Best Mixer Grinder Under 3000 in India

A mixer grinder is an essential kitchen appliance in our Indian homes. Most of the Indian homes will have this product that we regularly use. We use a mixer grinder or a ‘mixie’ as a lot of us call it for making milkshakes, grinding chutneys, making purees. A lot of modern mixer grinders nowadays also let us juice fruits using the juice attachment.

If you are looking for the best mixer grinder under 3000 in India, you are reading the right article as we have selected the best mixer grinders at this price point. There are many types of mixers grinders available in India. Some of them have only basic jars and functionality and cost less while some have advanced features and are very expensive. Most of the Indian consumers consider buying a mixer grinder in the range of Rs 3000 or less which has all the essential features that can take care of Indian cooking. In this article we have listed the best options in the price range. While creating this list we have made sure that the products are of reputed brands and have been given good reviews by the most enthusiastic reviewers on online website.

Further, we have also created a guide which will help you understand the features that a mixer grinder should have that is essential to making chutneys, blends, shakes and more. This will ensure that you are able to buy the best possible mixer grinder for your home and get the maximum value for your money.

1. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Most of us Indians are familiar with the name Prestige. It is a reputed brand that manufactures kitchen appliances in India. Kindly make sure when you are buying basic kitchne appliances like a mixer grinder, it is important to go with only reputed brands. Buying from well known brands like Prestige will not only ensure you quality and safety but you will also get efficient after sales service.

Talking about this particulat product from Prestige, it is one of the most popular mixer grinders in the market. This has a powerful motor of 750W which will ensure that you will be able to make smoothies, shakes and even grind masalas with ease. While the motor is really powrful in case you are looking to blend something on low power, you have multiple speed control availbale that you can use to adjust the speed.

This mixer grinder has multiple jars that can fulfill all your blending, mixing and grinding needs

Jars: This appliance comes with four jars. It has a large wet grinding jars which is quite spacious at 1.5 litre. Then there is the dry grinding jar which is medium in size and has a capacity of 1 litre. The chutney jar is 300 ml and can be used to make all types of chutneys. The three jars are made of stainless steel. There is also a juicer jar which is made of high quality polycarbonate and can be used to extract juice.


2. Preethi Popular Mixer Grinder 750W (MG 142)

Preethi is one of the most popular names manufacturing mixers and grinders in India

The mixer grinder body has got vacuum attachment on the feet. This give a strong grip to the mixer grinder on any type pf floor and ensure that it does not skid or move. The vacuum feet makes sure that the mixer grinder sits stable even when it is running.

As we can expect from a reputed brand like Preethi, the body of the grinder is made of ABD plastic. This ensures that there is no shock when you are operating the mixer. The jars and the blades are made of stainless steel. The steel jars with flow breakers allow you to finely grind the masalas that you require for your cooking. You get a large wet grinding jar which has a capacity of 1.7 litres, a middle jar of 1 litre and small grinding jar that you can use for making chutneys. This small jar has a capacity of .4 litres and is useful for making chutneys in small quantities.

Warranty: Preethi is giving you two years of warranty on this product.

3. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 

This is on eof the most popular products among the Indian users and have got very bright and encouraging reviews from users. This mixer grinder is suitable for most of the dailys tasks that are required in kitchen. The 500W motor is powerful enough to perform most of the tasks. Its RPM is 2000 which is quite impressive. In case you not awrae what an RPM is, you can refer the user guide that we have in this article.

The mixer and grinder has vacuum attachments on its feet. This makes sure that the appliance sits firm on the kitchne countertop or any other surface where you place it. The vacuum feet makes sure that the appliance is not prone to skidding and you can use it confifdently.

The multifunctional blade system makes the process of grindng and blending convenient and easy. It allows you to process ingredients of different texture and consistency efficinetly and easily.

Bajaj is a well known name that is known to dleiver quality. This particular product is made of high quality ABD plastic that looks and feels tough. The plastic 

This is a high quality and popular mixer grinder in the budget segment. While it is very suitable for most of the uses, the 500W motor might be unsuitable for very tough grinding like turmeric and tough masalas. For this you should use a 750W mixer grinder.


4. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder, 750W

The butterfly smart mixer is a nice combination of looks, durability and functionality. The powerful 750W motor of this appliance gives an RPM of 17000 to 20000 which is appropriate for your most demanding blending and grinding requirements. You can be sure that the razor sharp blades of Butterfly mixer grinder will efficiently makes chutneys, shakes and grind masalas for you. While the motor is powerful you also get an option of regulating the speed using the speed control along with ship option.

You get an option of purchasing this product with 3 or 4 jars. 

There is also an option of incluidng a juicer jar along with the product. This allows you to efficinely extrcat juice. The juicer jar has a pusher which further helps you to get a large amoint of juice from fryits. The pushes also makes sure that there is practically no wastge of juice as it also acts as a cap on th ejar.
The jars have transparnet lids which are made of polycarbonate. This offers the conveninece of monitoring the blending and grinding process while the grinder is running. Just like the jar quality, this polycarbonate lids are also made of high quality material. The lids are resistant to breaking and the compnay claims them to be heat proof.


5. Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

This is another high power mixer grinder which has got a  motor of 750 watts.  kindly note that in most of the cases a motor of 750 Watts is required to take care of very tough grinding needs like grinding course masalas. Apart from the fact that it is a high quality copper motor it also has an innovative feature which is increased motor ventilation. this makes sure that the motor does not heat fast and who is down rapidly. this is achieved by by having extra air flow through the motor


6. Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo Mixer Grinder, 750W

Maharaja is another reputed brand that is well known for manufacturing kitchen appliances. While buying a mixer grinder, we recommend you to stick to the well known brands and this is why we are recommending this sturdy mixer grinder by Maharaja.

The mixer grinder has 750W motor which is powrful enough to grind even coasrse ingredents. You can be sure that you can easily make chutneys and grind masalas. The motor has an RPM of 20000 which is to take care of your toughest mixing and grinding needs. Kinldy note that you can buy the same model in 500W and 1000W variants as well 


7. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400W Mixer Grinder

With our fast paced lives,  the compact mixer grinders are becoming fast popular among the Indian consumers. these are popularly called bullet blenders. this compact mixer grinders   look like a bullet.

 v we also decided to include the Wonderchef nutri blend 400 Watts mixer grinder on our list because  it is very popular  and is available in this price range. this mixer grinder is made by Wonderchef which is is a very popular company manufacturing kitchen appliances in India.

 now you can make healthy juices  smoothies and shakes very quickly whenever you require. a lot of fitness enthusiast really love this product as it enables them to make healthy shakes and smoothies very quickly. this product looks good and will add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. you might not even require to store this product after use as it is very compact in size and will look very good on your kitchen countertop. 

 at compare to mix their of and in full it offers an RPM of 21000 which makes sure that you are able to perform even the most difficult tasks of blending and grinding masala in your kitchen.

 you get to charge 500 ml and 300 ml with this mixture grinder. you also get to different types of blades which have got different purposes. one blade is meant for blending while the other is more suitable for grinding. both the blades are made of stainless steel. there is also a seasoning cap that you get which can be used to sprinkle masalas directly from the jar after grinding.


How to Buy a Budget Mixer Grinder Under 3000 in India

Features to look for in a budget mixer grinder

Number of Jars

As a rule, if you getting more jars in a certain buget, the better it is as more number of jars will aloow you to be more flexible with your cooking. Some jars are more suitable for wet grinding while other are able to do a better job of grinding dry masalas. Jars have different purpose and try to look for th eones that are proving you more jars for a similar price. Nowadays lot sof companies also provide a juicer jar using which you can juice fruit. While this jar might not be as effective as extracting juice compared to a regular juicer, it would be nice to have it as it is definitely conveninet to use your mixer grinder for extracting juice.

Juicer Attachment

As we have mentioned, a lot of mixer grinders under Rs 3000 are also offering a juicer jar. This juicer jar is an innovative product that lets you juice fruits using the blender mixer. Some of th ejuicer jars have a pusher button at the top which allows you to push the fruit inside just like in case of juicers and extrcat juice more efficiently from fruits. The pusher also acts as cap for top of juicer lid.

Power/ Wattage

In context of Indian cooking the higher the wattage, the better a mixer grinder is as we require more motor power to be able to grind masalas and make chutneys. Most of the products in our list have wattage of 750W which is good. Any mixer grinder from 500W to 750W will be suitable for cooking in kitchen. You have to keep in mind that a more powerful motor will also make more noise.


Safety is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while buying electrical kitchne appliances. Go for a mixer grinder that has a anti shock body and offer better insulation. 

Lock safety mechanism

While a lot of mixer grinder might not offer this feature in this price range, it is better to lookout for it as it is a desirable feature 

Speed regulation

You should buy a mixer grinder that offers sifrent levels of speed. This is very imporant to make sure that you are flexiblw in your cooking when you have to process different ingredients. You might need to run the mixer grinder at different speeds to accomplish diferent tasks. Whule you might have to use low speed while making shakes or doing wet grinding you might need to run it at full speed while grinding masalas. Most of the reputed brands offer around three speeds.

Revolutions per minute 

Revolutions per minutes or RPM is the number of times the blade or the motor of mixer grinder will move in 60 seconds. More RPm means the grinder will be able to accomplish difficult tasks like grinding tough and hard ingredients with ease. The RPM for th emixer grinder in India under the budget of Rs 3000 varies from 5000 RPM to 20000 RPM. It has been observed that anything around 10000 RPM is suitable for processing ingredients in India kitchne.


This is one of the primary factors one has to see while buying a mixer grinder. This is why this article is targeting mixers grinder under and around 3000. It is wise to decide thebudget beforehand so you can then shortlist appropraite model as it is easy to get carried away easily.

Safety Tips for Using a Mixer Grinder

  1. It is a good advice to gradually increase the speed of the mixer grinder when using it. Most of the appliances today have got a speed regulator. When you start to grind or blend, try to use it at a low speed and then gradually increase the speed.
  2. MAke sure the device is properly insulated and the earthing is in place.
  3. MAke sure the lid is close before plugging in the mixer grinder. Most of the modern mixer grinders have a safety mechanism where you are not able to run the device until the lid is secured in position. In case The mixer and grinder doesnt have this facility make sure that lid is always in place before you plug it in.
  4. Try to avoid putting in hot food in the jar as hot foods will generate steam and also could damage the blades.

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