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Mixer Grinder Jar Blade Type and Their Uses

Mixer grinder is an essential appliance in India kitchen. There is so much that you can achive using a mixer grinder in your house. This popular appliance is used almost everyday to prepare ingrdinets for your cooking. You can make various type of of batters for idlis, dhoklas and dosas, grind masalas and make chutneys using this simple yet so efficinet kitchne appliance.

Now mixers grinder companies keeps on creating better version of these mixer grinders and now they come with several jars and several blades. Each of these blades have a specific function. They are mant to allow you to become flexible in your cooking. It is imporant that you understand the mixergrinder blade types and their uses so you cab choose the right blade for the purpose it is meant for.

Wet Grinding Blade

This type of blade is most oftne the part of the large jar which usually has a capacity of around 1 or 1.5 litre.

Chutney Grinding Blade

As the name suggests, this blade is used in the chutney jar which is usually the smallest grinder jar provided with the set of jars in a mixer grinder. You can use this blade to make all type of wet & dry chutneys. Indian homes regularly use this blade to make coriander chutney, coconut chutney and more. This blade is also capable of tough grinding of hard ingredients like turmeric and masalas.

Dry Grinding Blade

The dry grinding blade is used for grinding dry masalas, making rice powder, grinding cashew buts, cinnamon, almonds, cinnamon, coriander. You could also grind turmeric in it and make haldi powder in your home 

Mincer Blade

The mincer blade is used for cutting onions and cucumbers. It can also be used for crushing ice. Also if you 

Whipper Blade

The whipper blade is most often used in the largest jar and it can be used for smoothies, milkshakes, lassis more such drinks. You might find this blade as a separate attachment which can be fixed in your blender jar. In case you dont have the whipper blade with the mixer grinder, you can also buy one of these online or from the company.

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