdy stand mixers occupy a considerable amount of space on kitchen countertops. 

Size And Weight Of The Mixer:

These mixers are not ideal for small kitchens. There are some compact options available but it’s better to invest in a heavy stand mixer. As a heavy stand mixer will keep up the stability even at higher speed settings.


It is advisable to aim for a stand mixer with at least a 300-watt motor or higher. The higher the wattage value is the more powerful is your motor. If you’re a heavy user it is recommended to pick a stand mixer with a powerful motor, maybe close to 1000-watts.

If you only bake once in a while a 300-watt mixer should fulfil your needs with ease. Power and size of the mixing bowl are directly proportional. The more power the motor has, it can mix, knead, and whip large quantities with ease.

Features And Attachments:

From multiple speed settings to different attachments, modern-day stand mixers are capable of doing a lot more than just rudimentary mixing of ingredients. Thus this is one of the important things to consider before buying a stand mixer. 

Opt for a stand mixer that supports a wide variety of third party as well as proprietary attachments. Compare all the attachments provided by the manufacturer and check if they fulfil your needs. So you can get the most of your stand mixer.  

Built Quality:

Although this is a pretty self-explanatory section still it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. As sturdy material and quality parts used to build the mixer defines its performance and longevity.

Longevity and performance are directly proportional to quality of material used in manufacturing the mixer. Pick a polycarbonate build mixer only if you’re going to use your stand mixer occasionally for light tasks.   


When we talk about the warranty it’s not only the amount of time your repairs are covered by the manufacturer. But it’s more than that you need to have a clear understanding of the exact after-sales terms and conditions. 

Before investing you need to know how good is the after-sales service? Do the manufacturer covers shipping costs and in-house assistance in case of a fault or breakdown.    

Bowl Capacity:

This will vary with the amount of cooking you do and the number of people you’re feeding. For a modern-day nuclear family a 3-litres bowl size would be sufficient and ample to do anything. While for small bakeries and businesses they can opt for stand mixers with a capacity 5-litres or more. Always invest in a stand mixer with a robust stainless steel bowl that stays stable even when the mixer is working at high speed settings.

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